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Getting too sexual, 21 April 2017

I always loved this program but now since DS Florence Cassell/Joséphine Jobert took the place of the the female detective clothing changed The shorts are too short and we are supposed to believe these are cops. The males where full uniforms accept for Humphrey who is the head man who wheres a suit and not shorts.

The mystery that Humphrey describes is the killing of a man on vacation. A woman that is the wife of a rich man at the hotel is wearing a very revealing top and too much of her breast is showing. If she was in a movie it would be rated R for the clothing.

I don't know if I will watch this show anymore. I want to see the mystery and suspense in it. As a woman I don't want to see some one else's breast, I got my own

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Stupid not a good Chan movie, 29 March 2017

I did not watch all of it. I downloaded it awhile back. It seemed foolish. Three Chinese people hate the Japanese. There is a woman and 2 males one male is to fat to do any of this Kung Fu stuff. They are in Shanghai and get help going to Taiwan with the intent of revenge to fight the Japanese.

Jackie Chan is in this and his name is listed as Jacky Chan not Jackie Chan. "Detel Choi and Alan Linn" are not listed. "Nora Miao" is listed on this sight. Also the music name in the beginning of the movie is "Tong Wah" not the one listed on this page with I think this version is in a different language and they try to make it sound like the characters are speaking English. This movie was produced by "Alpha Films". So I don't know if this is the same movie but when it starts it says "New Fist of Fury"

Chan gets into a fight with two men. In other films he always comes out a winner. Well not in the beginning of this film about 9 minutes in he gets beat up by 2 men. He wants to act brave and talks like he is brave and says things like: "You bastards", "I hate your guts","Kiss my ass go on".

It does not sound like Jackie Chan's voice. Later there are a group of men and women getting drunk. Just seemed like a very tacky movie

I did not waste my time watching the rest of it.

Drones, spying and bullies, 29 March 2017

Lots going on in this video. Mr Khan has his computer out and has a drone going over certain parts of a street. He sees a man carrying TVs to a shed a woman painting a naked man and more. He saves all this on a memory stick.

Shazia tells her father that Mo her son is being bullied at school and she does not know what to to. Mr Khan tries to teach Amjad, Mo's father how to talk to a bully. Amjad is timid and stupid but at some point he comes up with his own words to say to Mr Khan to answer a bully. Well Amjad made Khan mad and he punches Amjad in the face, end of lesson.

Shazia is planning a trip with her friends and Amjad her husband. Mrs Khan thinks her husband and her are going on the trip and she goes out to buy lots of vacation clothes.

So there is talk of bullies, vacations and more.

Cricket can be really funny, 28 March 2017

Mr Khan gets his car back after he sold it to help his daughter buy a house. He wants to go to a cricket match. He has been sleeping in his car because his wife is mad at him. Riaz his fat friend is sitting in the back seat and tells Khan he is learning Polish. He tell Khan what he learned in front of Dave and Amjad. Riaz does not know what it means but it is insulting. Khan wants to get back in his house and slips through the window. Women are there having a meeting and they are Polish. He wants to impress them that he knows Polish by repeating what Riaz said that he wrote down, "you are a big fat hairy orangutan,I would very much like to kiss you on your big fat hairy face" they are not happy with that. Khan does not know what it means or what he said.

Khan tries to please his wife and a women's group to get a top cricket player to be their guest. He goes to the cricket game, does not pay and gets chased by the cops. He decides to put on a players suit so they don't catch him. He gets ready to change, has no clothes on and the female cop finds out where he is. He runs out on the cricket field naked.

Too funny his wife and women's group watch him run on the field on TV.

Khan has no trouble insulting people. He does not like people from India, insults women, insult Bangladesh and more. That is what's good about this show, no one escapes being made fun of at least almost anyone. I have not seen him make fun of the gays at the salon he went to where the men use all sweet names to call their male clients.

Very funny Khan's trying to find a boyfriend for Alia, 23 March 2017

Mr Khan wants to enter a baking contest. He bakes a cake asks Amjad to tastes it then he cuts a piece which is half of the cake gives the piece to Amjad and the kitchen table collapses in the middle because Mr Kahn cut the cake with a electric saw. So funny.

The Kahns go to the Mosques to talk with men to get Alia a boy friend. Alia is sick so the Khans interview available men for dating her. Mr Khan asks questions to see where the men are coming from, some are very shy. Mrs Khan ask a man what does he like, he does not answer and she insist in a kind way. He answers "suppose a man likes big boobies" Mr Khan gets mad and punches the man in the face and then jumps on him.

Mr Khan is standing by himself and questions a man and the man thinks Khan is asking him for himself. The man accepts thinking Khan likes men. When Khan realizes the man thinks Khan wants him, Khan gets scared and runs out.

The conversations go back and forth between 2 people meaning something different too both this is so funny. The thing about this series is that Khan is talking sex talk but not talking dirty. His daughter thinks he is talking about something she did and he thinks she is talking about having sex because his wife found a pregnancy test in their bathroom.

As the seasons went on longer there is more disguised sex humor talk. Khan thinks one thing and the other person is thinking and answering something totally different. It is funny though.

Animals and farmers very funny, 3 March 2017

Mrs Khan is working in a produce tent at the city farm for the supermarket. She wants to promote the store she works in. If it works she will get a higher position. Mr Khan goes to the market because he believes Prince Charles will be there and he wants to impress him. Khan is wearing a Scottish like skirt long socks up to the knees and his regular clothes. He has legs like tooth picks, so skinny.

Khan talks with his Mosque friends and picks up a white ferret out of a cage. He soon knocks down the cage does not want to get in trouble and puts the ferret down Riaz's pants. You can see the movement of the ferret in Riaz's pants bellow his belly. Riaz makes all kinds of faces from funny to painful.

Mrs Fairchild/Belinda Lang (Allyn Mysteries) one of the coordinators of the market walks near Khan and sees the expression on Riaz's face,she gets suspicious. The ferret is biting Riaz's private. She has him taken away by Will and he can hardly walk.

Very funny.

Naani's Return-Very Funny, 28 February 2017

Naani's return to the Khan house. Mrs Khan wants to put her mother in a place that is safe kind of like assisted living. Mrs Khan cannot take care of her because she has a job. Mr Khan thinks it is answered prayer he does not want his mother-in-law living with him.

Sam a lady comes to Khan's house to have Nanni fill out a form before they go to the place Nanni will live at. Mr Khan and Amjad carry her luggage up the stairs. Khan claims it is so heavy it might have illegals hiding in it.

Naani's luggage breaks open and Khan reads a letter in the luggage. He thinks Naani got a lot of money so he does not want her to go to the home he thinks they are scammers.(I'm sure he would like the money)

What happens after that is so funny. He wants to know whats in the form Naani is filling out. He thinks she is giving all her money to the home. He hides in a cart on wheels it is covered with a cloth and had Amjad roll him into the living room where his mother in law is. The cart has tea on it. His phone goes off very loudly while he is hiding on the carts bottom. He positions himself head down in a praying mode under the table on wheels and then when Sam lifts up the cloth he ask her to turn him toward Mecca. This scene is so funny.

It gets even funnier with Amjad later. You have to see it to believe it.

New secret plans for explosive, 20 February 2017

Starts off at the US Embassy in Mexico City. Scenery of street makes Mexico city look very nice. Walter Dorn wants to get Charlie Chan to go there regarding secret plans of a Mr Wyans which someone tried to rob twice. It is kind of confusing as to what countries are dealing with who for the plans.

At the airport Chattanooga Brown is Chan's driver. When they land in Mexico City he is with Chan's son Tommy and Charlie Chan. Brown is a cousin of Birmingham Brown. Birmingham is funnier though in other episodes. Chan is waiting for Dorn to pick them up and he is told Dorn is dead.

Walter Dorn is killed at a gathering at Wayan's apartment by a gunshot. There are many people invited there. Insp.Luis Carvero takes Chan there and they did not find anyone with a gun.

Charlie Chan has some doubts' about Inspector Carvero because the Inspector has has a relationship with one of the women where Dorn was killed and Chan thinks he might be biased.

People get shot but no gun visible. Chan has to figure out what is going on. He has figured out the new plan will make a atom bomb more explosive.

So more investigating needed.

So funny Khan's shoe drops in toilet, 17 February 2017

Mrs Khan is going to a store that sells baby clothes. She says how she loves babies "I really really love them so much with their tiny little hands and tiny feet" She pinches Amjad's face like she would a baby's and is hopeful Amjad will produce lots of babies when he marries her daughter.

Mr Khan takes Amjad for a health checkup. The mosque men talk about heart issues and checking for cholesterol. Riaz/Nish Nathwani the heavy set man tells of his relatives that high cholesterol and they all died. He is so funny he says few words right to the point.

Amjad gets afraid and goes in the bathroom at the mosques and stays in the cubicle. Amjad does not answer when Khan calls. Mr Khan searches for him, stands on a toilet and his shoe falls off in the water. He then tries to slide underneath the cubicle and gets stuck his face up in the one next to him where a man is at. This is so funny. The lock on Amjad's bathroom door is stuck and he has to climb over the cubicle divider to help Khan. Amjad gets half way over the wall and legs are spread and oh oh he get hurt. He ends up going to the hospital and scared he wont be able to have children.

Scenes in Citizen Khan are so funny I hope you get a chance to see this series.

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A family's pride makes it hard to find a killer, 17 February 2017

Sir Henry Lacklander an elderly rich man is dying and he wrote a book he revised. He has a friend of his take the book with a new chapter in it and wants it published because he knows he is dying. He does die and soon after the man that has the book Thomas Cartarette is murdered while fishing. Inspector Alleyn is called in to be somebody's bodyguard by his brother and ends up investigating the Cartarette murder.

There are lots of suspects:

. A man that practices shooting with an arrow and had a intimate romance with Mrs Cartarette before she got married during the time of the war. He also does not like his neighbors.

. Octavius is a cat loving neighbor and fishes. He has arguments with the man killed about poaching fish.

. Gerald Lacklander son of Sir Lacklander that wrote a book is having an affair with Mr Cartarette's wife.

. Kitty Cartarette likes to take golf lessons from a man she is having an affair with.

There are many young men and woman in these families that are also suspect. Class, importance, family history and money play a big part in this episode.

The people that have motives seem connected some how with what happened in the war with England and Germany.

The important things that are spoken about connected to the murder are the unpublished book fish and fish scales.

So this is a mystery with so many people keeping secrets of others and hiding there own.

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