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Worth a look. Some flaws., 13 November 2016

While I prefer the older animation (8), this is still worth your time. The CGI is impressive & Mowgli interacts well with the animals. It is more serious in tone, making the lighter moments and obligatory songs out of place. I was pleased that the wolves and Shere Khan got more screen time. The cubs and the baby elephant are adorable. I wasn't keen on the re-imagined Baloo and King Louie. (Although, Phil Harris & Louis Prima would be impossible to impersonate.) The elephants, monkeys and vultures don't have speaking roles. Bagheera and Shere Khan are the strongest characters. Kaa is now female and she is given a significant scene. The ending is different. Mowgli is given a more active role. Some nods to The Lion King. It might not be suitable for younger/sensitive children. I liked that they included some of the instrumentals from the classic. A good, alternative version.

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Loose Adaptation, Good Burton., 8 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I enjoyed this as a Burton film, although it was very loosely based on the novels. I know that Riggs has approved the changes, so I was prepared to have an open mind. Characters have been altered and this will definitely disappoint some viewers. In the series, Emma has a fiercer personality and uses fire. Olive is younger and is simply light. She does not control air. While initially annoyed by this switching/enhancing, I accepted this choice at the cinema. I thought the Peculiars were well acted and I still cared about them. Unfortunately the villain is too goofy, compared with how the Wights are portrayed in the original. The darker scenes have been left out or toned down for family audiences. While the novel ends on a cliffhanger, the film has an embarrassing fight sequence and a happy conclusion. I enjoyed the visuals, some of which are stop motion or non CGI. The house and grounds are perfect. It's good Halloween viewing.

Adorable weepy with great voice cast., 27 August 2016

This is the very first film given to me on VHS as a child. I adored it then and now. There are cute characters, memorable songs and absolute heartbreak. (For all ages.) It is a good adaptation of the book which I also recommend. Paul Lynde easily steals as Templeton the rat. Debbie Reynolds (Charlotte), Agnes Moorehead (Goose) and Henry Gibson (Wilbur) are also perfectly cast. A gosling who wants to be just like Wilbur always makes me smile. There are tears at the start, tears in the middle and a great flood at the end so parental supervision for young or sensitive children is essential. However there are many comical moments too and the songs by the Sherman Brothers are mostly jolly. "Mother Earth and Father Time" is a haunting lullaby. One of the best animated musicals out there. Just have tissues ready.

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Absolutely Purr-fect, 26 August 2016

This is my favourite Disney film of all time. It still holds up to my childhood enthusiasm. The characters are extra lovable, courageous and funny. The soundtrack is incredible - score and songs. You just can't help singing along. There are famous singers/actors in the voice cast, including Billy Joel and Bette Midler. They bring great energy to their roles. Oliver is the cutest, but is also feisty and is well able to fit in with his new pack. Georgette is a scene stealer with her vanity and jealousy. The gang are devoted to Fagin, Oliver and each other. They are all enjoyable to watch as they demonstrate their "street savoir faire." Sykes and the dobermans appear infrequently, but deliver pure menace. The 2D, hand-drawn animation is marvellous and also features some early computer work. Their decision to shut down this department in favour of full CGI is a real shame. The poster still has pride of place on my wall (and I have toys, books, the CD and an intact mug.) I regret that this film has been over-shadowed by the 90's super successes. The opening is breathtaking and heartbreaking. The whole is a delightful journey that never fails to cheer me up. Just purrfect.

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A Welcome (If Surprising) Return, 16 August 2016

I was certain that the combined efforts of Film 13 "The Wisdom of Friends" & The TV Series had made Littlefoot & his friends extinct. The arrival of this sequel both pleased and worried me. (But when you hit rock bottom, you have to go up in theory.) Well, I was pleasantly surprised. This acts as a sequel to Film X - "The Great Longneck Migration" and has a brief recap. As usual the gang face various dangers outside of The Great Valley and make new friends. I liked the pterodactyl, but the feathery one was annoying. (Seemed to be a relative of Guido from Film 12 "The Great Day of the Flyers.") I wasn't pleased to see Chomper & Ruby of the TV Series included, making that canon, but they're kept to a minimum. The animation is thankfully still in 2d and is a fair standard. The songs are forgettable. I briefly wondered where Shorty was, an obvious flaw in continuity; then forgot him again. It was fine with the focus on the main five. Less involvement from the adults worked in favour. It's an enjoyable adventure and I'll be curious to see if any more follow.

Warm-hearted Fun, 13 August 2016

This is my favourite of the current three films. Po is as lovable as ever as he goes on a journey of self-discovery. He is excited to meet his real Dad and a whole Panda clan; but his devotion to his Goose Father and friends at home is never in doubt. The cutest moments belong to Tigress though. She gains a special devotee. While Po hopes to become a Chi Master in time to defeat a returning evil, The Five fight without him. They aren't in that many scenes though, compared to 1 & 2. This is a Panda Adventure. There is plenty of humour and a great deal of heart. The animation is beautiful. The ending is spectacular. There are strong messages about helping people to discover their strengths and that failure is a learning tool. Success comes from trying again and accepting support from others. The important thing is to be you.

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Welcome back, Buck! Fun, heartwarming adventure., 6 August 2016

This series is a firm favourite, due to its lovable characters, great animation and sense of fun. Simon Pegg makes a welcome return as the swashbuckling Buck, stealing every scene he's in. Scrat has new misadventures in space; while the Herd race against time to save the Earth. There are new villains and love interests introduced, plus other creatures, but the film never feels overcrowded. (Unlike in The Pirate Adventure.) Diego is left on the sidelines, but will hopefully have a bigger role if they make a 6th instalment. I love the humour and the heartwarming moments. Perhaps the next step is to re-introduce Roshan (the baby from the original).

"Pompidou" (2015)
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Innocent, original & fun., 6 April 2015

This is undeniably silly. It's meant to be. I giggled through every episode. Matt Lucas is already a favourite actor of mine from previous TV shows & films. Hove and the dog interact brilliantly with him. While this series has been billed as "silent"; in actual fact all the characters speak. It's just in their own special "gibb-lish." The plots are easy to follow and full of comic visuals. Some of these are surreal. There is no crudity in the humour. Pompidou is an innocent who inadvertently causes trouble for everyone around him, especially Hove. He endears himself to the audience, occasionally breaking the 4th wall. This is evidently a project that Matt put his whole heart into and I hope he can make more. There's nothing wrong with SILLY, providing that's what you're looking for. And there's a special surprise for Little Britain fans. (Ep 5.)

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Not now, Silent Singer! (A dark delirium of delight.), 1 February 2015

I discovered this after enjoying Inside No 9. (Not a fan of The League.) Psychoville has twisted and memorable characters. The plot is gripping and successfully combines horror with humour. Also, Reece and Steve constantly homage their favourite films. One episode is set entirely in one location, reminding me of how No 9 works. Their commentaries on the DVDs are entertaining and informative. It is a shame Series 3 didn't go ahead, but there aren't any loose ends. I especially loved Reece's characters which include a bitter clown and an obsessive librarian. Dawn French is fabulous. Steve's best character is the man-child, David. There are no weak performances. The music adds to the atmosphere perfectly. Nothing is predictable. The Halloween Special is certainly the best I've seen. For the whole, Psychoville is a delicious treat at any time of the year!

Cheerful adventure with catchy songs. Shame about cuts., 30 July 2014

I'm delighted to discover my favourite animated TV series has re-surfaced. Mumfie possesses optimism and bravery. He meets lovable characters, each with a unique characteristic, and helps to re-inspire them. In return, they give him the friendship he's been looking for. There is plenty of adventure, mystery, danger and especially, hope. The songs are catchy and I love the quirky dialogue/narration. It's also in refreshing 2d. I enjoyed the story as much as ever. It's just a shame that for reasons of length and flow, certain songs/scenes were cut. This will only be jarring for the biggest fans though. I strongly recommend the movie to everyone of any age. It's full of absolute charm and heart.

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