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Ten seats on a plane, in a waiting room or at a dinner party. I'd like to sit in the company of these nine people..
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Remakes? Give us a break already! This is my list of original movies, made famous by the remakes. Unfortunately.
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The 1000 yard stare, mexican stand off, quick on the draw, yellow belly. You might see or hear all these things in your favourite western. Sometimes you might hear.......nothing. Just the sound of a harmonica. Drip of leaking roof. Squeak of a saloon door. Strike of a match... These are my favourite westerns.
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In a genre that can be as horrendus as it is pure genius no one can deny that Martial Arts Action Cinema has influenced some of our finest directors of the past 30 years. Here is my personal 20 must see chop socky flicks of the past 40 years.