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These are the films for whatever reason moved me whether by direction, photography, acting, plot lines, or just because they were really fun to watch or had super great effects. Either way, this list contains only the GOLD Movies I consider to be worthy of sampling by people. You will either love them or hate them most times but these are the best films and influenced me in some meaningful way.
You may notice there are films in THIS list that are in the other lists, but I wanted these films to stand out. This list would be my list if I were trapped in space to watch over and over again. Some are mass released and highly popular, some are the most odd and seldom heard of films. But all are in my humble opinion special. Enjoy the list and hope you sample some of my picks.
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Movies people may have missed but should watch.
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Movies the general public seems to find enjoyable and I also find redeemable or remarkable to note I've seen it and will give my rating and/or opinion on said piece of work.
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List of the better horror films made.