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No regret… no remorse… no humanity… no attachment… just survival!? (spoiler alert), 9 December 2013

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First time I saw a zombie, I told to myself: "this one is new" but I never thought the idea of horrible ugly wild dead people who are rotting walking and eat on other humans and nothing can kill them except cutting head become this much popular and thousands movie and shows make profit over it! Like hell they did! I mean when I think what a wonderful idea was this messy creepy walking dead… it blows my mind and more traffic than that, they don't even have to put too much efforts to personalize characters, write manuscripts for them or create love a passion between them, they don't need to use a stack of money to make car chasing scenes, explosions, supernatural creatures or even use beautiful views to bring attraction to what they make, the only thing they do is making disgusting obnoxious loathsome faces of half-rotten death! Walking around attacking others with bloody eyes with no remorse or regret, just another monster like aliens or giant spiders but only this time, they enemy is a member of your family or your best friend or even your loves ones, and you have to shout his head off to survive… no regret… no remorse… no humanity… no attachment… What else!? Well I agree life is becoming cruel every day considering last decades but is would be a good reason to look for survival no matter what!? And being brutal and unmerciful in the name of staying alive because the enemy is sick and nothing would help it but slaughtering it butchery! The one interesting reflection of famous Walking Dead TV Show is that after a while you realize that humans can be even worse than zombies, they attack, they violate, they destroy and they kill and it's much worse than when zombies do it. Because after all an enemy with a mind to think is much better adversary than a zombie who has no idea what it is doing!

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Federal agents coming through! (spoiler alert), 8 December 2013

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It is almost like when you miss someone so much and that person comes back after all those years and you thrilled with this unbelievable joy and happiness inside. we were afraid we would never see him again but here he is... he is there... he is going to have his couch back! his Lisbon! his tea and his freedom back! was it so hard for them to arrange!? after all what he did for them, catching corrupted cops, killing the evil serial killer! they couldn't be a little grateful!? Well that is how world works!? it is about having leverage and not about trust and honesty! And the new lady agent, she seem's a little off yet, she still doesn't know who she is supposed to be!? she is struggling between Jane's clear grace, her ego and of course being the best officer she wants to be! She asks Lisbon's personal relationship with Jane and she is obviously trying to be involved with him, but she doesn't know how!!? she is a fan and tries to hide how much she loves working and being with Jane, but unfortunately Jane knows that and makes them suffer for their lack of honesty. but we still don't know whether Lisbon is the one or not!? it is not supposed to because the writers don't want to make it a love story and destroy boundaries, however they don't know something, this wall is already collapsed! and there is nothing to protect, we all know they both love each other and it is not just a friendship, the thing that brought back Jane to US again after two years of freedom next to the ocean wasn't just the job offer or loneliness, he wanted to be with Lisbon once again, and I would say:"Lisbon was the only reason he came back for"

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I already hate her!!!(Spoiler alert)!, 2 December 2013

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Well! that was... predictive! When Kim was sitting there with Jane and having fun, I thought to myself: please don't be an agent! please don't be an agent! and seems my wish didn't come true, not just because in last season Red John sent a girl to seduce Jane and its kind of repetitive, also it is a very old trick in history of movies and TV shows. she came and tried to be kind but I couldn't believe it for a second, maybe it was because of the ominous air which was always around Jane toward women and we never expect he trust to any woman unless that woman is Teresa... But nevertheless I liked it when he put his hands behind his head and said: Don't worry Lisbon everything is under control!!!!... Finally he was our own Jane...Unpleasant, mysterious and stubborn like a child...I love it!