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A good effort - 'Hero becomes the f****** Villain', 14 March 2012

I watched this film on a night-out in Birmingham. Had no clue what the film is about , neither had seen any promos. It was a welcome surprise. Slick titles, Slick opening. But then arrives the made up romance between the two characters on a London underground. That was the biggest underachievement of the film! Romance was so poor that I felt that they were trying to love each other like if they really had to, and had no choice. Performances of 'Jai' and 'Simian' were tailored to fit in the role.

What surprised me in the film was that the film entirely runs on the mercy of the performance by supporting actors. 'Goldie' the blonde haired character almost saves people from walking away from the cinema's. He was an absolute delight to watch! Cracking humour and some brilliant performance acting wise he delivered. His humour was fresh and his expressions were down to earth. You feel that he is actually the real hero of the film!

Supporting performances carry the film from the gangsters to the elder sister of 'Simian' , they all did really well.

Script wise, not sure what the film was really aiming at. I think the director got confused who to appeal the film too. Asian , Western or International. I think the pleasing factor almost destroyed the film's final potential. It did have a great potential to get cinema audiences to go after.

And as there was a dialogue in the film 'The Hero becomes the f***** Villain' quite true in this case, because the lead actor hardly was convincing from any character of an Indian immigrant who has newly arrived to London.

Villains in the film here were just Mobs of a weird Eastenders plot. And others helped his performance all the way.

The real man to watch out for was 'Goldie' who had the most sympathy from the audience in my opinion and pulls his part really well.

Still not a bad effort and go watch a locally made film on a modest budget. Still not a disappointment and was quite content till the end.

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British Cinema at its Best, 3 March 2012

British Cinema at its best. A movie that appeals to a mature audience in very single manner. From the start till the end, the film is one amazing journey of cultures, harmony and understanding our ever changing world. As recently been to India myself, I know exactly the words 'Everything will be alright in the end' That is positive Indian mentality you will find on the streets of India and in the hearts of every ambitious Indian.

Watched this film with my dad and we both thoroughly enjoyed this film so much. It is always nice to watch a film that stays with you till the end. Maybe we British know the country we ruled for many years better than any other country out there.

And to repeat British Cinema at its finest.

Poetry (2010)
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'POETRY' You can't stop your tears to roll down!, 24 February 2012

A brilliant film with a deep human story. 'Poetry' even though has a slow start grabs you by the collar and keeps you with it till the end. A film which is so emotional that you could hardly stop not to shed a tear or two. The protagonist has been performed to perfection with a perfect blend of humour throughout the film. I personally felt that the film also addressed the fact that people are so busy to earn their daily bread, they have completely forgotten the art of 'literature' and 'poems'

Every scene in the film has a subtle meaning in the film. The character stays with you even after the credits and that is the powerful performance of the leading role in the film. The last poem summarises the film in a very unique manner which you would never find in today's mainstream films.

The Director has done a splendid job creating such a masterpiece that is so well deserved to watch on any big screens all over the world.