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Best Lessons Served by Non-Cast Members, 13 April 2006

I'm not a big fan of contrived social experiments and certainly don't think it's appropriate to extrapolate much out of a sample body of 2 families but I did appreciate the honesty of those who weren't aware that they were being filmed. From the store clerks who ran out of job applications, to the cop advocating racial profiling, to the drum circle crowd upset at the "interracial" couple and the line dancers shaking their heads at the "black" couple. These were the moments that makes one shake his head in resignation.

Although the end speechs were highly edited with jump cuts and melodramatic music, I was taken by the words of Kenny the self-proclaimed ex gangster. I was moved by his eloquent words and his heartfelt caring for Nick. He had the entire room transfixed on his words and his emotion and while he didn't speak to the issue of race he did reach out and connect with Nick in a way no one else in the show did. Indeed, it was quite sad to hear Nick say that he has never been close to anyone, including his own family. We can't solve the issues of race if we can't even bridge the disconnect in our families. As Kenny alluded, if we fail to realise the power in our relationships with the people around us, we will never realise our true potential. We should all start locally and then work outward from there.

"Firefly" (2002)
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Stands Out Among Current TV Fare, 18 March 2006

So much of TV is formulaic these days. To come across something that doesn't neatly into the main genres is refreshing. I have to admit that i was probably one of the reasons for this show getting canceled as i did not watch it during its first run. I admit to not getting the concept of a sci-fi western. So I watched one episode and passed on it. Thank God for passionate fans though because we now have this series on DVD and we also have the great movie Serenity.

I love how this series plays around with the myths and archetypes of both its super-genres, refusing to play along with the time honored clichés associated with its classic motifs. It is the subtle humor used in this deconstruction that endeared me to this show.

I wish that this show would get picked up by another studio,or even HBO. I think that word of mouth would ensure a nice audience beyond the core supporters of the show. Whatever the case, I will certainly keep an eye on Josh Wheldon. This guy clearly is talented in a unique way and knows how to weave a compelling narrative. The characters in Firerfly are richly drawn and multi-faceted. I hope he doesn't give up on TV just yet.

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Took a Couple Episodes To Get Into It..., 14 March 2006

but I can honestly say I love it now. I downloaded the first series and almost deleted it after watching the 1st episode. But I decided to give it a shot and after the 2nd episode it started to slowly get under my skin in a good way. This is not your daddy's sitcom and if you judge it as such, you will probably hate this show. This show is certainly original if nothing else. I love the weird premise of the show and the many assorted weird characters. And I love the musical and dance numbers as well, they're all really well done ! I really like the guy who plays the Howard Moon character. He has a very subtle comedic genius about him. The Vincent Noir character complements him well with his eccentricities ...and his hair ;) I'm currently downloading season 2 -- don't worry, i plan on importing the dvds soon -- and can't wait to see if the magic remains.

"Spaced" (1999)
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Uniquely Funny....Mostly Lives up to Hype., 1 March 2006

I preface this by saying that I've only watched Season 1. After watching Shaun of the Dead --- absolutely love it -- I've been very interested in finding some of Simon's other work and based on everything I've heard about this series, I had to see it.

For the most part I was very happy. Simon pretty much plays the same character from SOTD. He is a gifted comedic actor blessed with great timing. But the person who blew me away was Jessica Stevenson ! I remembered her from the cameo in SOTD even though she was much heavier which I understand was from her pregnancy. But wow, she really captured my attention. She's clearly a talented actor -- comedic or otherwise -- and exhibited some great range. I will definitely have to find more of her work.

The supporting characters were a mixed bag. They were all over the top and one-dimensional and the only one that I thought truly worked was Brian. The Landlady annoyed me after a while and there wasn't enough o Twist to find interesting. I expected more from Nick Frost's character especially after his great supporting role in SOTD. But he was a uneven and not given a whole lot to do.

There were definitely some laugh out loud moments but based on pure comedy, I still place it after Rick Gervais' Office. I certainly identify with Spaced's main characters but would probably prefer to pop in Office.

I'm looking forward to Season 2 though. The trailer on Season 1's DVD made it look quite interesting. It appears that the romantic tension between Tim and Daisy will be played up more which i look forward to seeing.

Fourteen (2006)
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Subtle Masterpiece About American Subculture, 13 February 2006

It's amazing to think of how much can be said in 7 minutes of film, particularly 7 minutes without dialog or narration. One only hears the sounds of objects and random noise of kids at play. Yet the movie is very lyrical in its graceful camera-work. Short film tends to get a bad name because most of what is produced is well...quite awful, to be honest. But in the hands of the talented it becomes a powerful medium. Nicole is one of the talented.

The film touches on a subject that is not well known even in America although what is depicted takes place in large swaths of several Western states under the guise of religion freedom. I would love to know what led Nicole to the subject matter.

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As Good If Not Better Than Original, 20 March 2005

Most movie geeks have an obsessive need to denigrate remakes of so-called classics. Usually it's done out of knee-jerk response against Hollywood but it's truly odd when they defend movies like the original version which had already been discarded (rightly so) in the trashpile of mediocre B movies.

This version sets out to do exactly what the original did -- entertain. It is not a platform for Academy Award nominations, neither was the original. And it does entertain. I never felt bored watching this movie. The special effects were well done and the cast was well put together giving us a true mix of ethnicities and characters, unlike the original.

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British Trash, 17 March 2005

Quite simply the most overrated movie in the last 10 years. And the only reason it's been lauded at all is because there are tons of brits who feel a political need to elevate this mess because it was a British production.

Were this movie a Hollywood production, you wouldn't hear a peep out of them. I intensely dislike anyone who evaluates a movie in those terms. It is indicative of an inferiority complex in the individual. One should never bring their provincialism into the arena when evaluating any work of art. It reeks of low class.

This movie started off ridiculously. And then it typically went for the clichéd euro shot -- a naked guy. Ooooooh, those sophisticated brits. This has got to be a serious movie, right? I mean they wouldn't show a guy's sack if it weren't. Give me a break.

Not a stitch of originality in this production. And an inability to work within the confines of its plot devices. Why set them up if you violate them 10 minutes later.

I hope this director does some work on stage or even commercials. He is not up for making movies, that is certain.

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Wow...Almost Forgot About This Show !!!, 29 May 2004

Used to watch this each day after elementary school (mid 70's). Used to come on WPIX (ch. 11) around 2:30 pm or so. Wow, what I would do to see this show again. It's such a slice of its time. I can't even fathom a show like this existing today, without being taken over by advertisers or trying to be all hip and cool.

I have to admit, I used to have a big crush on one of the hosts (the cute one). And I loved singing along with them.

If the ladies ever read this note,


Ahhh, the memories !!!!

Sorcerer (1977)
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In Many Ways, Superior to Wages of Fear, 20 March 2004

Friedkin's unacknowledged masterpiece is clearly superior in the 1st and 2nd acts as he gives superb backdrops into the individual stories of the main protagonists. When we see them in the 2nd act, amidst the grit and grime of a backwater Latin American nation, we understand the desperation that would have led them to such a place.

The seering reality of the depravity they now live in was much more effective in Friedkin's movie. You don't expect to see a gorgeous hooker in this environment, unlike the unrealistic Wages of Fear. Oddly enough, Wages of Fear is actually much more Holly-wood like in its storytelling than Sorcerer.

Mind you, I do like Wages of Fear and actually thought it was a great movie, but I have to revise my opinion after seeing a movie that actually does it right.

Congrats, Friedkin.