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One of the best documentaries I have ever seen..., 22 June 2014

What a marvelous documentary this is, one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, very moving and a very haunting and touching story about a broken family, I have watched this about 6-7 times already and it never gets old, great interviews with musicians who admire Roky Erickson band his contributions to the music industry, I never was into the 13th floor elevators much although they have some great songs, I was always more partial to his amazingly great solo albums specifically the evil one and don't slander me, both of which have been re issued recently on vinyl through light in the attic records, this documentary features some rare and haunting interviews with Roky himself, but the core interest to me in this documentary was his struggles with mental illness and overcoming them through his brother's help and love. I Highly recommend this wonderful documentary!

Touchback (2011)
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Time-Travel-ish Drama, works well..., 25 August 2012

Obviously anything featuring Kurt Russell will be watched by me, this film's light advertising makes this film look like yet another football game movie, although it does have a lot to do with football, it's best feature is the small town feel of the film, which was very well done and accurate to my liking, the story is nothing new, a man unhappy with his life, wonders how things would have been differently had he not had a career ending injury to his leg, kind of reminded me little bit of Mr. Destiny, but this film holds its own with the drama featured, it's not really science fiction although there is an aspect of time travel to the film, I liked the setup and the payoffs, the relationships between the main character and his coach (Kurt Russell) who is like a father figure to him, and of course the love relationship between who he ends up with in real life and who he may have ended up with had he not suffered the injury. don't judge a book by its cover, I was expecting a certain film starting off, and what i got was very entertaining and heartwarming. I wouldn't say the film is perfect but I admit I enjoyed "Touchback".

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The definitive anthology film!, 24 August 2012

Movies like this make me hate mainstream film companies like warner brothers who wouldn't take a chance on an ORIGINAL movie, this was quite an entertaining thriller/horror film, with elements of the supernatural, slasher, fairy tales, and of course it takes place on Halloween, the brilliant element of this film is the directing and editing of the whole film, instead of one story after another, they find brilliant ways to intertwine all stories together and it feels more like one whole film rather than an anthology, filmmakers of anthology stories need to study this in film school! All the stories are solid and unpredictable and filled with surprises, I also laughed at quite a lot of things that were really hilarious and well written, I am a solid believer that humor can only help horror films become better and more memorable and original. I can only hope for a sequel, but warner brothers put the gun to that idea when this film was scrapped from theatrical release and dumped out to DVD almost 2 years after it was intended to be released. they apparently didn't want to compete with one of the "Saw" films...what a shame.

Frozen (2010/I)
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Brilliant filmmaking, Hitchcock reborn, 24 August 2012

What a ride this film was, I was glued to my seat the entire time I watched "Frozen". I was surprised the director was Adam Green who directed the 80s slasher throwback film "Hatchet". After seeing this, I truly hope that the director will pursue brains over blood in the future, moments throughout "Frozen" bring about a legitimate terror as we watch on in fear of what is to come. I cant believe the current rating on IMDb is only 6.3, apparently some people post ratings without viewing movies first, for some reason. I also could not believe my girlfriend did not like this movie, perhaps its darker tone at the end of the film wasn't what she was hoping for, but it was everything I was hoping for and oodles more. Highly recommended film, "Frozen" is Hitchcock-reborn.

Bernie (2011)
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Jack Black's best performance, 24 August 2012

What a fun movie this was to watch, between the great performance of Jack Black as Bernie and the real life interviews with the people in Texas who knew the real Bernie, it made for a greatly entertaining and funny film. Mainstream films are more and more cliché and boring and repetitive, so its great to see some low key films like this come out and offer some originality and even obtain notable stars like Jack Black & Matthew McConaughey take part in a smaller budget film like this. As of right now the average rating on IMDb for this film is 6.8 and that is ridiculous! I Highly recommend this film if you are looking for something original and good to watch and are tired of big Hollywood blockbusters that are nothing memorable.