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great show!, 27 October 2012

In the sea of crime/teen/comedy/romance TV series, this one definitely stands out. If you want something different, try watching this- it's a mix of fairytale, thriller and romance, intertwined in today's world with a bit of magic. What I love most about it, is how authors incorporate different fairytale characters into the main story. It seems like every fairytale is connected to one another. Most actors are very convincing, especially Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin. I say most, because I didn't really like Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) in season one. Somehow, I just found him irritating after that Mary Margaret and his wife thing. Much too indecisive and not charming at all. Little Henry was fun in the beginning, believing in that book stuff, but as the show goes on, it seems like he has nothing else to do but to read and ''try to save Emma'', which kind of gets boring and bit annoying. Anyhow, very good show indeed, both for the younger and older audience.

Prometheus (2012/I)
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average sf horror., 6 June 2012

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Yesterday it was premiere here- and I can't say I love the film. Yes, the begging was interesting and beautiful, but the rest of the plot very much reminds me of Alien or Predator. Already seen, variations on the theme.Personally, I think film is full of goofs. I mean, who in their right mind would take helmets off and expose themselves to -12 °C degrees in foreign planet, as told in the scene inside that pyramid/ship. And later on, it's said that the storm is coming and crew has to hurry up, because it'll burn them alive. Elisabeth goes back to storm outside to catch that alien's head, and she seems not hurt at all. Whole movie seems somehow...unfinished, with some things I didn't quite catch. Oh and yeah, the scene where Elisabeth jumps around on spaceship, telling Janek to destroy the spaceship- the almost exact same scene seen on ''The thing'', if I'm not wrong. Also,the squid like alien didn't bring much to the overall expression. There are few good things though. I liked the idea of searching for our creators(and I hoped to see some ideas or action about it, but...) Watching it in 3D was pretty cool and scary, and Elisabeth performing abortion like abdominal surgery...whoa. And little Alien in the end referencing to the movie, nice one. But in the end...My friends and me were more wondering why did we just watch that.

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don't watch it if you read the book first. otherwise, DO watch it., 2 March 2012

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Few years ago, I read this book (by Anthony Burgess). It was definitely one of my favourites, although it was hard to read(mainly due to Russian slang). The point was, should we take away abuser's and criminal's free will in order to reduce violence and crimes? Since I read it, I was eager to watch the film. The movie literally follows the book, showing young Alex's criminal adventures and his way of living life without conscience, even using the same slang as in the book. Watcher shouldn't have any trouble following the movie's story. I was fascinated how the poor man (who's wife has been raped by Alex and his gang) was realistically presented, with all his anger and revenge waiting for the right moment to destroy Alex. This movie points out from every other movie I've watched, it has unpretentious and specific story that has never been covered before and that is why it should be watched. Now, why did I mention you shouldn't watch it if you read the book first? In my case, I imagined the plot happening somewhere in godforsaken parts of London, or some big English city, in 70's or 80's. I believe it's mentioned somewhere in the book that plot takes place around that time. I did not imagine Alex, his gang and parents, and some other people wearing futuristic suits looking like they popped out from year 2100. And his mom having pink hair? I don't think so. People living in newest modern architecture houses and buildings, when it's actually year seventy-something? I really don't think so. That was something that really irritated me, at some point I even got bored of the movie. That is why I suggested, if you want to really enjoy this movie,don't read the book.

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one of the best war movies I've watched., 22 February 2012

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I watched the movie yesterday, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. In my opinion, Angelina realistically showed Bosnian women's experiences throughout the war. The movie is cruel, and some scenes were pretty awful and hard to watch, but so was the war and it had to be shown that way. I disagree with people saying movie is against the Serbs-movie was made from Bosnian point of view, and if people there experienced it so, so it should be. People in the movie, are ordinary people dragged in the hell of war, with their worries and problems- best example is Danijel's Serbian friend, who's wife is pregnant, and he had to go to war. But he believes this war is fought so their children won't have to fight. We can also see in some scenes, how Muslim people fight back and kill Serbian civilians. The romantic story doesn't seem so strange, and their confusion is well shown through the film.Ajla cannot accept what others are doing to her people,and yet she likes Danijel, and Danijel is torn between his father, Ajla and current situation. The ending is the only ending I could find believable after this story. Don't miss it!