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Realistic account, 16 February 2008

Hotel Rwanda is perhaps one of the best films I've seen to date. The film shows how bigotry can move otherwise decent people to commit unspeakable atrocities against those who they view as different. It inversely also shows people of goodwill will challenge those who perform genocide/murder against those who they consider different and guilty of murder. Such is the case in this film. The concierge/manager of a Rwandan hotel pays bribes, pleads, and goes' as he has to in order to save innocents from genocide.

Like many of us who grew us in the United States I have met many who define racial issues as a Black/White issue. Well the truth is that prejudice can bring out it's ugly head under any issue. It's up to us of goodwill to set the record straight by rejecting hate speech, and actions.

This film the Hotel Rwanda should wake us all up to the pretense of evil racism, and bigotry.

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A realistic study of race relations, 18 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is a great study of race relations, without resorting to the usual "polically correct " diatribe's.

Edwards Norton (Derek in the film) makes one of his greatest performances as the son of a fireman who was killed by blacks while reporting to a fire. The trauma that his sons experience leads Derek (Edward Norton) into the path of the white supremasive movement. He becomes a skinhead who rallies other disaffected whites into a movement that rejects not only blacks but also Asians, and those of Spanish heritage. He becomes a hero to the white supremacists and organizes attacks against those he blames for his father's death.

He winds up in prison for the death of several blacks who tried to either steal of damage his car. Whether those black were stealing or vandalizing car remains vague in the story line. Never-the-less he ends up in prison for three years where he learns first hand the hypocrisy of race relations. He befriends a black inmate who was mistreated by the criminal justice system, and soon reject his affiliation with the white/Aryans crowd.

A commentary on this film cannot be complete without mentioning DR. Sweeney. A black professor who encourages his students to write an essay about issues of civil rights. Derek's brother writes about Mein Kampf. At about the same time Norton gets released from prison and goes about rejecting his path of hate.

This is one of the best film I've watched. I highly recommend viewing this film. It'll tap into our most internal biases.

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Best series ever, 18 August 2007

Beverly Hills 90210 is perhaps one of the best, if not the best of all of the soaps. It is the most or one of the most utterly realistic, idealistic, and entertaining of all show geared towards youth.

The cast is a great collection of some of the best stars in the entertainment world. But the most important thing is how they ( the cast) go about dealing with the problems that affect youth. Be it the intellectual Brandon ( Jason Priesly) or the extremely sensuous Kelly Taylor they all put on a great performances which is the envy of all prime time.

In addition of tne main cast is a great ensemble of some of the best talent around. In particular Angel Boris of Playboy fame and, Dina Merrill, and Denise Richards. All contributed to making 90210 the best series ever.

Gabrielle rocks, 18 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film starting Gabrielle Anwar , one of the most beautiful women the world is definitely a must see.

Anwar as the late Sinora Webster gave a great performance shows in fact that "Wild Hearts can't be broken". She was a woman who took challenges head on, with great courage she battle all of the obstacles thrown against her, and in spite of her eventual blindness she continued her performance against the odds.

She Webster(as played by Anwar) gave the performance of a lifetime, and proved that the determination of the spirit can overcome a handicap. In her case blindness. This is among the best film that I've ever seen ever. Webters's triumph of the spirit over her handicap is truly inspirational.

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Superb film, 18 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film "Hannibal Raising" is one of the best films I've ever watched. This film show how an otherwise good man "Hannibal Lecter" turn into a monster/Cannibal/vampire.

The acting was superb So was the story line. Hannibal Lecter the son of a prominent Lithuanian family experienced first hand the cruelty of the German/Soviet battle. His sister was murdered and cannibalized by partisans. He (Hannibal) was so traumatized by the murder of his sister Mischa that he went on to become a sort of avenging Angel and avenged his' sister's (Mischa's) death on those responsible. Though what Hannibal did was an overkill he succeed in making those responsible for his sister's death pay with the life /or limb.

This film is a must see for all those of us who have watched "Silence of the Lambs" and it's prequels, and sequels.

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Superb film, 29 March 2006

I have seen many foreign films but Europa Europa ranks really high.

It is the real-life story of a young Jewish man who escapes persecution from the Nazis by masquerading as one. He soon wins the minds and hearts of the Germans he serves with. Some discover his true ethnicity but still help him since he is so likable. He even wins the hearts of some women who fall hard for the likable Josef Peters( the name he takes to pass as a non-Jew Aryan) He becomes so well liked that even his commander wants to adopt him .He goes on to excel in a school for the Hitler Youth and again becomes popular among both his fellow students and teachers. He goes to great lengths to pass as a non-Jew , and many of his methods to achieve that end truly are unorthodox.

The beautiful Julie Delpy plays a young German girl who's taken by this young man. She however is a fanatical Nazi and the relationship takes on a life of it's own.

This film is a must see for those of us who are unrepentant movie buffs.

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An insult to Cuban Americans, 28 March 2006

While watching War Stories A short time ago my opinion of both Col. North and his intelligence became suspect on Oliver North, Col North poured salt on the wounds of those of us persecuted by the Castro Dictatorship. The episode featured a narrative of the Battle of Giron ( April 17th 1961) or as the US far left likes to call it Bay of Pigs., He as a guess had none other than former Castro Comamander of Camaguey Province Huber Matos. This man Huber Matos was responsible for the death of hundreds of my countrymen while with Castro.Several hundreds of others including my father were imprisoned. The whole episode was the equivalent of a story on the Holocaust and having a former SS officer as guess. This Huber Matos later got into a "LOVER'S QUARREL" with Castro and was imprisoned under comfortable surroundings. When released he came to the US and became the darling of all those former(????) Castristas who came to the US not because of opposition to communism but because they eventually realized that the revolution did not include 2.9% financing on a new auto, or a mortgage on a suburban home.

I once admired and respected Col. North for his contributions against the spread of communism in Central America. But after watching War Stories my opinion of him took a serious nosedive.

8 Women (2002)
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Good film, 20 March 2006

8 Women/Femmes is perhaps one of the best French films I've seen. The music alone is enough to make this a classic.

This film is about eight women who are all alone in a house where a murder has supposedly taken place. The murder victim is the only man in the house. all the other occupants women all continuously try to unravel the murder mystery and question each other as possible culprits. This leads to many secrets surrounding the women coming to light. All are great actresses, and the music is really unique. In fact if judged only as a musical it wins commendations all around. In addition the acting of all the actresses is superb. Newcomer Ludivine Saignier, and veterans like Catherine Denouve, and Isabelle Huppert truly make this a must see for foreign film buffs. This is a must see for all those who like a good film.

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Entertaining but not informative enough, 20 March 2006

This film deals with a psychotic woman who lusts after the lawyer who got her off a murder charge. It has many of the essentials a woman who supposedly kills her husband ( Warren) How she's gotten off by her lawyer ( Coyote) Actually more on a no bill from grand Jury as opposed to a trial. But it lacks something which I consider essential. The film was presented as a docudrama. It didn't have a final narrative as to what eventually became of the participants. As a film it is entertaining but in a docudrama I expect some type of summary as to what became of the characters since it is supposes to be a true story. In spite of it's short comings it does provide some entertaining viewing . If only there had been a postscript it would have passed for a good film.

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Eccentric but entertaining, 5 March 2006

Rocket Gibraltar was definitely a film in a class of it's own. It is the story of an aging patriarch brilliantly played by Burt Lancaster, a formerly blacklisted poet, and widower , his children, and grandchildren who gather to pay homage to him for a birthday. The interesting thing is how eccentric they all were. What I found most interesting was the way the characters were portrayed. This is one of the few films in which almost every character is portrayed in detail. Among them is the Suzi Amis character. She is portrayed as a bit of a libertine, a part that she plays with style and flair. The grandchildren however steal the film. The way those kids were able to dominate the film was a true work of genius on the part of the director/s. The ending to the film which I will not describe is truly a grand finale. The film is quite entertaining, leaning a bit towards a black comedy.

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