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It's Someone Else's Turn to Milk the Freddy Machine, 14 October 2007

This time Stephen Hopkins (Director) and (John Skipp) Writer, try and make some more money out of Wes Craven's once excellent character of Freddy.

Now Freddy is attacking people while they are awake through Alice's unborn child's dreams; the characters are now little more than scene fillers for Freddy's murderous antics and the terror really is just laughable.

I will always love the character of Freddy, Robert Englund and Wes Craven have ensured he will always be a horror icon; its beyond me why so many sequels made a mockery of him for a quick buck "i've just answered my own question there haven't I!"

4/10 for this lame sequel (Only Wes Craven can do Freddy movies properly)

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Tired, oh so very Tired!, 14 October 2007

After huge success with the first outing, Wes Craven tried to correct the wrongs of Freddy's Revenge with A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, and he made no mistake about ensuring he killed Freddy and left him buried for good.

For some reason (Almost Certainly Money) Renny Harlin (Director) and William Kotzwinkle (Writer) decided to resurrect him again claiming 'Pure Evil Never Really Dies'

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 - The Dream Master is an unnecessary sequel that is clearly milking the success of the franchise. Kristen Parker once again takes the lead (but Miss Arquette no longer plays the character) Freddy is once again funnier than he is scary, as with all the non Wes Craven episodes, and its pretty much more of the same with less story than before, and the odd decent death scene.

5/10 Freddy is still cool, even if the movie isn't

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It's Harmless Family Fun, 14 October 2007

When Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is hired as the new night watchman at the natural history museum, he soon learns that history really does come to life.

I have to say that with a cast including, Ben Stiller, Ricky Gervais, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan i expected this movie to be funnier than it turned out to be; but having said that it is still a great movie for the whole family to enjoy, and its as much a heart warming adventure as it is a comedy.

Don't get me wrong, Night at the museum does have some good laughs and some strong comedy characters, it just didn't make me laugh as much as i thought it would.

7/10 Its still an good film

Next (2007)
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I Really Enjoyed the Ride, 14 October 2007

Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage) earns a living in a Las Vegas magic act, where the magic is no illusion, he really can see up to two minutes into the future, which has drawn the attention of FBI agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) and she wants him to help foil a plot to detonate a nuclear bomb in the heart of Los Angles. Johnson and his unsuspecting girl (Jessica Biel), who is destined to be in his future, become caught up in race against time that only he can stop.

Despite its flaws, Next becomes a very compelling action thriller, that sees a really good concept play out with style. I found it was great fun to watch, and i particularly enjoyed the way the directors utilised the gift in Cages character; its was pretty original and very cool; so much so that it glossed over any flaws very well.

8/10 great fun action

The Net (1995)
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Decent Cyber-Thriller, 14 October 2007

Angela Bennett (Sandra Bullock) is a freelance computer analyst who spends her reclusive life tracking down computer viruses and chatting on the net. When she is sent a top secret disc, she finds herself caught up in web of corruption and conspiracy; and her life is turned on its head when her identity is deleted.

Bullock does well in the role and is ably supported by Jeremy Northam and Dennis Miller. The Net has a interesting plot and some intriguing moments, but despite this i can't help feeling it never quite reached its potential.

6/10 its a decent thriller nothing more

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A Nice Slice of Adventure for the Whole Family, 14 October 2007

National Treasure feels similar to films like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, and its brought to us by Walt Disney Pictures in its usual tradition. The film is quite thought provoking, without ever being complex; it has some large flaws in the plot, but it is easily forgiven and its just slightly magical and charming in it's presentation.

Niclolas Cage, Diane Kruger and Sean Bean take the lead, and they are excellently supported by John Voight, Harvey Keitel, Christopher Plummer and Justin Bartha. Every one involved is at least adequate without any member of the cast stealing the show, and there's enough Action, Mystery, Adventure and Humour here to entertain the whole family quite easily.

Just take it at face value, sit back and enjoy; trust me its just good fun.


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Silliness Prevails, 14 October 2007

Captain Amazing (Greg Kinnear) has always kept Champion City safe from the evil bad guys, keeping a band of wannabe super heroes in the shadows; but when Captain Amazing is captured by his arch nemesis Cassanova Frankenstein (Geoffrey Rush) its finally time for The Blue Raja (Hank Azaria), The Shoveller (William H. Macy), Mr. Furious (Ben Stiller) and more to step foreword and save the day.

Mystery Men is littered with truly ridiculous characters, each with their own spin on the superhero as we know it and they all perform brilliantly to make this film a very crazy and very funny ride.

7/10 it's very silly and great fun

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Big Brother Goes Homicidal, 14 October 2007

Five strangers are brought together to take part in a reality web cast, the rules are simple; they must stay in an isolated house together for 6 months to receive the prize of $1 Million, if anyone of them leaves early they all lose.

When strange things begin to occur in the house, the group suspect that someone is trying to scare them out of the house; but perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye.

Marc Evans Directs a cast of relative unknowns through this quite fresh feeling chiller, and he manages to create a dark and creepy atmosphere that helps to build and sustain the tension in preparation for a fine climax.

OK, so its a fairly trashy and a little easy to predict at times; but My Little Eye still prevails as a pretty original piece of work, that provides a few shocks.


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It Failed to Engage Me, 13 October 2007

Nia Vardalos deserves a lot of credit for the films success, she wrote it and is undoubtedly the star of the film, but after all the hype and acclaim the movie got i found it simply didn't engage me all that much. I appreciate that the film is well written and well made, but i just didn't find it particularly funny at any point in the film, and ultimately i became quite bored by the end.

I was quite surprised that i didn't warm to this film, its certainly got charm and it does have a very well balanced cast, maybe i just didn't relate to what it was trying to say as a movie, or perhaps its just not as good as its hype; either way i'm in absolutely no hurry to see it again to find out.


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A Desperate Fight For Justice, 13 October 2007

Henri Young (Kevin Bacon) is incarcerated in the prison of Alcatraz for stealing $5; when an attempt to escape is foiled, he is left to take the blame and he is kept in solitary confinement for several years. Driven Mad by the isolation, within hours of his release he takes the life of the man responsible for his suffering.

His Lawyer (Christian Slater) is given Henri's case as a way to cut his teeth as a new lawyer, after all Henri is guilty and he can't possible make this case any worse than it is.

Based on true events, Murder in the First is a truly compelling story of the torture of one man, a man that had to go to Alcatraz to become a killer.

Kevin Bacon is simply outstanding as the eccentric Henri Young, and he and Christian Slater bring this movie to life, with intrigue, suspense, passion and guts. I fail to see why this film is not rated with kinder regard than it is, but personally i thought it was a marvellous film, that i wanted to see again years later.


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