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"JAG" (1995)
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Great Show That Makes The US Military Shine, 6 March 2004

I am a fan of Jag & enjoy all of the pranks & over-the-top stunts that Harm & Mac seem to pull off each week. However, the never ending, on again off again "love" between these

two characters is getting old. Each of them has had numerous love interests through out the seasons, but always ending in a break up or death. In my opinion, they need to move past this childish infatuation that they seem to have with each other and find other mates. If Harm & Mac were to marry or even acknowledge their love for each

other, I feel that would be the beginning of the end. If; however, Mac was married to CIA agent Clayton Webb, there is no end to the possibilities for future adventure. This silly

crush between Harm & Mac must end for this show to continue to

be a hit.

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The first 5 seasons were great with great cast members., 6 March 2004

When Season 6 introduced Inspectors Antwon Babcock(Cress Williams) and Rachel McCabe(Wendy Moniz), the show tanked. There was no chemistry between Antwon & Harvey and Rachel didn't even belong in the series. There was a real friendship between Harvey & Evan; which, when lost caused the show to lose an exceptional link to viewers. Nash & Joe have the same chemistry that Harvey & Evan had. No one would even think of killing off Joe. Cassity becoming a member of the SFPD was the beginning of the end. Rachel's addition sealed it. I loved the show and certainly San Francisco was shown to the be beautiful city that it is. Nash's ability to solve crimes & know everything instantly was a little over the top, but the show could have remained one of the great ones had the supporting cast been allowed to shine. What made it great in the beginning was slowly killed off.