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Car Wash (1976)
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Fun and really good movie., 24 October 2012

I saw this when it came out, and have watched it again many times over my life. I watched it again last week, and both my 10yo and 6yo sons love it. It is well written, photographed, and has a great score along with great memorable lines that is and are all very specific to the times. I highly suggest watching it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. I also predict that no one can watch it and NOT turn up the audio when the signature song "Car Wash" comes on. I also predict that many millions have herd and love the song and never saw the movie. Of course it is great to see both Richard Pryor and all the other great actors of the times in it. I recorded it on my DVR and the kids want to see it at least once a week now.

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Typical 70s CB movie...with a twist, 27 March 2012

I gave this a 5 out of 10 for the somewhat lame script. If the script had been better, and there had been more T&A in it (typical of 70s movies) it would have been an 8 or so. The better script would have quickened the pace of the movie, as well the extra sex would have filled in some divots.

This was made during the absolute height of the CB craze at a time when if you didn't have a CB base to the movie, your movie didn't do as well at the Drive Ins across America. I LOVE these type movies, not only because I not only grew up during the CB craze, but had radios in my car and house. The Cb radio was THE way to communicate, make new friends, and get help in a disaster or time of emergency. It was the cel phone of the 70s and 80s Of course it's time has passed and mainly these days only Truckers still use them but these movies are part of a great time in America that happened no where else.

Get the movie if you can and also look out for High Ballin, Citizens Band (the BEST of the CB based movies!) and of course, Smokey and the Bandit.

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One of the best of the 70s CB movies, probably THE best!, 21 February 2012

This movie was made in the 1970s (3 years after American Graffiti) when use of the Citizens Band radio was at it's all time high. Hollywood, not being one to let a good craze go untapped when they can make good money from it, did EXACTLY that with this movie. Starring Paul Le Mat and Candy Clark, both of American Graffiti fame, it chronicles the lives of some CB radio fanatics living in a rural town who have nothing better to do than "Be someone else" on the radio.

Paul Le Mat (Spider)plays a CB regulator of sorts, a REACT station operator, who goes on a crusade to clean up the airwaves. he tries to accomplish this by cruising around in his very cool 1956 Chevy Nomad Stationwagon CB equipped of course! He peruses The Hustler, a 10yo self proclaimed ladies man for using ch9, the emergency channel. He also goes after Grandma Breaker, a non stop talker for keeping the channel all locked up 24-7. He goes after The Rad Baron, a Nazi wannabe who hates everything and everyone NON white. He goes up against The Priest, played very well by Ed Beagly Jr, who turns in a very believable performance for preaching the gospel on the radio without a license. He only breaks off his pursuit of these folks when he and his buddy almost get shot by the Red baron who catches them in his yard.

One must take this movie for face value in that it is a relatively simple movie but the actors and direction is perfect for portraying the lifestyle of rural CBers in the America of the times.

One of the greatest lines in the movie, spoken my Paul (Spider) is "No one in this town is who they are supposed to be!" He is referring to the fact that people on the radio are sometimes far different in real life, an alter ego of sorts, compared to reality. His girlfriend Candy Clark plays Elektra, a sexy talking lady on the radio who talks dirty to other CBers (like Warlock) in an attempt to rid herself of the small town blues. Then there is Chrome Angel, who gets stuck in town after a trucking accident after Paul (Spider) saves his life because of his REACT station. Chrome Angel is a bigamist who's two wives come to meet him unknown to each other till they meet on the bus. Paul's Father, Papa Thermodyne, is an ex trucker who seems to listen to only what comes over the CB so much so that Spider has to use a CB in another room to talk to him. It is only when Papa Thermodyne gets fed up and leaves home suitcase in hand, attempting to walk to Canada and everyone has to band together to find him that everyone gets along.

The movie has a good pace as well, never getting boring especially if you were also a CB junkie in the 60s~the 80s. Great acting, great script, great characters. Definitely a worthwhile watch! I highly recommend it and since it is available instantly you know where, it is a great watch. I wish it was available on DVD as I would buy it.