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The Undeground, 17 May 2009

I'm the kind of person who likes to expose themselves to bad animated films in attempt to get my kicks, so when I saw a glorified review video for this particular movie, I was not going to pass up the opportunity for some fun. I kind of wish I did…it's not that nice.

Apparently there was a lot more going on aboard the Titanic then was let on originally. Some anthropomorphic animals have a party, and Jasper and Horace steal a fake pearl necklace for Cruella De Vil, a French masher named Gaston tries to woo a large breasted singer with stolen jewels, and a detective wears an orange toupee. But in the center of it all, princess Anastasia must overcome Lady Tremaine and here evil daughters, and fall in love with some chap named Bill. Many other notable animated characters appear over the course of the film, including Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmatians, the Mousekewitz family, and 3 variants of Speedy Gonzales. It is said the animators of this film were urged to plagiarize, so customers would watch the film to see characters that they recognized from elsewhere.

Does it come off? Of course not! You're offended by what these people have done, the film is very boring, there are too many different things going on at once, the animation is poor, the problems are numerous. It all just a big dirty cluster-****! It doesn't help that the film was processed beyond recognition before it was released. For my purpose, I watched the 'Uncut' version of the film, hoping it would be a lot closer to Camillo Teti's original vision. The dog raps a different song that makes more sense, the girl doesn't row the boat until the end of the movie, and it's a little bit longer. It made a lot more sense, so if you are going to watch this at all, which I hope you won't, check that one out instead.

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Interesting, if you have yet to see "I Gopher you", 30 June 2007

Well, I was up late the other night looking through the archives of the Looney Toons website, and I came across this little show piece from 1963. I'm not going to go hard on something of the same year as my mother, but I found this short to be a dare I say 'Recycled' version of Freling's "I Gopher you" from 9 years earlier. But instead of Mac and Tosh the gophers attempting to rescue a stolen crop of vegetables, it featured Speedy Gonzales and Sylvester in the situation they pioneered years earlier.

The hungry mice of Mexico crave the delicious products of a Mexican food processing plant, alas, Sylvester the cat is guarding the doors. Then, Speedy Gonzales shows up to help the mice out. He infiltrates the plant, and leads Sylvester through a number of machines and devices featured in "I gopher you", such as the bottling system, the automated cleavers, that crushing machine, and the dehydrator.

This cartoon uses exact reanimated duplicates of scenes featured in "I gopher you", such as the Orange Juicer, and Sylvester's decent into the Dehydrator. I have to give praise to a few new gags, such as Sylvester landing in a vat of Tobasco sauce. All in all, I have to recommend "I gopher you" in Lou of "Chili Weather" as the animation is much better, and I prefer a score by Carl Stalling over Bill Lava. However, if you cannot find "I gopher you", you should watch this. 6 out of 10.

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42 years, and still a pleaser!, 11 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Over the course of 2001 to about 2004, Teletoon would often air this show with their "Cinetoon" setup and over holiday breaks and stuff like this. Havving grown up with Yogi and all the gang, I was familiar with all the situations, watched the show, and was certainly not disappointed!

The animation by itself is wonderful, detailed, and sometimes semi-realistic. The plot is certainly not flat, and the voice acting is put well to mouth movements.

Just last Monday, Teletoon aired the show once again, I managed to tape it, and now i can watch it whenever I want. Recommended to anyone who: 1. Likes Yogi beat 2. Likes a decent animated show

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A Part Of Canadian Heritage, 14 August 2006

First of all, I must say that I love this show. I have since I was 3, and I always will. Being born in 1992, I got to see the best of late 1980s television, and this just happened to be one of those shows. My mother says that I rarely watched The Raccoons, but I can very well recall seeing many episodes. "The Evergreen Grandprix" and "Blast From The Past" come to mind.

Another thing I really like about the show is the fact that they made their own music and songs. 98% of all episodes featured a very well done musical number. The theme song is very good as well, having an original sound.

The Raccoons was the first TV series produced entirely with in Canada, and managed a successful six year run from 1985 to 1991. All Canadians should be proud! I sure am!

The last time I managed to see The Raccoons on national television would have been in July, 2002, around 7:30am or so on APTN. Since then, I haven't seen it anywhere since then. I now own both DVD box sets, and they were both worthy investments. Recommended!

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One of my favorite warner brothers cartoons, 27 July 2005

I love this show. I love Mac and Tosh the gophers.

In this particular cartoon, Mac and Tosh set off to reclaim the vegetable crop and wind up at a food processing plant. the 2 set out to reclaim there food and get caught up in machines such as a juice bottling system, a canning unit, and a food dehydrating machine. In the end, they decide that there best bet would be to put there vegetables through the dehydrating machine and take them home in the neat little packages it produces. Afterwards, back at the farm, Mac and Tosh finish filling there tunnels with the packets of instant food. Tosh goes out to get some water so they can eat. When the tap valve gets stuck, causing a larger than desired amount of water to pour into the tunnel system, the ground to erupts in an explosion of fruits and vegetables.

I've loved this ever since i first saw it at age 4. Delightful and fun. Recommended for all ages.

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Great!, 12 April 2004

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. Like the first, I enjoyed this movie very much. But after watching the first movie, I have to admit, it really is missing something from the original. Near the end, the animation begins to look a little flat and lame, there are a few plot holes, and the original plot concept is reused. (The Mousekewitzs seek refuge and move, and Fievel gets lost in the process).

Aside from that, this film is very good. I managed to pick up a VHS copy at a grage sale awhile back, and the tape has been earning it's keep ever scince. The music is very good, especially the "Way out west" song. A good cast of characters also enhances the experience. Cat R. Waul makes for an awesome and humorous villain, Wiley Burp is just plain cool, and Tiger has always been my favorite since the beginning of time. Being a train fan as well, this film also gets high marks that way. Another thing to point out is the wonderful "Real Smoke" effect that the movie has.

If I had to choose a favorite part, it would have to be the one seen were Tiger gets "Dogged every step of the way", including a trip to the dog pound, getting plowed by an inbound freight train, and a run in with a dog fish.

10 out of 10 Recommended!