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Jack and Jill (2011/I)
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Painful... just painful..., 28 February 2012

I did not laugh a single time! Stay away from this movie. "Just Go With It" is ten times better.

I really don't know what Al Pacino is doing here... Or his glory days are over or he must be in really serious financial problems.

It's silly and IT'S JUST NOT FUNNY! I get the feeling that even Adam Sandler knew it would become such an awful movie.

I couldn't wait for the movie to end to get the hell out of the theater, but I had to stay until the end because of my friends. Well, don't watch it with your friends, because you won't be amused... at all.

Don't watch it!

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We've made a huge mistake..., 27 February 2012

Not watching this show while it was on TV was easily one of the greatest mistakes of mankind. Yep, mankind. D'you know why? Because it's the greatest show to ever grace us. Sorry, it's better than Seinfeld, Friends, Curb, The Office, It's Always Sunny etc. You name the show and this one can beat it in every single aspect.

I don't even know if it aired here in Brazil due to its short run.

The writing is great, the characters are crazy, and the comedy is so fast paced that it can break the barrier of the speed of sound.

And the best thing about it: no laugh tracks. I mean, I love simpler series such as The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother, but the laughs just gets me on my nerves! Also, the original soundtrack is hilarious.

Anyways, if you've not seen it yet, buy it right now! It's well worth it!