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The Skulls III (2004) (V)
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The Skulls 3 Review, 28 July 2004

Honestly, I loved it. I am a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have seen the first 2 Skull movies, and when I found out that Clare Kramer was in the 3rd, I thought I would watch it. I have rented the movie at least 17 times, I cannot find it on DVD, or I would buy it. I have read some of the reviews, mentioning that it is one of the worst sequels. I totally disagree. I do not like the movie just because Clare Kramer is in it, I liked the storyline, I thought there was a little twist at the end. I loved how Taylor fought her way, and did research to prove to her father that she was just as good as the guys, if not better. They would have failed everything if it was not for her and I admire her character, and I also liked in the end that Roger had helped. I can't really think of a lot of things to say, except that I loved it, and that it is my second favorite movie, ever. (My first is Queen of the Damned.) Also, IT WAS WAY BETTER THAN THE FIRST TWO! That's my opinion.

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I thought it was fantastic., 18 May 2004

I think that the movie was fantastic. They had terrific effects, like when the vampire sped up when they were running and flying, then the flying, and when the go up in fire, and when Akasha (Aaliyah) took that guys heart out... And I thought the acting was terrific. Really sad to watch Aaliyah in her last film for the fans, but all of her fans are proud of her, I'm sure... My opinion, it was the best movie I've ever seen, and my favorite. I am sure that their are some people that thought that the special f/x sucked and that they could have done better, and some people that didn't like the acting or the actors and are big tom cruise fans that thought he should have been in it, but get over it. And some people that liked some of the stuff, but not enough to vote good numbers for it....