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When I first started to explore the horror genre I didn't know where to start. I started with the movies that are considered to be classics of the genre (and rightly so) and enjoyed them immensly. However after the 15th first movies or so, I started to come across alot of duds that are nonetheless, considered very good by most peoples standards. Alot of these were really bad and I found that there were very good ones that were hardly mentioned. So my aim with this list was to help guide a new horror "curioso" and help him avoid the bad and start with the good. I know tastes are relative, but alot of these lists seem to feature a huge amount of titles that give horror a bad name and would cause a beginner to shy away from the genre, dismissing it alltogether. So, I have decided to make this list (my first). I have kept from this list alot of titles that I enjoy but find the quality to be too low for the criteria of this this list (Trilogy of terror, Creepshow, 13 Ghosts, amongs others). Some might argue that the absence of titles from Romero, Carpenter, Wes Craven or Argento are criminal exclusions, but I find these directors to be somewhat overated (although I almost included "Suspiria" on this list). I am sure there are many other titles that I have forgotten to include and others that I have not yet seen, so feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciatted. Thanks for reading my list.
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So far, anyway. Still have to check out Mad Men, The Shield and Breaking bad. I have a feeling they will make it to this list. Still contemplating watching Dexter...