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Nice Action movie, 29 January 2013

Arnold Schwarzeneggar has clearly left his prime - probably a good 20 years ago. He could never win an Oscar for his acting ability and his many great films, for which I am certainly a fan, were realistically, in part, an admiration for his Mr Olimpia physique - films like the terminator could not be the same without him.

Having reached the age of 65, he is not the same and with no real acting ability, this could really have been an embarrassing flop. However, the movie have a good plot, some absolutely fantastic action driving sequences which ultimately result in a pretty enjoyable movie to watch.

You're not going to watch this for the old Arnie (you need to get the old dvds out for that), but its a good action movie and well worth a watch.

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Decent plot - great effects - well worth watching, 29 January 2013

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Its a fictional tale that has been amended to result in Hansel and Gretel moving from the traditional fairy tale story to being paid witch hunters.

Unsure of the past and their parents demise, their commitment to destroy all witches finally results in the discovery of what happened to their parents and why.

The effects and action are superb. There is a reasonable amount of gore and a plot which, although ultimately is predictable, it's just great entertainment.

I personally will go back and watch this at the movies again and get on blue ray when it comes out.

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Totally innovative horror - Best of 2012 so far, 1 May 2012

America churn out movies like McDonalds churn out burgers and both are as bland and unoriginal - you know what you're going to get right from the start. With 5 of your typical teenagers heading for "a cabin in the woods", this has all the hallmarks of yet a nother, the likes of which we have all seen and forgotten many times. However, this movie really bucks the trend in all regards. The acting is good, the effects are excellent and the plot will really surprise.

Its the most innovative 'horror' movie I have seen in years.

There is a reasonable splattering of humour throughout and the pace of the movie is maintained from the start.

I would recommend not reading too many reviews, you really don't want to have the plot spoiled. This is a must see movie - thoroughly entertaining.

Battleship (2012)
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So Promising - So disappointing, 12 April 2012

There are 3 hugely anticipated block-busters this year and Battleship was the first one to be released. I had expectations of watching this at that cinema a few times and getting it on blue ray - this is my type of movie!; or at least that was the expectation. With such great promotional footage and Liam Neeson heading the cast, it had to be great. In reality, Neeson has almost a bit part (in fact you see most of it in the promotional adverts), clearly there to increase sales of the movie; with the bulk of the 'acting' coming from Taylor Kitsch.

A ludicrous start with Kitsch playing a 27 year loser who, on the recommendation of his brother (Alexander Scarsgard) joins the Navy, suddenly to become at Lt Cdr - The script is clearly written by someone with no military knowledge or experience and that the actions, demeanour and interaction with all that are supposed to be military personnel, is a non sense. It makes Top Gun look believable! However, it gets worse;with aliens that have made there way to earth with great looking craft,that impressively rise from the ocean (great CGG) - you see it on the commercials for the movie, the only weapon they possess are melee type Armour - pretty ridiculous

really and by this point the movie has lost any form of credibility. The outcome is obvious from the first few minutes and I certainly wouldn't go back for a repeat viewing. It's still probably worth a watch if you can't resist, but don't buy any pop corn; there's enough corn in this movie!