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Pride (2014/I)
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bright and warm hearted, 11 January 2015

"Pride" is an entertaining film directed by Matthew Warchus and focusing on the initially reluctant then accepting attitude the straight residents of a Welsh community had towards the gay advocates. The cast includes some of the best actors Great Britain has shown and the film moves effectively from some pretty intense dramatic moments to hilarious scenes showing the contrasting lifestyles of the gay and straight worlds of incredible poignancy. In the ultimate analysis "Pride" artfully proves that many kinds of people who have apparently nothing in common in the end share more than they might realize. The story is based upon true events.

Gone Girl (2014)
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excellent story for the most part but with a too unlikely ending, 23 December 2014

Little doubt that David Fincher's propensity for too long films has reached its highest point, because Gone Girl, for the most part, feels like an excellent thriller trapped within the confines of a bloated drama. The movie has a thoroughly lethargic pace holding the viewer at arms length for much of its 149 minute (too long) running time, with this vibration certainly supported by an opening hour suffering from a scarcity of electrifying moments. It's certainly clear that the flick benefits from David Fincher's typically meticulous sense of style. There are, it has to be said, a few stretches heightened by Fincher's directorial style. However the prolonged finale ultimately confirms Gone Girl's place as an entertaining but relentlessly padded-out piece of work, and it is now difficult to imagine that Fincher's output will ever again reach the heights of early efforts like Se7en and The Game.

violent and bloody vigilante justice, 4 December 2014

"Harry Brown," a feature film debut from the director Daniel Barber gets to introduces us to a man at his wits' end, a man who doesn't know what happened to the world he used to know — and very determined to take action, however violent and bloody. And while the movie at times loses credibility (this "vigilante pensioner" seems to have many extra lives) and isn't easy to watch, it haunts the viewer with its details of life under siege. But at the center of this extremely violent revenge drama — almost a Western movie, ending up with a saloon shooting — is something quiet: two delicate, heartfelt performances matching each other, Emily Mortimer and Caine, master of gentle sadness.

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a bit boring, 13 November 2014

The word I'd use to define this story is contorted..Nolan's intelligence is out of discussion but the problem here is the difficulty of finding a key. All of this effort, all these questions, all of this movie and for what? There is no answer there. Nolan's mind has conceived Memento, The Prestige, Inception, and now Interstellar, always exploring relevant existential questions but there's always the sense that the person making these movies has no sense of proportions. The movies are about love, they're spiritually generic and require a lot of production.. But the overall idea is that the viewer doesn't know where the story is going.. Again the previous question, what for..?!

The Judge (2014)
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legal drama with a solid cast, 27 October 2014

"The Judge" has a backdrop of both courtroom and family tension, it's an emotional drama with brilliant performances (the 2 lead actors standing out) though stuffed with clichés. Robert Downey Junior uses his usual charm and gives a strongly emotional performance. He brings a lot of his own personal experiences into the game and proves he's in the saving grace . Robert Duvall hasn't been this believable for many years, bringing back us some of the power that made him a legend. Its a rare gift that only actors of his caliber do have. Both men are the best part of this film, a film which is not much above an average story, to be honest.

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sharply written and wheel played, 6 October 2014

The film deals with lessons that cannot be learned at school, in the elite of British private societies, where all men are not created not be equal.. The pic is set in both the fantasy and nightmarish aspects of university elites and ends up being terribly violent and with a terrible finale, leaving the viewer breathless for a finale showing no one will ever pay for the terrible facts committed (as a matter of fact more crimes than facts). In the end the guys attitude and behaviour their seeing everything as a commodity, their considering such incidents as "scrapes," leaves the audience (at least it had that impact on myself) with a total lack of hope for the future.. However, regardless of the moral opinions the film is very well acted.

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More than a revenge flick AND boosted by Neeson's performance, 24 September 2014

A Walk Among the Tombstones is slow-burn and fast-paced at the same time, though there are a few action scenes punctuating long periods of simmering tension. It's a story you appreciate for audacity, skill with Scudder seeming like a clone of Bryan Mills (his character in Taken), the real similarities being that they look alike and neither is averse to using violence to achieve his aims. I think Frank's willingness to go dark and stay there is one of the movie's strengths, acting like a warrior facing death and not caring if it takes him. A Walk Among the Tombstones acknowledges the darkest aspects of the human condition, a tough movie, though the plot ends up being very unlikely with the police and the FBI being not interested in the murders. Well described the relationship between the lead actor and the young boy.

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great drama with an ending to forget, 2 September 2014

A film underrated by the critics but extremely effective, boosted by an excellent Christian Bale, perfect as in American Hustle. Cooper has really genuine talent and gets to create atmospheres somehow reminding "The Deer Hunter". Casey Affleck is perfect as well and his character is probably even more powerful than the one of his brother. This movie is always deep, everything in it is strong and thought provoking, like the sibling relationship, Woody Harrelson's sinister presence and Sam Shepard's humble restraint. The scenery is perfect, the only part I'd have conceived differently was the finale, too unlikely in my opinion, in spite of the strong suspense.

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All in all boring, 11 June 2014

3 Days to Kill turns out to be an annoying story wherein Kevin Costner, each time he's about to duct-tape some guy's mouth shut, must stop to answer his cell phone. This is to give the idea of how the movie is. In my opinion it never finds a way to blend the emotional aspect and the action into one believable package. Costner gets to escape with his long- time and ever lasting charisma playing the scenes being a real and genuine. All things considered he's one (there are not many of them) of the greatest movie stars to arrive after the 1970s, and he'll certainly be great again. But not with this strange flick which won't leave god memories..

Notable story but with a boring pace, 28 May 2014

Great idea, great cast, a thrilling real-life story behind it all but The Monuments Men isn't more than this. This was the kind of film that, six months ago, you wouldn't have looked foolish staking on it as an Oscar winner. So where'd it all go wrong? It sticks to the facts perfectly but it bores as we spend too much time watching Stokes put his team together and that's too long. Cast is simply impressive but it's not enough to make a really good story out of it, because actors don't match one another that much, with Goodman and Dujardin being a funny double act and with Matt Damon's terrible French. It's probably an accurate look at how a unit like this operated, but in a film like this accuracy is well down the wish list.

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