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Great images and story of the South, 5 March 2006

A story of the true South. On the surface a veneer of respectability and culture. But dark passions are usually hidden from view. Which aspect of these characterizations are real? The beautiful images and story allow us a glimpse but not an answer. Some of the characters appear so outlandish that they cannot possibly have any basis in reality. The South like this movie is filled with many distinctive individuals who at midnight let themselves shine. The only negatives were Cusak's acting and some instances of discounting. Cusak was very ordinary; it might be that he was miscast in this movie. Kevin Spacek was perfect. And what can you say about Lady Chablis?

The almost constant partying in the streets was very reminiscent of time that I spent in the South. Everything is OK as long as your drink is in a plastic cup. The friendliness to strangers is frequently genuine but there is always that veneer that you never know when it will surface.

"Numb3rs" (2005)
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Good mystery; I liked it!, 23 January 2005

Despite being another police drama (this time it is the FBI), it has several unique elements. I don't think I have ever seen a mathematician as one of the main characters in a TV show. It worked. I liked how he related to those he dealt with. He was able to communicate on a human level. The mystery and suspense aspect of the show was very good. The writing was also very good but it may be difficult for the show to keep up the quality of its writing with its main subject a mathematician. Although it is somewhat unrealistic, I liked the idea of the two brothers working together with a common objective with the father putting his two cents in once in a while. I found the show very entertaining and I hope it lasts.