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An ongoing list of some of the best movies ever, by best i mean worth watching more than one time with delight, any style or year, including some awesome documentaries like "forks over knives", "earthlings" or "meat the truth" ( absolutely watch those ones if you haven't yet !!! ), and "The Cove".

Note that some movies are not here for their qualities as a whole, but sometimes just for amazing acting or amazing job with the colors or the shadows or the scenes.

Very few action movies, some french and south korean classics. A small touch of kung fu movies too.

A few documentaries, mostly related to hacking, linux, ecology, vegetarianism, veganism, water.

Most of them are rated above 7 for those who care about ratings.

There's something for every taste, something to expand your horizon, culture, emotions.


And remember to definitely watch forks over knives, earthlings and meat the truth, they are just must see and you will learn a lot.