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This film was the best . I love All things Bronte., 2 March 2004

I saw this miniseries once and I am trying to buy a copy. I have been reading and viewing Wuthering Heights for years and have a real passion for the work, the Bronte countryside and the wonder of it all. This series was most true to the novel as Emily wrote it and expressed the grand capacity Heathcliff has for feeling , for love, longing, passion and hate. I believe Emily Bronte was a giant in her mind and in her capacity to love all of the natural world and I see her in Heathcliff. In this version of Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff dominates like the very soul of the moors, with the windy weather, the wild heather and the huge stony outcrops. He and Catherine are one with each other and with the land, but this is achieved at a terrible price of suffering because Society gets in the way. I wish to buy a copy of this 1978 miniseries. But where?