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The idea came when I decided to put into one list all the films I have collected in the past 25 years. Cataloguing a massive DVD collection IMDb is the best source to classify films including a descriptive information and pushing the advantages of the detailed analysis. Back in the early years I guess like everyone else at age of 10 will not pick a genre consciously but from curiousity. So happened with me and it took some years to find myself what is it what proves to be valuable with a critical eye too. I'm the 80s man after all despite this I'm always up-to-date with today's cinema doesn't matter that lately the classic films are about the nineties already. With the years I ''grew older'' together with the greatest actors and personalities of the 80's in the first place. I remember pay-tv channels like Teleclub (Switzerland), Film-Net (Netherlands) and finally Sky Movies (U.K.) in 1988, (followed by dozens of movie channels when digital broadcast has started) or simply i watched my father's VHS/LD collection at that time for ex. back in 1983 the ever first movie put a spell on me where Ken Wahl is The Soldier (I lost to count how many times I've seen it already). Finally it's only an investment of time to create a very long listal.. i was thinking about to create a top 100 but there are more than 400 favs ''must have'' or ''must seen'' so this isn't yet ready but as soon as it will be I'm planning that the list reaches around 1500 titles from more than 6 decades so let me thank you here in advance who leafs through it with interest This is my collection that makes it a different one. Feel free to leave your comment here if you're interested in 80's movies and let me know if you're from the same generation what do you think about it? which film had the largest effect on you? (Please excuse my grammar and faults) a great fan from Hungary.