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A great testament to independent filmmaking., 1 March 2004

This is what independent film is all about. Goodman has created intriguing characters and a compelling story that show a mix of cultures that are alien to most Americans.

Lana's Rain emphasizes the gritty side of life that you don't get to see in Hollywood movies. Lana and her brother Darko move to America looking for a better life, quickly realizing the hardships of a strange land with no money, no friends, and only each other to count on. Not even knowing the language, Lana is forced to sell her body to survive while Darko looks for work.

Through a series of unexpected twists we learn that all is not as it seems, and Lana must take matters into her own hands to stay alive. Incredible performances by both Oxana Orlenko (Lana) and Nickolai Stoilov (Darko) keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the film.

Movies like this prove the kind of heart that a filmmaker can put in to a story, especially outside of the Hollywood system. And though it lacks any big stars, it didn't need them. The gritty feel and superb performances definitely give Lana's Rain commercial appeal. Highly recommended.