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Brilliant, 27 December 2004

It's true that they're not the liveliest band on stage but the amount they do move around seems to suit their songs more than if they were running around constantly. Also there's plenty of expression on Hansi's face when hes singing to make up for the lack of movement.

It's obvious when your watching this the both the crowd and the band are having a great time and they all spend most of their time grinning (especially Andre, who I'm starting to suspect is Dave Murray from Iron Maiden in a cunning disguise) One slight problem on the first few songs is that the camerwork is a little dodgy with a few shots not being out of focus and stuff but this is only nitpicking as it is fine but about the forth song and it wasn't even that bad anyway.

Anyway any BG fan should go out and buy it immediately and they certainly won't be disappointed