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It's about style and acting., 20 July 2013

It's a short film.

Not much dialogue, not a very meaningful story in my opinion.

All the scenes are beautiful. Music is perfect. It's amazing how the director creates such a unique and consistent atmosphere. You will love this film if you love cinema.

If you're looking for hard-core action, not a good movie for that though it's quite violent in any measure.

Acting is great. Gosling does what he does, a fine acting. However, he probably should stop doing this kind of role, kind of repetitive.

Kristin is very good. I mean very impressive transformation.

Vithaya Pansringarm who plays Chang is probably the strongest merit in this film. Just look at this face. It's over. He is amazing.

"Homeland" (2011)
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It sounds typical but very different and very real., 19 December 2012

When I started watching this series, I was't sure what to expect. It looked like a 24 with no action and macho-ism possibly. It was a little boring to start with. CIA, terrorist... all the usual stuff.

Characters are engines for this fantastic drama. An American Marine who are brainwashed planning to attack his own country. Okay, that's a little different. He is also a father of two and loves his family. I think that's quite a conflict. The actor who played Brody was exceptional. Is it ridiculous that he is a terrorist and also a father? No. It's a real dilemma.

Carrie. According to Saul, one of the smartest but the stupidest person. A brilliant agent but also emotionally vulnerable.

I thought the love story between Brody and Carrie is a little bit of too much dramatization but you know when acting is so damn good, you get to nod your head.

What they show us, it's real pain and emotion.

Also, there is an idea something people in U.S. are not exactly used to.

What if those people that U.S. attacked and killed during wars, their friends and families and come right back and attack people in U.S. soil?

That wasn't something people used to or wanted to watch on TV.

Now it's on. interesting. More of real story in prime television show.