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Funny, 2 April 2004

This series really is very very funny! Perhaps not everyone likes this sense of humor but i think that it´s really great, especially the actors (Tom Gerhardt, Axel Stein and all the others) are just superb. "Hausmeister Krause" is just different from all the other Comedy and Sketch shows in germany.

But i´m a little bit sad that there are only made a few episodes (which only have 25 minutes) every year, so we always have to watch the old one.

But that isn´t so bad, well, if you like humor which is a little bit "different", you should watch Hausmeister Krause, it´s really no waste of time!

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Blasphemic, so what?, 24 March 2004

Maybe this film is blasphemic but.... hey, I think it´s very funny! Especially Brian is played very well by his actor an do I really enjoyed this film. It starts really funny but after an hour "Life of Brian" starts to get less funny and a little bit boring because some scenes are too long.

But the first hour of the film is really great and full of funny ideas presented by the phantastic "Monty Python" actors.

I also think that this film is much better than "Meaning of Life" so, when you don´t have problems with a little bit of blasphemy, watch this film, it´s really good!

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Funny but to much Hogan, 23 March 2004

I think this series is very funny and full of good ideas but i don´t like it that it´s so much concentrated on Colonel Hogan. The other characters like Oberst Klink and Feldwebel Schulz are also important (and thats good because i like them very much!) but sometimes you get the feeling that Newkirk or Carter aren´t useful, the are just there. And it´s the same with Kinchloe (and later with Baker), the just seem to be unimportant in most of the episodes.

But this is the only negative point i have found, in my eyes this series is very good (when you think of that it was made in the 60s!) and you should have seen it, there are tons of good jokes. And also if you live in Germany you should watch this series because the localization is also fine!

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Innovative, 23 March 2004

Wow, it´s really hard to comment a series like Star Trek TOS because there has been other Star Trek and films and so I think it impossible to comment this series fair but well... I´ll try!

I think that Star Trek TOS is a very good series with many new things nobody has ever seen until the series had started. But the most important thing for me is, that the series showed the people to accept others, other things and other opinions. And so it´s not really a problem that there are some very thin stories and episodes which aren´t realistic and logical (no intelligent Captain would beam onto an unknown planet together with his first officer, his chief of engineering (and second officer) and his medical officer. But hey, thats television and thats create suspense, it wouldn´t be so interesting if Captain Kirk would only beam onto planets with unknown security (nearly every episode some redskirted security officers die!) and science officers.

So for a series made in the late 60s, this was very very innovative!

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Great film... for germans!, 23 March 2004

I think this is one of the best german films ever, it´s full of good actors and for a comedian, the story is also very good. But the best thing surely are the jokes, for example the gay indian, the "Superperforator" song and the Schoschonen who hunt the heroes.

But i understand why foreigners don´t enjoy this film. I think it isn´t funny for an american to see some unknown actors who talk about homosexuality and have a bad translated bavarian accent. So this film is only funny if you are german but then it is really funny because Michael "Bully" Herbig is such a funny guy, if you see him playing to important roles and beeing the director of this film, you´ll love him! But also Christian Tramitz (Ranger), Sky Dumont ("bad guy" Santa Maria) and Rick Kavanian (whose role as a greek wasn´t so funny in this film) are really good actors. And I also loved Santa Marias men, the bad cowboys.

I´m sure that nearly every german has seen this film at least one time and if you speak german, you must have done this. But if you are french ore american, you don´t really need this film, I saw a part of the translated version, it was funny but not as good as the original film!

Call of Duty (2003) (VG)
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Just amazing!, 23 March 2004

This computer game is just amazing, here you get the most intense feeling of WWII you have ever seen and if you have played this game you know that the war wasn´t very heroic!

In this game you fight for the american army, the British armed forces and the russian red army. On american side, you take part in the D-Day (but not at Omaha, you are a parachute-soldier) together with your comrades, in most of the mission you are just a normal soldier between lots of others. You also have a leader who gives you orders during the mission so it feels very realistic. After the american campaign you fight for the british, here you are more like an elite soldier and this is the only campaign where you may feel as a hero because you bombed away the "Edertalsperre" or have stolen important documents. But in the next campaign this is over because as a russian there can´t be found anything heroic. I think this campaign is the best because this campaign shows how the war really was. In germany you cant only get this game if you are 18 or older or have parents who buy it for you ;)! But this is ok because in this game there isn´t much blood but you see hundreds and thousands of allied and german soldiers dieing in huge battles! As a russian you a part of the battle at Stalingrad and you also play as a tank commander, so this campaign really is the best.

This game also has good soun effects and graphic but the only negative point is: It´s too short, you just need less than 10 hours to pass the single-player mode. The multiplayer mode is also good but nothing special, there are some new gametypes but thats all. So if you like intense games, buy this one, it´s really great!

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Great show, great Gottschalk, 22 March 2004

This is the biggest european TV show and that´s right because Thomas Gottschalk is a great showmaster and in every show there are funny stunts. But the best thing surely are the guests, international top stars like Elijah Wood or all types of musicians are in the show but also famous german people so everyone has got someone to see.

I´m a little bit sad that the show doesn´t come so often but thats no problem because if "Wetten dass...?" is coming, it takes at least half an hour more than planned!

All in all, it is a great an interesting show (i gave 9 stars) you should have seen at least once if you can speak german!

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Star Trek in its best!, 22 March 2004

Well, i don´t want to say much and i think that i don´t have to, this film is just fantastic, there are great special effects and action scenes but the story is also great (the Borg just are the best "bad guys" in Star Trek!).

The crew is acting very good and also the minor characters like for example Lieutenant Hawk aren´t as flat as in other movies so you also feel with them and not just with the regular crew when they fight (and die).

So for all the Star Trek fans in the world and also for those who aren´t: Take a look at this film, it´s really good an easy to understand if you have seen the beginning and know little about Star Trek!

Crazy Race (2003) (TV)
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I don´t understand the actors, 22 March 2004

Well, this film just isn´t good, the story is always between average and sh*t and there aren´t any interesting or new things, everything in this film have been (most times much better!) in other films. So you can really forget this story, when i heard about a film with a great street race I thought "Hey, good actors, might be funny!" but well, it wasn´t!

The actors (most of them are pretty popular) don´t act good in this film but i don´t understand why great actors like Christian Tramitz, Ingolf Lück or Katy Karrenbauer do this! Most of them have done or are doing great films and series but why do the now act in this peace of sh*t? I don´t know an don´t wanna now, perhaps they needed the money but it must have been not much money because most of them showed nothing of their really acting abilities.

So my advice is: Don´t watch this film, at the beginning it sounds good but it just isn ´t!