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Overrated, 12 January 2017

I had high expectations for this film with all the praise it got but in the end, it fell short. Now, visually the film is gorgeous and the animation is top-notch, if you were to judge the film by those aspects, it's easily 8-9 out of 10, but there's the plot unfortunately which is just as important and happens to be paper-thin in this film. The set up for the story is extremely cliché just like many other things along with bland, poorly explained origin. And for an adventure movie, there really isn't much of it there. Let me elaborate, the main character needs to acquire 3 essential items to battle the evil forces but the angle is just so cheaply performed. They just battle a giant skeleton and then built a boat to get to their destination, that's it. And the final battle in the film just happens so arbitrarily as if the writers knew that there was nothing else to do and it's just as anticlimactic as the ending. Overall, it's safe to say that the movie was RUSHED it set up for more than it could depict. The supposed "twist" about Kubo's parents was extremely predictable and I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it was extremely easy to figure out right from the start of the journey. My main problem still happens to be with the movie's poorly explained background but I don't think I can elaborate on it without spoiling too much so I'll leave it at that. The main villain's motivations are pretty unconvincing and extremely shallow. Now, for the good part. Aside from excellent animation, the voice acting was really good and I enjoyed the character development as scarce as it was. But that's all there is to it. A paper-thin, uninteresting plot in a good format. 6/10 and that's generous.

Better late than never, 6 January 2017

I gradually became an Evil Dead fan a very long time ago, not by devotion truth be told. As time flew I came across the movies, games, etc. And of course, if you are an Evil Dead fan you are a fan of Bruce Campbell. After Army of Darkness the franchise has been there, but never made another essential move aside from a traditional remake that was just OK. Then the show was announced and boy, was I excited. But after so many years? Bruce is almost 60. But after seeing first few episodes, It definitely delivered. Now Season 1 was sometimes hit or a miss with some good episodes, some bad ones. I felt unsure with new side characters Pablo and Kelly and after Season 1's anticlimactic ending I wasn't sure what to think. Going in Season 2 I had my doubts, but to my surprise, Season 2 was a colossal improvement that gave me a lot of things I wanted from Evil Dead sequel, things Season 1 lacked. Pablo and Kelly eventually grew on me an I started to care about them even more in season 2. The episodes are much better, the script has improved along with the atmosphere and everything just feels like a huge improvement and not to mention, is a lot funnier. We finally get to know Ash's character better now that we get to see his Pops and friends. While the statement that Bruce Campbell has completely absorbed Ash's character is not entirely false, with him often utilizing one-liners that are meant to arouse satire, it's Bruce Campbell. The whole point we love Ash's character is because of Bruce Campbell, it does seem that he has stopped pretending to be someone else and finally started acting as himself, which might be argumentative with some people, it's not a step back at all. If season 1 didn't do it for you, Season 2 will definitely deliver even though it has a rather messy final. There's season 3 coming and my hope's are high for it. A lot of things hinge on it as well. Let's see how it goes.


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Over-hyped, 6 January 2017

First of all, I rarely write reviews and even then it has to be a special occasion. So, few months ago when the show started becoming mainstream and getting overwhelming praise and attention I finally decided to give it a shot. At first it started off being rather intriguing and definitely demonstrated that there was potential, but unfortunately, it just never picked up or delivered truth be told. After the pilot the plot just started floating around going back and forth until the very disappointing finale that just left me wanting.........nothing. That's it. There wasn't enough suspense to fully immerse me or to hook me to the very least. I found the characters generic and unconvincing. Especially, the missing boy's mother who just out of desperation and anxiety becomes obnoxiously unstable for no reason. If she wanted to convince people that her son's disappearance was ambiguous and it was more to it, acting delusional wasn't gonna help it one bit. I'm not gonna get deep into the plot, I just noted that because I found her character extremely irritating. Now, before I go on, the fact that insignificant character such as Barb, who barely had any screen time got so much media exposure resulting the actress attending talk shows (no offense to the person who played the character.) just proves that something isn't right. At least half of the praise comes from the show being some kind of "homage" to the 80's and the horror directors from that time, but honestly, where was the homage? just because the show is presumably set in the 80's and we frequently see prominent cultural things from that period doesn't mean squat. 80's/90's horror films had a lot more going on and had wider plot not to mention the payoff. Plus, they were memorable. On the other hand, there was absolutely nothing memorable about this show. Boring characters with zero unique traits. But yet again, this is a show in which a girl with psychic powers who barely talks or does anything and a teenager who tells her friend not to go to some party with her boyfriend are the most popular characters. The atmosphere in this show was there, but we never got to look at it since 95% of this show is about the main cast of kids talking or the obnoxious mother trying to establish communication with her missing son. There's the Sheriff who seemed more interesting than the rest of the cast but his character of course doesn't go anywhere either. Honestly, it's not a bad show, but it's nothing special. There's nothing that will make you want more. I'm not even gonna talk about the awful payoff with a cheap looking CGI "monster" and those "evil government" agents who are just there to either be a threat or a reference to E.T. The entire plot was paper thin and just felt like another above average episode of X-files. It had enormous potential with the set up, but that's all there is to it. It's a shallow plot in a really good format. And regardless of all of my criticism that might come off negative, I'm giving the show a 7/10. My assessment was to state that there's nothing special or unique about this show, not that it's BAD or anything. Extremely overrated reception that parades this show as the next Twin Peaks is the only reason it's getting so much attention. A Snowball Effect of hype. Sadly, that's how most things work now days. I didn't bother getting deeply into the plot because that's what "fans" of this show do, I'm not a fan, I'm a viewer making a concise statement. I suggest you watch the show yourself and based on your standards you might come to the same conclusion. It's not a bad show, just nothing special. But it could have been.

John Wick (2014)
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Best movie of 2014, 13 August 2015

Now, I saw this movie couple of months ago and finally decided to review it. Going in, I thought this was going to be another average, forgetful, one-time film just like most modern movies are, but boy, was I wrong. This movie restored my hope in action movies and broke the monotony that film industry has become for the last 3 - 4 years.

I haven't watched a recent movie more than one time for the last three years at least, I watched John Wick 3 times on the other hand which really says something. The thing is that, now days, movies have become business, they have become overabundant and unmemorable, as soon as the movie is released hype dies away and the movie is forgotten, but John Wick finally did something different that reminded of good old times of early 2000's. This movie will be remembered like Collateral and other modern classics.

The action is perfect, not to mention, the thing I loved the most is that the world John Wick created, the underworld/syndicate of John Wick is just so intriguing and interesting. Makes you want more, and it definitely made me want a sequel or a prequel. Keanu Reeves did an amazing job depicting the character. The background characters in this movie were also very well written in my opinion and I just love the fact about how revered John Wick is in the movie. The soundtrack is also really good.

The movie itself may not be a masterpiece of the decade, but it is a great action flick with a lot of work and thought put into it. It's a hope for the movie industry.

9/10 because this really made me happy and filled me with hope. I rather watch 20 minutes of John Wick than watch another typical Marvel or a superhero brainwashing. Thank you, John Wick for restoring my hope in movies.

Armistice (2013)
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Interesting idea, 10 January 2014

As a fan of war themed horror movies I was intrigued by this movie especially when I saw Joseph Morgan starring in it. While the movie is low budget and takes place in a house, it is an interesting flick with an equitably fresh idea that was new and entertaining also the lack of budget limited it quite a bit. So, a soldier of the Royal Marines played by Joseph Morgan is stuck in a house and there is no way out of there. The interesting part is that the house is supernatural and our hero needs to battle a ghoul like creature every single day which is interesting because this creature is just as much as stuck in the house as Morgan's character so it's a constant loop. The thing is that aside from a great idea I believe that the story, suspense and the plot are well performed. I saw that there was some work put into the story- line and suspense so please don't let the budget fool you. I believe that this movie had some interesting plot points. I definitely recommend it since this is one of the actual ''good'' horror movie that have come out recently. This movie is not a masterpiece but it sure is a good effort that will keep you entertained and curious. And again don't let the budget fool you. Joseph's acting is pretty good also. While this pretty much has a depressive feel to it, there is an unintentional funny scene where Joseph kills the ghoul while he's taking a bath (you'll have a chuckle once you see it yourself) I'll give it 7/10 since the movie surprised me in a way, to think that this movie would have had plot with a first look......I did not expect that. So, if you're bored make sure to see this. It's not a masterpiece but will interest you enough and make you think what would you have done if you were in that house.

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Enjoyable, 2 November 2013

Honestly, don't know why it got 4.2 in my opinion the movie at least deserves 5.0-6.0 yes it is a cheesy sci-fi plot, but I think it is well executed. The thing I love about Outpost movies is the atmosphere and even though I think that the film took an odd turn by going back to WW2 to have an origin story it was still well done. But we can all see that the budget of the movie isn't completely as good as the first Outpost. The acting is decent and the action is good. Plot and the story maybe little bit too cheesy, but it's a Nazi zombie sci-fi flick so what do you expect? god father? I'm actually surprised with the stern treatment Outpost movies receive. Not to mention when people call ''Dead Snow'' good it's just eerie. Even Frankenstein's army has 5.0 than this considering the fact that it is not as good. War of the dead has 4.0 even though it's not an awful disaster. This one actually had some cameos and references from the previous films including the Beethoven song that starts randomly playing once in a while in all three films (very good touch in my opinion) as far as I am concerned the movie is definitely a 5.0 - 6.0/10. It wouldn't hurt to let the logic fly out and enjoy a cheesy flick that can grant you certain entertainment.

IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes logic: if it's not a masterpiece, it's bad. Even though IMDb is a saint compared to Rotten Tomatoes. Hopefully, when more people vote it'll at least get the rating of 5.0

Sinister (2012/I)
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Terrible, 6 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Simply awful. I waited for this movie expecting it to be good and scary, but it was just stupid. In the first 80 minutes, yes, I guess I'll say first 80 freaking minutes, because 80 minutes fly away like 20 minutes in this crap. So, first 80 minutes the guy is exploring and investigating the tapes to write his book, but I didn't even see him write anything so, it was just waste of time I guess. The murders that he is writing his book about are just stupid and unrealistic as crap. It's just stupid. The movie is like one hour and 40 minutes long and more than half of it feels like an intro! nothing happens. They could have done the the 80 minutes in 20-30 minutes and made the rest of the movie longer and more entertaining, but guess not.

So, in the end something ''weird'' happens like the dude gets scared a bit and decides to get away from the house and then guess what? we expect something cool to happen, but no. In the end the writer drinks something and gets knocked out and when he wakes up he sees his little daughter with an axe, was just funny to see that little girl in pajamas was supposed to be ''scary'' this is what's happening to horror movies now days. No more John Carpenters and Hitchcocks. Only dumb people who think that little girls are scary......well, guess what? they're not. It could have been a puppy holding an axe and it would be the same. Even Uwe Boll could have made a better movie. Seriously, it had potential, but this is what directors do now days. they give promises and then throw them into trash.

DON'T watch this movie. You think Paranormal activity is bad and stupid? well, it is, but this one is no different. What's with the dumb cliché of trying to make females look scary or badass which they are not. they could have gotten some dude with a knife and mask in the end and turned the movie into average slasher and even that would have been 10 times better than what this crappy movie is. Even the title is kinda stupid. Sinister? it's Sinister how dumb this movie is. Watch Grave Encounters 2 ! it's at least waaaay better than this fail.

So, do yourself a favor and skip this. It's just a boring fail. Not scary, not interesting or entertaining. Just a boring, average fail with few jump scares and weird scene with naked ghost kids running around.

Also, the characters talk about how people in the town are mean to them, but we don't even see that, because they are in the house the entire movie!!! not only the story line of this movie is a waste of time,but so is this movie.


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Well, 11 October 2012

I didn't like the first one that much despite having a kick-ass cast it kinda had a weak story-line. The main thing in Expendables were the actors. And I mean of course it is great to see our favorite action stars come together including retro ones, but the movie didn't have much. It hardly had any villains to stand up to those people besides, Austin who had a decent fight scene and did kick Barney's ass, but then got killed in a very dumb way. Like i said not much of a story line, BUT the sequel changes and improves that as far as i can see.

In expendables 2 the story-line is improved, bigger cast is assembled and it has a lot better action including retro stars like Arnold and Willis and Chuck Norris shooting the hell out of everything. In expendables 2 we all so get better villains. Jean Claude Van Damme is a perfect villain and he plays a guy called ''Jean Villain'' which is a cool name, but kinda unoriginal if you get my point. For me, he stole the show, but sadly he wasn't in it much which is a let down. Also, Scott Adkins did a great job too. I really liked Boyka looks he had playing Hector. So, yes, the Villains were pretty cool in this movie. Also, there are so much good cameos and references made in the movie that it cracks me up time to time. Like the part where Dolph calls Arnold ''Terminator'' or when Arnold says his famous line. The thing is that expendables needs work on the story-line and character development. Also, it'll be nice to see them reload more often and of course cliché of 7-8 dudes killing hundreds is in there which enjoyable of course along with rest. Cheesy, but great. And that's what i like about the movie. It's not trying to be God father or Pulp Fiction. It knows that it's just trying to be a kick-ass action film to entertain fans and it is self-aware and yes, i think it does a fine job at it despite some clichés and stuff and it is an awesome movie. But now it has 7.3 and who knows? maybe even lower in other sites sadly. The thing with expendables is that: take ALL of those actors away and replace them with some random dudes. The movie won't be great, because stand-alone story-line and stuff aren't that good. Expendables 2 is a a great, especially for all retro action fans out there. But it needs to work on story-line, suspense, less-clichés and other stuff. If they improve even better for the next Expendables ( i heard Van Damme is coming back as twin brother of Villain which is cool) and give it a much better story instead of mind less shooting it will have a score of 8.0.

Now, some cons: Jet Li disappears after the intro scene, Van Damme and Adkins aren't in it much, is little bit cliché, Willis, Norris and Arny aren't in it much too and the fight scene in the and was a let down and was egotistic for Stallone. Van Damme should have got more offense instead of getting punched 50 times by Stallone, he should of kicked Stallone's ass! same thing with Adkins vs Statham. Adkins should of beat Statham's ass. And that's also cliché, because good guys go through everything with ease. There are only few scenes when they take cover. Stallone does get kinda beat up by Van damme, but not enough. Same thing with Statham vs Adkins.

Still, a good movie. 6/10 check it out.

Bait (2012/III)
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It was good, 14 September 2012

OK when I saw the trailer for this I thought to myself that this movie was gonna be another cheap ''Shark night 3d'' but no. This movie had effort put into it and it's not a cheap awful Shark Night 3D. I enjoyed the movie. The acting was good, suspense was good, it had some twists that we're nice too! and a great character development with humor. I enjoyed character development and relationships and the team work was great too. Yes, the CGI shark wasn't the best, but there were a lot of good scenes with non-CGI shark and gore scenes too.

This wasn't an average flick with no effort, it was a good movie. With effort put into it and does not deserve to get trashed by dumb kids with ''oooh, the movie was bad! I expected this too be God Father, but it disappointed me!!! skip it!!! 3/10 durr'' no, and that also applies to the first user reviewer (no offense) this is not cheap bad shark money- grabber for me. It's good flick

Yes, some facts about the shark may have been unrealistic, but so? doesn't make it a bad movie, cause it's a movie! and the idea is also nice and rare. You don't see a lot of movie with sharks, tsunami, and markets.

Check it out if you like Shark horror movies. It's not a masterpiece, but it's entertaining. Don't listen to ''average'' IMDb Mr.Negatives who won't give the movie 7 unless it's Citizen Kane or Pulp Fiction. Check it out.


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Asylum Blackout, 10 September 2012

One of the best horror movies i've seen lately. With great atmosphere and suspense. The set up is great and i really enjoyed the movie. It also contains some nice gore and other violent scenes along with some intense moments.

The idea is not entirely new, but it's rare and should be used more often. Inmates rioting in the asylum is a good idea for a movie and can be great if done right.

Watch this movie you'll enjoy it especially if you like insanity like me.


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