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Armistice (2013)
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Interesting idea, 10 January 2014

As a fan of war themed horror movies I was intrigued by this movie especially when I saw Joseph Morgan starring in it. While the movie is low budget and takes place in a house, it is an interesting flick with an equitably fresh idea that was new and entertaining also the lack of budget limited it quite a bit. So, a soldier of the Royal Marines played by Joseph Morgan is stuck in a house and there is no way out of there. The interesting part is that the house is supernatural and our hero needs to battle a ghoul like creature every single day which is interesting because this creature is just as much as stuck in the house as Morgan's character so it's a constant loop. The thing is that aside from a great idea I believe that the story, suspense and the plot are well performed. I saw that there was some work put into the story-line and suspense so please don't let the budget fool you. I believe that this movie had some interesting plot points. I definitely recommend it since this is one of the actual ''good'' horror movie that have come out recently. This movie is not a masterpiece but it sure is a good effort that will keep you entertained and curious. And again don't let the budget fool you. Joseph's acting is pretty good also. While this pretty much has a depressive feel to it, there is an unintentional funny scene where Joseph kills the ghoul while he's taking a bath (you'll have a chuckle once you see it yourself) I'll give it 7/10 since the movie surprised me in a way, to think that this movie would have had plot with a first look......I did not expect that. So, if you're bored make sure to see this. It's not a masterpiece but will interest you enough and make you think what would you had done, if you were in that house.

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Enjoyable, 2 November 2013

Honestly, don't know why it got 4.2 in my opinion the movie at least deserves 5.0-6.0 yes it is a cheesy sci-fi plot, but I think it is well executed. The thing I love about Outpost movies is the atmosphere and even though I think that the film took an odd turn by going back to WW2 to have an origin story it was still well done. But we can all see that the budget of the movie isn't completely as good as the first Outpost. The acting is decent and the action is good. Plot and the story maybe little bit too cheesy, but it's a Nazi zombie sci-fi flick so what do you expect? god father? I'm actually surprised with the stern treatment Outpost movies receive. Not to mention when people call ''Dead Snow'' good it's just eerie. Even Frankenstein's army has 5.0 than this considering the fact that it is not as good. War of the dead has 4.0 even though it's not an awful disaster. This one actually had some cameos and references from the previous films including the Beethoven song that starts randomly playing once in a while in all three films (very good touch in my opinion) as far as I am concerned the movie is definitely a 5.0 - 6.0/10. It wouldn't hurt to let the logic fly out and enjoy a cheesy flick that can grant you certain entertainment.

IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes logic: if it's not a masterpiece, it's bad. Even though IMDb is a saint compared to Rotten Tomatoes. Hopefully, when more people vote it'll at least get the rating of 5.0

Maybe not as good as ''Das Experiment'' but I think it's still good., 25 July 2013

The original ''Das Experiment'' is a great film, but this isn't bad either. Personally, I enjoyed this movie a lot and think for an American remake it is quite good. And to be honest it actually improves some things as well. One of the things I liked in particular was the atmosphere and in my opinion, the cast was great. Great performance from Adrian and Forest. Not to mention, the awesome scene with the guards attacking the inmates in slow motion while Fluke YKK plays in the background. And also, the scene when the prisoners break free is very entertaining and much more thrilling than in "Das experiment'' not to mention it also improved these following things I didn't like in the original film: the prisoner uniform and nude sex scene's and flashbacks of 77 and with the woman he loves.

Now there are some negative things about the movie which would of been improved if it borrowed from the original a bit. The first thing is that the events unfold way too quickly and also, there are a lot of prisoners that we are hardly introduced to which means that it would have been much better if the movie was a little bit longer. Also, this movie doesn't show was what is happening on the other side while the experiment is on. Now I think it makes it more interesting, because of the fact that we don't see scientists and other people who are in charge of the experiment watch it leaves the feeling that the characters are much more isolated than they should be, which is a good touch I'll admit. This movie lacked some character development and was a little bit shorter. I think the remake is good in it's own way and shouldn't be called awful or shouldn't be a victim to an angry soccer mom who watched the original film and started raging and trashing this film senselessly, because it was little bit different or either not as good.

In conclusion, I believe that this movie could of been much better if it was longer and had more character development along with more Guard Vs Inmate face offs like in the original (the original slightly more scenes with guards insulting the inmates and would of been great if Brody's character had camera-installed glasses at least for a short time) I'm still going to give it a 7 out of 10 since the movie did satisfy my demands and turned out quite entertaining in it's own way. In my opinion, it deserves 6.7 at least instead of 6.3 but I believe the amount of haters and fans is fair. The movie is good for a watch or two for sure.

Like I said, in the original we could see the reactions of doctors and how they were talking to the guards outside, but in this movie we couldn't which did give it a good sense of isolation if only it had more development and some other things that the original had it would of been even better.

Sinister (2012/I)
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Terrible, 6 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Simply awful. I waited for this movie expecting it to be good and scary, but it was just stupid. In the first 80 minutes, yes, i guess i'll say first 80 freaking minutes, because 80 minutes flies away like 20 minutes in this crap. So, first 80 minutes the guy is exploring and investigating the tapes to write his book, but i didn't even see him write anything so, it was just waste of time i guess. The murders that he is writing his book are just playing stupid and unrealistic as crap. It's just stupid. The movie is like one hour and 40 minutes long and more than half of it feels like an intro! nothing happens. They could of done the the 80 minutes in 20-30 minutes and made the rest of the movie longer and more entertaining, but guess not.

So, in the end something ''weird'' happens like the dude gets scared a bit and decides to get away from the house and then guess what? we expect something cool to happen, but no. In the end the writer drinks something and gets knocked out and when he wakes up he sees his little daughter with an axe was just funny to see that little girl in pajamas was supposed to be ''scary'' this is what happening to horror movies nowdays. No more John Carpenters and Hitchcocks. Only dumb people who think that little girls are scary......well, guess what? they're not. It could of been a puppy holding an axe and could of been the same. Even Uwe Boll would of made a better movie. Seriously, it had potential, but this is what directors do nowdays. they give promises and then throw them into trash.

DON'T watch this movie. You think Paranormal activity is bad and stupid? well, it is, but this one is no different. What's with sexist cliché of trying to make females look scary or badass which they are not. they could of gotten some dude with a knife and mask in the end and turned the movie into average slasher and even that would of been 10 times better than what this crappy movie is. Even the title is kinda stupid. Sinister? it's Sinister how dumb this movie is. Watch Grave Encounters 2 ! it's at least waaaay better than this fail.

So, do yourself a favor and skip this. It's just a boring fail. Not scary not interesting or entertaining. Just a boring, average fail with few jump scares and weird scene with naked ghost kids running around.

Also, the characters talk about how people in the town are mean to them, but we don't even see that, because they are in the house the entire movie!!! not only the story line of this movie is a waste of time,but so is this movie.


Smiley (2012)
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A let down, 12 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After watching a promising trailer of an upcoming slasher ''Smiley'' plus Keith David being in it along with a lot of YouTube's starts i got some high hopes and thought that this could of been a great slasher to come out in recent years. the design and the mask of the killer looked good, the set up was OK and it was expecting some nice kill scenes and a nice story line. Too bad i was wrong. The movie turned out to be a low budget and stupid once you watch it a bit.

OK, so, there is an urban legend that people like and use in the movie. If you type ''I did it for the lulz'' 3 times while chatting with someone Smiley will appear and murder them. Our main character, Ashley gets shocked by this and decides that it might be real. The only good thing about this movie was the conversation she was having with the professor. It showed nice character development and some work put into unlike the rest of this crappy movie.

Smiley hardly appears. We just get a chase scene and few internet kills that nobody cares about and that's all until the ending which was just stupid. I don't want to spoil it. So, i'll just say that the ending was total crap. It was somekind of conspiracy against Ashley. She was the only victim. And you'll be also let down by who the killer(s) where in the movie.

I wonder how many people went in to see this movie with hopes of seeing YouTube stars get killed and to enjoy and all they got was some YouTube fan film level cheap let down. Just sad. The movie had so much potential from what i saw. Keith David, a nice killer mask, etc. It could of been next Scream or better, but it was just a lazy effort. ''Hey! we have Shane Dawson and Toby Turner and some other YouTube stars! come watch our movie!!!!!'' now i did enjoy some of DeStorm's, Shane's and Toby's performance, but still. It was even worst than ''My soul to take'' and don't get me started on that.

The only thing that didn't make me hate this movie was the ending scene when we see the real Smiley.

Seriously, even UWE BOLL would of done a better job. Also, the effects were pretty bad. i Already mentioned how cheap looking the movie was. It looked just like Shane Dawson's horror fan film ''Friends Forever'' it looked like it belonged on YouTube not in the cinema.

And if you decide to watch it, it's only worth for a one time watch. Despite all the cons, the movie is pretty boring in the most part.

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Well, 11 October 2012

I didn't like the first one that match despite having a kick-ass cast it kinda had weak story-line. The main thing in Expendables were the actors. And i mean of course it is great to see our favorite action stars come together including retro ones, but the movie didn't have much. It hardly had any villains to stand up to those people besides, Austin who had a decent fight scene and did kick Barney's ass, but than got killed in a very dumb way. Like i said not much of a story line, BUT the sequel changes and improves that as far as i can see.

In expendables 2 the story-line is improved, bigger cast is assembled and it has a lot more better action including retro stars like Arnold and Willis and Chuck Norris shooting the hell out of everything. In expendables 2 we all so get better villains. Jean Claude Van Damme is a perfect villain and he plays a guy called ''Jean Villain'' which is a cool name, but kinda unoriginal if you get my point. For me, he stole the show, but sadly he wasn't in it much which is a let down. Also, Scott Adkins did a great job too. I really liked Boyka looks he had playing as Hector. So, yes, the Villains were pretty cool in this movie. Also, there are so much good cameos and references made in the movie that it cracks me up time to time. Like the part where Dolph calls Arnold ''Terminator'' or when Arnold says his famous line. The thing i need expendables needs is to better work on story-line and character development. Also, it'll be nice to see them reload more often and of course cliché of 7-8 dudes killing hundreds is in there which enjoyable of course along with rest. Cheesy, but great. And that's what i like about the movie. It's not trying to be God father or Pulp Fiction. It knows that it's just trying to be a kick-ass action film to entertain fans and it is self-aware and yes, i think it does fine job at it despite some clichés and stuff and it is and awesome movie. But now it has 7.3 and who knows? maybe even lower in other sites sadly. The thing with expendables is that: take ALL of those actors away and replace them with some random dudes. The movie won't be great, because stand-alone story-line and stuff aren't that good. Expendables 2 is a a great, especially for all retro action fans out there. But it needs to work on story-line, suspense, less-clichés and other stuff. If they improve even better for the next Expendables ( i heard Van Damme is coming back as twin brother of Villain which is cool) and give it a much better story instead of mind less shooting it will have a score of 8.0.

Now, some cons: Jet li disappears after the intro scene, Van Damme and Adkins aren't in it much, is little bit cliché, Willis, Norris and Arny aren't in it much too and the fight scene in the and was a let down and was egotistic for Stallone. Van Damme should of got more offense instead of getting punched 50 times by Stallone, he should of kicked Stallone's ass! same thing with Adkins vs Statham. Adkins should of beat Statham's ass. And that's also cliché, because good guys go through everything with ease. There are only few scenes when they take cover. Stallone does get kinda beat up by Van damme, but not enough. Same thing with Statham vs Adkins.

Still, a good movie. 7/10 check it out.

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Well, 10 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I like movies such as Grave Encounters ( i hate Paranormal Activity tough)and now comes Chernobyl Diaries. Now don't get me wrong, but i think that Chernobyl is a very good setting for a horror movie IF done right. Sadly, this one kinda fails. At first it was interesting and i liked the bear scene when it suddenly jumps out and runs way while they are on the tour and i thought that it might be a decent movie about some animal mutants maybe? but no. It turns worst. Their van breaks down and it turns out that the wires were cut by someone or something. It's never explained how it happened. They just say that something snook under and torn up the wires, but what? a dumb explanation. And than they see something weird from the window which frightens everyone and the guy whips out a gun, but instead of staying in the van where it's safe plus with a gun, he FREAKING walks out in the danger all alone and that was pretty stupid.

So, we find out that Chernobyl is still populated, but with mutated people.....

the atmosphere was nice and all, but the plot was just cheap. Typical ''friends go somewhere'' horror movie and you never even see how characters get killed. Most of them just get grabbed we never see them again. Also, in the first part of the movie characters we're hunted by dogs and in the other half by mutated people which is just weird. What happened to the dogs? or are those mutated people transforming into dogs in the morning????

Also, i think i noticed a movie mistake. In one scene they find a gun which the guy who walked out of the van had (i'm trying not to spoil it so, i'm gonna skip some details) and than a guy gives that gun to a girl to defend herself, but somehow he still has a gun? i don't know maybe it's just me, but i could of sworn there was only one gun.

it's nothing special with this movie. Don't expect any super plot twists or suspense or story-line. But if you wan't to watch a movie with a dark setting and nice atmosphere just to kill some time than i think you'll kinda like this one.

Bait (2012/III)
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It was good, 14 September 2012

OK when i saw the trailer for this i thought to myself that this movie was gonna be another cheap ''Shark night 3d'' but no. This movie had effort put into it and it's NOT cheap awful Shark Night 3D. I enjoyed the movie. The acting was good, suspense was good, it had some twists that we're nice too! and a great character development with humor and nice characters! i enjoyed character development and relationships and the team work was great too. Yes, the CGI shark wasn't the best, but there were a lot of good scenes with non-CGI shark and gore scenes too.

This wasn't an average flick with no effort, it was a good movie. With effort put into it and does not deserve to get trashed by dumb kids with ''oooh, the movie was bad! i expected this too be God Father, but it disappointed me!!! skip it!!! 3/10 durr'' no, and that also applies to the first user reviewer (no offense) this is not cheap bad shark money- grabber for me. It's good flick

Yes, some facts about the shark may have been unrealistic, but so? doesn't make it a bad movie, cause it's a movie! and the idea is also nice and rare. You don't see a lot of movie with sharks, tsunami, and markets.

Check it out if you like Shark horror movies. It i snot a masterpiece, but it entertaining. Don't listen to ''average'' IMDb Mr.Negatives who won't give the movie 7 unless it's Citizen Kane or Pulp Fiction. Check it out.


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Asylum Blackout, 10 September 2012

One of the best horror movies i've seen lately. With great atmosphere and suspense. The set up is great and i really enjoyed the movie. It also contains some nice gore and other violent scenes along with some intense moments.

The idea is not entirely new, but it's rare and should be used more often. Inmates rioting in the asylum is a good idea for a movie and can be great if done right.

Watch this movie you'll enjoy it especially if you like insanity like me.


Scream 4 (2011)
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Scream 4, 10 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was waiting for Scream 4 for many years. I was so excited when i saw the Trailer and couldn't wait, but i didn't knew what kind of disappointment awaited me. At first, the movie was OK. It looked like a remake and a sequel in one. But it didn't deliver anything the previous Scream movies did. This is the worst of the series and i do not recommended it. Let it die. Let it be and don't mess up other 3 GOOD creams movies with this disaster.

The thing is that in the end, when killers where revealed it was just pathetic plot-twist. Not only the killers looked goofy and not fit to commit the murders, but it was just another push for Emma Roberts to make her look the main thing in the movie and ''bad-ass'' If last 30 minutes of this movie were just cut out it would of been much better. The conclusion was just an attempt to fit Emma Robert's ego. 4/10

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