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Great movie--Why are critics bashing? An actually funny comedy., 14 February 2012

Okay, critics, what the hell? I saw this movie at 7:30 at Movieland: A Bow Tie Cinema in Richmond, VA. Great theater, props! Anyways. The theater was packed. It was the biggest screen, too, but it was the only showing. If the audience reaction was anything to go on, this movie was hilarious. I certainly thought so. But not only that—it was a good movie!

Summary aside, this movie actually turned out to be one of my favorite romantic comedies and buddy comedies all in one. It was very fast-paced. It had the element of government agents, but also government agents that abuse their job's resources. There are 'bad guys' but it doesn't dominate the movie. The scenes with the bad guys start off with the preconception that they would be long and intense, but were actually only 60 seconds long and just a short break between the comedy and action. The funny parts—yes, they were funny. I was cracking up the entire time, and I don't do that often. Visually it looked amazing; watching on Blu-Ray will be spectacular. I, for one, will buy this on Blu-Ray. My roommate will thank me.

Yes, young people like myself will enjoy this movie, but it's also targeted for late twenties-late thirties people thinking about love and marriage. I saw a lot of older couples at the theaters and they were enjoying it just as much—they were laughing loudest, in fact! I'd give this movie a 9/10. Pure enjoyment.

So my issue: WTF Critics? You give this movie zero credit. Is it because of the actors? They're all great actors. Plot? Actually pretty good—somewhat predictable in hindsight but I'd still watch the movie again. Director? Supernatural and Nikita both have a fanbase, and aren't that bad with action or drama. If they actually watched the movies they wouldn't have rated it that low; I think they were going off plot summary. Back off, critics! When more people see this movie the ratings will go up! Rotten tomatoes said audience enjoyed it 71% so far, but opening day isn't even over yet. Critics give it 33%? Come on. (From (my blog) )

Safe House (2012)
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Solid movie; better than Haywire., 14 February 2012

Safehouse was a new spy-based action-thriller movie that came out recently, starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. The title and logo (No One Is Safe) make the irony of the film obvious. Okay, we get it, you thought your job was easy and safe in the safe house, but it's NOT. Go figure. In fact, most of the rest of the movie his him fighting for his life to get to the NEXT safe house. But I won't ruin any more of the plot—it's actually pretty good.

This was the standard CIA/MI6 anti-James-Bondey kind of movie that stars a spy who knows too much about about his own organization and wants to take it down. There's no frills, and we know what is going to happen, but we watch anyway because it's exciting, and gripping. The movie is very well shot, and looks good. There is a lot of film grain in the dark rooms but I actually don't mind—I guess because I think it looks pretty. There were a few continuity issues in the fight scenes, my friend pointed out, but it didn't really bother me. I got to see Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds kick ass, and that's all I really wanted.

I give it an 7.5/10; IMDb says 7.1/10. I would have given it an 8 but it's just not that perfect. I thought it was about as good as The Grey, in that both have a resolution that isn't very satisfying yet both are an action-packed thrill ride and very visually appealing. (from my blog