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Genius, 12 May 2004

This film is fantastic - I hope to find a DVD of it. My husband didn't fancy it but within 10 minutes was transfixed, and it's now one of his favourite films. It requires concentration because of the different story strands (and the fact that Jean-Paul Belmondo plays different characters in different stories) but the reward is great. It does capture the polarised human aspects of those who are selfless and help others at great danger to themselves, and those who exploit or betray others for their own gain. Truly unique.

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Not bad for a guy from Telford College!, 17 March 2004

I dragged my husband to see this film, and our expectations were low after reading some negative reviews. But, I knew Stewart Svaasand at Telford College (Edinburgh) so was curious to see his first feature film. I really enjoyed the first half - it was warm-hearted and all the actors were great, but it does trail off a bit after that and I even wondered how long was left (a sin in the cinema!). However, there's a nice feel about it - I think it's a good thing it's no "Shallow Grave" - what an overrated film that is, and unfavourable comparisons with that load of cr*p "Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels" (which basically just looks like an overlong Bacardi ad), can only be a good thing too. This is no "Donnie Darko" but I still think it's an accomplished first feature. Very envious of Svaasand's success actually - wish I'd stuck at film ! Looking forward to the next one - congratulations from Josie

Superman (1978)
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It is available on DVD, 29 February 2004

I've always loved this film as it was one of my first cinema experiences and it amazed me. It's touching and funny too, and Reeve, Kidder, & Hackman (& many others) are all great. The DVD has tons of extras, such as two "making of" documentaries and the screen tests of the major stars. It's interesting to see actresses like Stockard Channing and Anne Archer playing Lois Lane - and how far better Kidder seemed to be (although that may be because we're used to her being Lois Lane). My only criticism of this film is that is goes slightly downhill about two thirds of the way in, and seems rushed. But the helicopter rescue scene (which took 6 months to film!) and taking Lois Lane flying one evening, are worth the price alone...magical.