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Godzilla 419 is a reviewer on YouTube that mostly reviews monster movies
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These are major movies coming out that I will see, but I'm not looking forward to them. Some of these films might be good, while others will be bad, and you can't tell me the movie is going to be great. Because in 2002 you knew men in black II was going to be great, in 2010, you knew Iron Man 2 was going to be great, and in 1999 you knew the phantom menace was going to be good. You cant tell before hand if a movie will be good or bad (with some exceptions) until you see it. And I will not say these movies are good or bad until I see them.
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Here are the films of 2012 and 2013 that I can't wait to see.
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Confused Matthew's premise is that he reviews movies that he thinks are overrated. Sometimes he will say the movie has good things in it, but others are complete garbage in his eyes. Even though that is his premise he has reviewed 13 movies that are not critically acclaimed.
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These are midnight screenings type reviews that Confused Matthew does with others, and just to fill you in:
Confused Matthew: the main reviewer
Stand in Stan: his brother
Temorary Ryan: his best friend
Baffled Beth: his fiancé
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As well as the popular movies I plan to review These are movies I don't like. They aren't bad but I don't think they are good either. I might review some of these but right now they're simply films I didnt think much about. Not in any order.
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Have you ever seen a movie and said "That movie was so bad the people who made it must have known it was bad, but made it anyway!" Well with these movies either the director, writer on an actor in the film said "Yeah, that was pretty bad." Making these the worst films ever, when the people who made them admit they were bad
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Inspired by The Bottom 11 Nostalgia Critic Episodes by The Listener Cannon.

For the record I do like the Blockbuster Buster and his idea of voicing fan boy rage. And I do understand that a lot of work goes into his reviews and it has taken a lot of his life from him, but 95% of the time his episodes range from okay to hilarious to awesome in every level. The other 5% are 10 of his reviews that I think didn't voice the fanboys well enough, weren't funny or didn't have any fan base to begin with. Again I mean this in no way to offend him, I watch his reviews and they for the most part are very good, check him out if you haven't.

I thank anyone who will actually read my descriptions, before I realized it I wrote whole pages worth

Runner Ups:
Top 10 Asinine Avatar Moments - he doesnt give any new things to say aginst this movie, I would have prefered an honset review instead.
Eight Legged Freaks - he didnt hate the movie so the revieew is pointless
Top 20 f'ed up Batman Returns Moments - not all of them are f'ed up and it should have just been a top 10
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - doesnt go far enough in the backstory to make it enjoyable for people who have not seen it.
Van Helsing - only hates one thing in it
Josie and the Pussycats - not funny IMO
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Adjusted for inflation. Be sure to count how many of these big budget movies you think are good, you might be surprised.

The source is Wikipedia, not always trustworthy but I'm comparing the budgets from Wikipedia to the ones on IMDB.
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As the title of this list implies, this is a list of my favorite movies. Including reasons as to why these are the best movies I have ever seen. IMO
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Since he just made a video saying he will be let go from his job in 2 weeks meaning he will have new videos every day instead of every week. So expect all of these films to have reviews by 2013.
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Like Godzilla 419, Djufu is a YouTube reviewing who reviews monster movies
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These are movies I just can't stand, and I hope I never see them again.
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90 percent of prequels suck. There have been a few exceptions every now and then, and I'm sure the hobbit movies will be awesome, but it doesn't excuse all the bad prequels made!
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Other films he said he likes, most of them he said in his moulin rouge review:

Rocky IV
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turutles
Cool Runnings
Batman Returns
Judge Dredd
Jason goes to Hell
Star Trek III
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
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Other films he has said to not like:
Independance Day
The Grinch
Child's Play
Fright Night
Muppets take Manhattan
Howl's Moving Castle
The Dark Knight Rises
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
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On my YouTube channel FrontAlleyBoys I plan on reviewing movie I don't like that other people do, as well as analyzing infamous films in the world of cinema to see if people are missing points on why the movie is bad. If you think you would watch post a comment.
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Where brad got to see the big budget movies that had potential, jake was sent to the children's films making for hilarious reviews and an even funnier list.

We can all guarantee that his number 1 for this year will be That's my Boy, as he said "That is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. Bar none."
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For all of you people that think that the hunger games is the most original concept since inception, here's a list of every movie made before it with the same basic story I am not saying the hunger games is bad, I am simply saying that it isn't very original
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From 2001 to 2011, these are movies that TRIED to be the next Harry Potter by adapting a book series. All of these failed for one major reason, they weren't faithful to the books. Besides Twilight, chronicles of Narnia and *sigh* diary of a wimpy kid, no book adaptation from 2001 to 2011 was turned into a successful franchise
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I loved Brad Jones's midnight screenings series that ran from may to August 2011 (they did make a video for breaking dawn and chipwrecked but it was made after) So in honor of the series being brought back for 2012 here is brad jones list of 10'worst 2011 movies
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If you think the kids choice awards are a waste of your time, here might be more evidence to prove that. Now I'm sure most of you did grow up with the kids choice awards, but still looking back, they are really stupid.

It is strange seeing how some of the early KCA's didn't have nominees, just winners.