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It started so well, 11 November 2006

I suspect that this series is not very well known because when ever you think of Shelley Long you think of Cheers. Having seen all the episodes overall this was a much better comedy sitcom than Cheers. The mini episodes that introduce the main episodes are really really good and the 1st 6 episodes are really good mainly because of the 4 central character Susan de Ruzza Jack Harold Artie and Ronny the female receptionist and they work together so well and are really very funny. However though still quite good it all changes. The receptionist has gone and has been replaced by Susans sister and there is also now a home help neither of which I found very funny. The screen time allotted to Jack and Artie is drastically reduced and quite honestly it became a girly thing. The people producing this sitcom lost an excellent opportunity to make a really good and long running sitcom by the changes they made. They blew it. But it is still well worth watching but not as good as it could have been

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Absolutely brilliant, 12 August 2006

When it appeared on British TV I came in on song number 26 so I missed an awful lot but having seen the 26 I am now determined to get the whole show. John Travolta as the host was made for the part and his exit to the music from his film was great. The people who commented on the individual songs were very good indeed, genuine and sincere in there comments and well known in their own right ie Andy Williams Paul Simon Art garfunkel etc and there comments were spot on. The whole 26 I saw were a pleasure to hear, Singing in the rain ole man River White Christmas and of course Somewhere over the Rainbow were just an example of the sheer quality of the contents of this programme. The hard part now is finding the whole programme any suggestions.

"Becker" (1998)
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Excellent sitcom, 5 July 2006

If I was from the USA I would most probably call it awesome. Ted Danson was at his best in this as he was in Cheers Rude, abrasive, aggressive and funny the only thing lacking was Diane ie Shelley Long and it was a pity he didn,t have her guesting in one episode because I am sure it would have been great.

The whole cast was so funny which made for a 1st class sitcom that it seems only the USA can produce. However does anyone know if there are any plans to bring it out on DVD in the near dfuture or what. This has only jusrt appeared on channel 5 in this country so we have a lot of catching up to do.

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brilliant, 2 May 2006

In England this show came after Cheers, Friends and Everyone Loves Raymond which are very difficult acts to follow But it did it with a resounding 10 out of 10. The 5 main character I can't fault their performances were so good. The comedy was excellent and each character had their different strengths though I suspect that Jack Gallow was the fatherhead figure. I also found that the people who made guest appearances or new characters were of top quality. However the final episode was an absolute classic and the tears on the faces I suspect were real because the series and there working together was coming to an end. Very sadly the end of era that has been replaced in the UK by repeats of Everyone Loves Raymond which doesn't seem so funny after Shoot me. I must say that the ending of Shoot me was so superior to the end of Diane Chambers leaving Cheers which was abysmal. Lets hope these people aren't consigned to oblivion after the end of the series like so many people of successful sitcoms seem to be.

Godspell (1973)
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A lovely lively happy musical, 21 April 2006

I saw Jesus Christ Superstar first and didn't like it at all but this one Gospell was so very very good, I am sure it wasn't meant to be factual but to be enjoyed. Day by Day was one of the nicest and best sung songs by Robin Lamont)I have ever listened to and was totally enjoyable, If you enjoy sort of religious music with a difference light happy and even a bit of hand clapping this is the musical for you. The beginning starts off with Prepare ye the way of the Lord and ends with the same song plus Day by Day and quite honestly is absolutely delightful, If you want something to lift your spirits this is the film for you,

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Crime never pays, 1 March 2006

A film about the kidnapping of a tiny show pony that goes wrong of course. I bought this for the Shelley Long content alone. It was not a particularly funny film and I did find the family that owned the pony grated on me but it was all good clean cut fun. Shelley Long though a different kettle of fish. Hilarious tottering around on those high heeled shoes looking like she was going to fall over any minute. And that short mini skirt and black stocking and her change of hair every 5 minutes she was hilarious. When she sings my sweet potato pie with her side kick great. The best bit though is when she speaks with the phony Southern Accent you can't help enjoying it.

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A brilliant Shelley Long, 1 March 2006

It took me absolutely ages to get this episode but was it worth it. Diagnosis Murder as most people know is a very professionally done murder mystery and suspense and of course Dick Van Dyke is an excellent anchor man around which everybody revolves. In this episode Shelley Long alias Kate Ludow a writer suffering from writers block decides to commit the perfect murder then follow Mark Sloane around and see how he investigates the crime and write a book based on her observations. Miss Long was exceptional extremely funny in places and played her character as only she can with style. The way Miss Long speaks which sounds like she has a plum in her mouth I find absolutely fascinating and when she rolls those eyes of hers brilliant. Watch it if you get a chance on the re runs because I think you will thoroughly enjoy it.

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On holiday in lovely Catalina Island, 1 March 2006

This film is not a classic and it doesn't pretend to be. It makes no claim to deal with serious issues but it is a lovely and thoroughly enjoyable Haloween romance. For me as an Englishman it was an education in American culture. Electric cars what are they, the traffic jam in Los Angeles was the most horrendous I have ever seen, People with their national flag hanging outside their house, and the seriousness with which they celebrate Haloween all new to me. The atmosphere during the whole film I found absolutely delightful, The two young Romeo and Juliet played their parts so nicely. The 4 old stagers 2 husbands and of course Patty Duke and Shelley Long so nice and so lovely to see them together. This is not a deep film but a lovely romance. Top marks to Hallmark for making a film like this because though there are many who will find it ucky there are many like myself who will find watching it a pure joy. For me it was like going on holiday to this island but rather sad when it finished,

Jingle Bells (1999) (TV)
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A good Christmas cartoon, 3 February 2006

If you expect this film to be of the superb quality of a Disney film you are expecting too much from it. Having said that it is a very nice film. The voices used especially for the horse are really good and of course its a Christmas sets everything right sort of film. Its for children and as an adult I would let any child watch this film without worrying about its content. A couple of the songs in it are very catchy but all are sung well. Shelley Long nicely plays the Mum and one thing with Shelley Long I have never found her in a Children's film with anything objectionable to children in it. The artwork in the film is good the characters move with a good degree of naturalness and the storyline is a typical Christmas story. As an adult I really enjoyed it

The Santa Trap (2002) (TV)
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a really nice film, 3 February 2006

I must admit that the first time I saw this film I didn't think much of it but having seen it many times now I realise that it is a really nice film. Two characters Officer Calhoon and Officer Buckley are really good as are Shelley Long and Corbin Bernsen. Its a children's Christmas story so if you are looking for Gone with the wind or a Godfather type film this definitely is not the film for you but if you are looking for good family entertainment you might like this because I did. No rudeness no swearing no violence just an enjoyable film. The story has already been set out but any film with Shelley Long with children in it is always going to be a good family film

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