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An emotional roll for every pilot, 4 May 2008

Brian -- Thank you for this major contribution to general aviation. I'll never forget my instructor saying "You are going to land on 16 Right - right?" when I was lined up for 16 Left the first time I ever flew into VNY.

I got my wings at 18, and memories of VNY are too numerable to mention. We used to hang out at the 94th on Sunday evenings, watch the sunset, and hope to see an aircraft we'd never seen before. That after a hop to Catalina and back.

Your brilliant film moved me to tears.

I cannot imagine VNY closing, it would be a major blow -- but we'll always have One Six Right.

With appreciation and gratitude,


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Cara Williams, 7 March 2007

This is a wonderful episode - it proves that talent will out - I met Cara Williams recently at a screening of "The Defiant Ones" - I must say, I was star-struck. I've had a good career in film/TV, met many a star, but meeting Cara, well what can I say? Look at this episode - she plays truth itself. I gave her a kiss and a hug that night at the screening - she was so humble - and a bit embarrassed - and quite surprised I should consider her performance so wonderful. I only wish she had stayed in the business longer. It's just great to know she is still around, and by the way, looks fantastic! I wish she would consider getting back into the mainstream - take a shot at acting again - this kind of talent is in-born, not taught. She's an amazing woman with an amazing talent.

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First Color Show?, 9 October 2005

Recently, Gloria O'Connor (Donald's widow) told me that she thought the Nov. 22, 1953 Colgate Comedy Hour was the first color telecast of the newly-approved color system. Evidently it was part of a test. Many old-timers have insisted that the Jan 1 Rose Bowl Parade was the first color telecast. Can anyone shed some light on the Colgate Comedy Hour? I met Joyce Smith, one of the original dancers, at an NBC Reunion and she also believed that the show was telecast in color. It would be a good thing to straighten this out for the history books. In addition, Joyce said the Comedy hour originated at the original 'El Capitan' theater on Vine Street.