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Lame Commentary, Poor Execution (No pun intended)
30 June 2004
After sitting through this extra-ordinarily boring documentary, I have a little better insight as to how our society really is. Apparently wars aren't meant to be won, Bush invaded Iraq to make him and his friends rich, and the small town of Flint has a surprisingly high number of armed forces recruiters for its size. I had no idea.

Michael Moore starts off saying the election was a sham, and that Gore really won. He failed to mention all the uncounted servicemen votes that were overseas (that were strongly in favor of Bush). And wasn't it Al Gore himself gaveling those "minorities" into silence in the joint-congress? I must say I didn't understand many points he tried to make in the film. Most of it was boring rambling about over-hashed topics.

I must say, however, that I enjoyed seeing the brush-off he received from all those senators. They know to avoid him because he will take their comments and edit them into submission.

I don't like a lot of aspects of this war, but there has never been a war that I did like every aspect of. War sucks, but is sometimes necessary. I've spoken to numerous people that actually served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they all tell me they need to be there. They support the President, the war, and their leaders.

Michael Moore hates America. He's not a terrorist, but he is supporting them indirectly by undermining the very effort to rid the world of them.

I don't have room for a point-by-point dispute about this film, so I'll just finish by saying everyone should see it, just so they can see how poorly this documentary was made. It had no tied ends, and had no real point. It reminded me of Bowling for Columbine -- One big massive effort to push his own political agenda. It won't work. Americans are too smart to be fooled by this transparent ploy.

I must say to Michael, however, that he mastered the press on getting free publicity by "suddenly" realizing Miramax wouldn't do the film... a full year after the fact. Oh - and pleading for a PG-13 rating, while leaving occurrences of the F word and some extreme violence in, all of which were pointless... that was a great way to get attention too. Good job Michael.
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Great mindless entertainment
23 March 2004
I really enjoyed this movie, as did my wife. We loved the comedy, the acting, and the plot. Granted, it's not oscar material. But it is a feel good movie with some great scenes.

It's about three girls and their fear to commit to a man because they'll get heartbroken. They learn together and cry together, but most importantly, they laugh together. The whole movie is one long string of comedy, and the musical number will be in my top ten of all time. You'll know it when you see it.

Check this movie out for a fun night with your wife. It's not for young viewers, however. Not a family movie. It's meant more for the dirty-minded, if you will. :)
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Sick and wrong
27 February 2004
Why this movie is listed in the top 50 escapes me. It's probably one of the most disgusting pieces of art I've ever seen. I did give it a 3, however, because it at least had some good acting. But I'm rating the movie as a whole - the best acting in the world couldn't make this trash worth watching.

This film is filled with violence and filth. Jodie Foster went from the cute Freaky Friday to an adult in no time.

Anthony Hopkins does a great job as a psycho, and he fits the part perfectly.

I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone except those who are interested in learning more about murderers.
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