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Porky's (1981)
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silly comedy loved it, 29 September 2004

10/10 for sure...if you didn't like it to bad don't watch it again, and if you complain it waisted 2 hours of your life boohoo...nothing in life is a waste..didn't like it oh well move on then .. Its funny for what it is... I don't think this movie was made to be a brilliant piece of film history...the kids are hilarious...its high school antics is it only a good movie if there is blood and guts, sex or major star...this movie has so many silly parts to it, so there is a bit of nudity bit least you don't see pee wee shooting anyone..You can watch this movie knowing that there is one person in your life that is characterized in this film...laugh and have fun with it... I enjoyed all three

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creative funny laughed my *** off, 29 September 2004

If you went to this movie to see some huge academy award presentation...oh well..but if you wanted to see a funny delightful adaptation of an old classic, you will love it..Jim Carey was incredible as usual. The story line was great, a few parts added like the history of the Grinch made it even better. Ron Howard never misses a beat..But although there were a few ADULT comments and cleavage added, this is supped to be a kids or family show. Try not to lose sight of that ..if you do you really wont enjoy the movie...and as for the comments about Ron Howard, try to direct a major motion picture and see how you do..its not easy as it looks ...

The Wisher (2002)
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can't believe I watched the whole movie, 27 February 2004

I heard about the movie while working in Vancouver. I work in special effects myself. Just thought it might be okay, I liked the story line and decided to watch it. Didn't have to rent it was on our movie channel. All I can say is they really should have taken a better look at the actors, the only one I really liked was Ron Silver. The lead acting was so so bad. The special effects were okay-ish couldn't think of a better word as lame would have been very rude. Like I said before the script had so much potential. It is of course your everyday typical B-rated horror movie, Boobs, butts and silly girls who act bad screaming their faces off. It also had its fill of the cute guy, sleazy girl and the puritan. I am not sure if I was in this horror of a horror I would have wanted to go to the private showing. I was hoping for more scary , make you jump in your seat moments.

see it so you can say you did make me laugh a few times, but I would have preferred to be scared senseless