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Great special effects, too bad they forgot the plot altogether., 28 June 2014

I REALLY wanted to like this and was looking forward to it but it was terrible. NO plot or story, ridiculous, repetitive dialog throughout, and just so much else wrong with it. I loved the last 2, not this one. I will say it was visually amazing, but thats all it was. Great special effects with no actual movie to hold it all together. ITs truly as if they didn't even try. Stunning visuals and graphics for sure, but you just need a plot also if you're going to make a movie, something Bay seems to forget pretty often. In this one, it went just way too far. Not even a near miss, he missed it by a mile. Im surprised Wahlburg signed onto this one, more surprised he didn't insist on tons of changes if he was going to stay in it once he realized what the film was going to be.

Snitch (2013/I)
An excellent, believable, true based story that really solidifies Dwayne Johnsons acting chops even further, 12 June 2013

This is Dwayne "the Rock" Johnsons new one, came out on DVD yesterday. Highly recommend this one. Not flashy, no superfluous violence, and no over the top, completely unbelievable scenarios. Really good movie about a really bad situation and one everyman guy doing what he could do to help save his son. Based on a true story as well. I highly recommend this one.

This guy BTW is one hell of an actor. Its hard to believe considering his wrestling background, but he actually has tremendous range, more-so when you consider hes basically a tank with legs. IF you like him now, you'll respect him more after this one.

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Not The Untouchables, but entertaining enough, 23 May 2013

A decent, good not great, old school mobster. Very similar to The Untouchables, minus the story, lol. Overall, all of the characters as well as the "plot" were extremely one dimensional, all roles were lacking any sort of character development or insight. Pretty much just good guys vs bad, cops and robbers kind of stuff that was filmed beautifully.

Still, an enjoyable gangster flick if you're in the mood for one. Great fight scene at the end and Sean Penn was awesome, as always.

Oh, and I cant believe you have to write at least 10 lines every time you post a review here! Give us a break already, it isn't as if were being payed for the effort! There, that oughta do it...

Sinister (2012/I)
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Creepy enough, but really only if you're afraid of the dark, 12 March 2013

Not terrible, not great. Creepy/scary enough I guess, but really if the guy just turned the lights on once in a while, it would have lost 99% of the suspense factor. The ending wasn't so much the conclusion of the plot as it was just where the film ended, seemingly haphazardly. It was like they just ran out of film so figured "Eh, lets just call it a day here". Still, not as bad as so many of the films these days that call themselves "horror films" and really aren't.

Id recommend watching with all lights off, curtains drawn and with a minimum of distractions for the full effect. If you liked this, Id also recommend VHS. That was similar in some ways but far weirder/creepier/more creative.

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How could they screw this one up?!, 9 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

All of the ingredients for a stellar film were right there for the taking. Jeremy Renner, check. Rachel Weisz, check plus. Ed Norton, excellent. A built in audience due to the preceding 3 movies which are among the best action films made in recent history, yep, were all right here. So how could they forget to add in a story with the rest of the ingredients?

It starts out with much promise and slowly builds up suspense only to not at all deliver before the thing was over. The long and the short of it is that the agency has decided to kill off all agents connected to certain underground, covert government projects like Blackbriar. So they issue them a different drug than they're used to taking to maintain their sharp edge over most folks, and one by one they just stop living. I cant even say they die because that may imply something occurred around their deaths, but no, not even remotely. They just plain stop living. Renners character hasn't gotten the new meds yet so he lives, and the rest is just him trying to get his meds.

Yeah, thats it. Thats the whole thing.

The action scenes were typical of a Bourne film at least, and that is to say outstanding, edge of your seat, nail biting action that almost seems possible. If that was only teamed with, you know, a story too it could have been a great movie. But they didn't and it wasn't. If you're OK with that, you may very well enjoy the film just for its adrenaline injections but if you're expecting even a minimal story to tie them together, you will be disappointed.

Ted (2012)
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To all the complainers, what the heck were you expecting?, 9 January 2013

Anyone that didn't know that this movie was going to be an adult comedy, full of profanity and adult themes deserves what they got. If you thought a Seth MAcFarlane movie, an R rated one at that, was going to be about a grown man and his affection for his childhood teddy bear, good Lord are you living on another planet. The producers, director and writers aren't to blame here, you are for not having a clue! Have you never seen one episode of Family Guy? If so, what were you expecting an R rated version to be like considering how raunchy the TV show is?

This movie was far more entertaining than I expected, though I was hoping it would be. Mark Wahlburg was just hilarious and played the role as if it was a real one, lol. Its funny from top to bottom all the way until the end. Frankly, after a while you forget its a movie about a foul mouthed teddy bear and it turns into more of a buddy film, both buddies being utter fools. Its almost like Dumb and Dumber in that respect, albeit a much raunchier, foul mouther version. Add to that probably the hottest woman in the world, Mila Kunis, and its win win. And thats what I was expecting.

Hilarious movie. All the cry babies should look in the mirror for the reason why the movie wasn't what they were expecting or hoping for. Everyone else will laugh from beginning to end, just as they do watching Family Guy.

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Stunning. Be prepared to be knocked down, 9 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had never heard of this film, I just saw it as a new release at the old box thats crimson and gave it a chance. If you're a cryer, this one will get you. Big time. If you're not, be prepared.

Dakota Fanning has grown into a young lady who is dealing with her impending death, her own fears and sadness about it and the pain those that love her are also going through. Thankfully, this isn't a typical as you'd expected formulaic film, its a film that truly resonates with anyone that has ever had to watch a loved one fade away until their last breath was taken. Just her facial expressions alone are just amazing, this kid can break your heart with just a look. So powerful, so real, so painful.

I've always loved her work as a child, especially in Man on Fire, and I think everyone had figured she would eventually grow up to be an amazing actress, and this performance right here is truly worthy of a gold statue. Just a brilliant film, brilliant acting, brilliant direction and thankfully, not a typical hackneyed ending. This movie will move you but be prepared, it will likely hurt you as well. And if you have ever gone through similar with a loved one, be prepared for those feelings to come back to the surface.

My first 10 star rating.

Looper (2012)
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It ain't Inception or 12 Monkeys, 4 January 2013

This film tries so hard to take itself seriously, to beat you over the head with its pleading "please believe me, Im great and Im deep", yet fails to deliver on either of those promises. Unbelievable that Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt and JGL all signed up to do this movie, then all put in such lackluster performances and all into such a poorly conceived and executed film. Just terrible.

As a fan of all 3 main stars of this movie, I just have to wonder how it could have all gone so wrong. I can only surmise that both as a director and a writer, Rian Johnson is pretty terrible at his craft. A look at his resume also reveals hes generally pretty inexperienced. How he was able to get someone to pay for this garbage and get three top notch actors to sign on is one for the books.

Please, producers, film studios etc., please stop the madness. Do not let this guy anywhere near a movie set ever again, except maybe as a gaffer or the like.

Bernie (2011)
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Boy is this a tough one to categorize, 30 December 2012

Im not sure if this was a comedy, a drama, a dramady or a tragedy, but it was engaging throughout regardless. What makes it so hard to peg down is that its based on a true story, but maybe its OK if it cant be quite pegged down. Regardless, the performances of its starring cast including Shirley Mcclain and Matthew Mcconaughey, but especially Jack Black were absolutely outstanding. If for no other reason, this film was worth watching, maybe a few times, just to truly capture the depth of the performances put forth here. Oddly, this isn't a film that ever got too much buzz because of its modest budget and minimal advertising, but personally I believe it deserves another look by many who may not even know it exists. Just because it defies a typical categorization doesn't mean it doesn't excel in any number of them. But please don't get me wrong, it is surely weird as hell!

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Typical but watchable, 30 December 2012

Watching this movie, you get the impression you've seen it many times before. Overall, the plot is quite familiar with one sap being led around by one madman and no one seems to notice the madman. You'll find yourself repeatedly wanting to smack the protagonist while at the same time laughing at the absurdity of the antagonist. But it is hard to deny Sam Jackson's very (as usual) powerful performance throughout the entire movie and the ending was still interesting enough to justify the time spent on watching the whole thing. Not the greatest movie but certainly enjoyable enough for a mindless distraction, and not too long.

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