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Strange trip down memory lane, 2 October 2017

I am so surprised to see no previous review for this magnificent and raw story from Spain. Sydney SBS TV channel screened two such great stories almost on the same week. The other "Cell 211" also from Spain. But Anochece in India was a total surprise for us. As it exposed two lives with entirely different background that somehow merged in the most unexpected circumstance and development. I'm not one to tell you about actors and producers etc. I just watch a film, appreciate it or not and often can remember much about it past that feeling. So that feeling here was amazing as the story delves in the two main characters and reveals two souls who struggle with their personal needs but somehow with a mutual dependency. I feel short to explain or say more about it but would highly recommend it to most

Our tears and words won't make a difference life is a lottery, 15 September 2017

Sorry not much of a summary, but if you're reading this you'd know the summary anyway. I saw this in a plane coming back home and miraculously saw the end as the plane touched the tarmac! The story also touched my inner self tarmac and I went through a lot of emotions - Trying to associate myself with such a situation was simply futile, just like the dedicated American workers who could just not imagines what these refugees had been through. Imagine isn't even close as similar situations can't be imagined in their reality. Yes we can write about them, have our own feelings and reactions about them. But we can't have the same trauma about them. Like many other situations it needs to be lived, and perhaps it's a good thing as one would not want to have to live all the distressing situations that may affect us. The movie delves into it when it shows characters re-living their ordeal in their thoughts and also the blank or incredulous faces of those who hear about it from the would be 'horses mouth'. I remember a long time ago watching at the cinema Private Ryan. Comfortably seated very close to the screen looking at the beach where I was bombarded with close up of many soldiers 'erased' for ever by machine guns and other weapons.... I guess some are affected by such scenes in a positive and active way but I'm pretty sure the majority of us live the cinema to go on about our own life. "hey it was a good movie, wasn't it". Yes for me I liked this story very much and did not need to know it was inspired by real events...Reality is all around us every day, like my recent trip to Tokyo looking at tarpaulin covering stuff under some bridge, then being told that people were trying to live underneath! I read one of the early comments that recommends to take the youngsters with you to see this movies...Youngsters play games where one shoots 'peoples' with super machine guns, or dismember them with powerful chainsaws and other form of weapons for entertainment! What difference would it make to them. But what difference did it make to me? "life is a lottery" is my deduction.

Z Bourne Desecration!, 13 August 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Someone gave us a great tip regarding this movie and stated that we'd be very thankful if we followed it. The tip was "Don't go to watch this movie at the theater, hire the DVD" ... I've got one better, just don't bother at all! I finished to watch it on TV and still wonder why I did watch it to the end. My only explanation has to be my naivety, I could not believe it would not improve till it was all over. I won't repeat what other have already said about it yet I agree 100% with the majority of them, save the stars they gave it. For me, if I was a star giver, I would have needed negative numbers as I felt zero was too much. I actually can't see any Bourne association with this piece of excrement, but used it since many reviews I read here seems to feel there was some "plagiarism" if I'm excused for using the term. It was just bad... I cringe when I see good actors advertising products; although I have enjoyed G Clooney in coffee adds along with other well crafted commercials that use well known actors, nonetheless I feel it's an immoral practice, especially when the product does not live up to its presentation. In the case of this movie this is exactly what we get great actors' names to attract our attention, then vacuum! And this is another side of this film that many did resent, a vehicle for merchandise advertisement. In that regard I'm quite immune and grateful for it but it did not help me to find anything good about "boring obscurity of day" So do remember to skip it all together. Don't thank me for it, but don't blame me for not making the warning strong enough. (did you notice? I ticked the spoiler box!

Ki'nky n'perverse, 10 August 2017

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Needed a movie with subtitle due to decaying hearing, the only available one was Kiki El amore se hace or Love to Love. Borrowing your idea of it : Under Madrid's scorching summer sun, ordinary couples with real passion and the unquenchable desire to love and be loved, share the same irrepressible urge to investigate their own sexuality through five intertwined stories." My partner is not so much fond of 'extraordinaire' but we went to see it on the premise the topic may be off her taste. She survived and I had one or two good laugh. I'm skeptical if one should go and see it with some more in depth idea about it or just keep it as a total surprise. But this is at the risk of wasting a couple of hours. I remember a humoristic question that asked "what is the difference between kinky and pervert". The answer was something like kinky would be to use a feather in the appropriate foreplay area, but pervert would use the whole chicken… This came to mind when I watched KKLL. And I would say the visual may have been subdued and feathered but the language was pretty much "whole chicken". I don't think I'm a purist yet the description was fairly full on if I can put it this way. The gags were at times fairly funny, others a little flat. The ending was rather predictable and so inappropriately dragging on. I'll be a little harsh and will say: Forgettable!

Le Havre (2011)
It's not the port of Amsterdam!, 26 July 2017

From my new country Australia but where I have spent nearly two third of my life, I really enjoyed this little trip back in France! Although the topic is not that of a holiday since it's about people looking for a better world and so becoming illegal immigrants. But the story concentrates more on one of them.... It's a charming story where people seem to be themselves, regardless of the circumstances, to remain "human beings" above all. It's sweet at time funny. I'm fond of J P Daroussin but did not know the other actors. So in one way it was refreshing but also rewarding to see someone whose acting I enjoy. I have never been to Le Havre so it was not really a trip down memory lane. And I was a little surprised to feel that the period did not seem to match with the year I expected it to be. I researched a little for my own satisfaction and read a very well written review from the New York Times ..."The film itself seems to belong to another era" It certainly did for me I kept struggling to feel whether I was in the 1930 or 40 years latter. It was a gentle ride and I enjoyed it very much.

kick for fun, 16 May 2017

I guess because I wait for many movies to be on TV I don't feel too bad if it's not up to scratch... Just the same I had a good time watching it and although I did compare here and there I also talked myself out of comparing - It's entertainment and it did entertain. Looking at some of the reviews it seems people expect a gem every time a movie is out. Well did that kid needed to act? Apparently the consensus is that he can't, but I think just being himself was just right then! The original Karate kid was a Brady Bunch type this one is what you probably see in the streets of NY everyday so what's the problem. I do prefer the original but this does not mean I hated this one. A few bad ideas to fill in for wax on wax off but I lived through it. Some did not like the mother's role some did, again that the way she could have been. As for the KongKarafu there were some good moment with this. Then the shots of China beauty was definitely a freebie. I have been to Beijing and enjoyed much the encore.

The House Sitter (2015) (TV)
She's not who she supposes to be, 25 April 2017

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Well that's a spoiler for you if you have not already read many presentations of this story! But this is all what it's about! Nonetheless I thought it was quite entertaining as the attraction is to find how far this pretty sitter will go to achieve what she wants. And I felt they did a fairly good job to keep you interested as predictable as these topics are. That's right this one sitter is not what you want to look after your house when you discover what she's about! And she does it with much aplomb. I enjoyed it until the very end that seemed to have been finish in hurry as they did not know how to end it. Don't try to guess why I reviewed it but if you do don't ask me as I have no idea, just like the ending...I had to do it.

To manage when on the wrong order of things, 14 April 2017

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Yes totally spoiled! I saw the title as part of my Weekly TV PGR and since it was screened late I felt it may have been a mediocre film. But my wife recorded it for my sake...As I used to be French, some 47 years ago when I departed for Australia... But yes totally spoiled I was when we watched it. It was France as I remembered my tender teens and beyond. I was about a week before the age of twenty when Algeria caste its vote for independence at a referendum. But I would not say this spoiled me. What did, was Bourville, Dalida, Be Bob a lou la, Enrico Macias and very much the country side I learned to love in the department (of Doubs), yet so familiar as it is portrayed here in this movie. It was definitely one of the best trips I made down memory lane. I was also so pleased to see Depardieu in his best element. As for the leading lady, she was perfect too, along with those wonderful boys of which "Michou" was the super nova! I was shocked, not by the adultery, or the political, violence, but more to see there are only three reviews before mine Warmth exuded out of this story almost to its entire length. It felt honest and genuine and I wish I could convey this feeling to non French audience who have seen this film, but know that with the best skill and intentions it's not possible just like this young boy trying to swallow and appreciate a pork sausage! That's what culture is all about and I don't think it's interchangeable. This does not mean that there is no material to enjoy in it but it is an important factor to get the full impact of such work. Oh I nearly forgot one more spoiler...The "Resurrection"of "Monsieur Lazhar"! Perhaps a little cryptic but for those who've seen the movie I hope they'll understand.

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An eye fro an eye, 2 April 2017

Going to see "a man called ove" we found the theater booked out so settled for "Land of Mine"that was also been screened and with free sits. How bizarre IMDb says people who like this movie also liked the other! From what I can gather they've got nothing in common topic wise. Regardless for me it was a very worthwhile entertainment. (my friend commented that he was unhappy about it as he claims he goes to see movies to be entertained! May be we need to redefine entertainment. Being a story set at the end of the war I expected war topic and this one took me by surprise as it deals with using war prisoners to defuse enormous number of mines on the beach. And once we aware of the situation we can brace ourselves in our comfortable seat to be a little less comfortable. Although predictable, the dynamic between the "chiefs and the Indians" Given the facts that the Chiefs got badly hurt at the cruelty of the now defeated German army, we could expect some hard feelings going a long way. However we now are dealing with young people who were doing only what they were told to do. Should we judge either party for their present or past action may spring to mind and certainly is thought provoking. The story get you to explores these feeling from the protagonists and yourself as they become individuals human being instead of Germans or Danish. I have question about the ending but like any story it had to end! I found it very interesting and remember returning from my military service spent in Germany as a French soldier and trying to convince an ex resistant from the South of France that thing had changed...But all I got was "the only good German are the dead one! Over to you now :)

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Same man, same woman, 10 March 2017

I just came here by curiosity after watching the original and was wondering how much hatred would have accumulated over the sequel. Well I had to go through quite a few comments this time to see anything positive about it. I can't judge because I have not seen this "Darker" sequel. But I'm not surprised about the result at all! One short comment I enjoyed was one that said "Why did you spend another couple of hours to see it if you did not like the first one" Indeed what did these people expect, a reformed story "a la Brady Bunch"? But some can't help themselves then complain of a raw deal! With my French background I came across an interesting outcome. Where I live now I encountered 2 people who got married the wife was absolutely engrossed with anything French where the husband did not have a single positive feeling about this country or its people...They went to Paris for their honeymoon. When they returned he hated the place and its people even more, where as her attraction for it had grown much greater. Please if you one who can't say anything good about both "50 shades", do us a favour - Skip the 3rd one if there was ever to be one

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