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RED (2010)
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Bang Bang fireworks and lots of fun, 6 November 2015

What a treat if you want something light and entertaining and following what movies really are, just that movies. And it moves well with a string of likable old timers and some younger ones too. You'll get a laugh or thousand as it's built all around fun and funnies, yes little serious in this! When I open the IMDb site I was surprised though not to see Helen Miren in the cast list. I did not open the "All" cast list as I don't think she should have been buried there! But I was so disappointed with the absence of coarse language... How can you make a movie without it? What were they thinking of? Didn't they worry about the adverse effect it might have on people who might experience withdrawal symptoms? I really felt like making a formal complaint- but I'm tired to complain about nearly everything I'll just let someone else do it for a change. Oh I'm sorry I realise only now this is a real spoiler. Please don't put me on the blacklist.

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One is bored the other revived!, 18 June 2015

I had one of the best time at this movie I had for a long time; so pleased after all these years I can handle both languages (unfortunately not audibly) Just the same I enjoyed so much to delve again in the 100 years war between these 2 culturally contrasting countries. But sexy Gemma was certainly a gem! As Luchini who then "said goodbye to his sexual tranquility" embarked in a wonderful human mission. Some one here said "neither very funny, nor dramatically successful" Who cares...certainly not me! If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, humour is also in the mind of the beholder. If I was a "rater" I my score would be higher than the average. There are many ways to embrace a movie, intellectually, emotionally, nitpicking ly. Once was good for me!

The Rookie (1990)
2 men and no other half!, 8 June 2015

Ha ha ha, Sometimes I think it's even more fun to read the reviews than watching the movies! The Rookie, another kind of miss match coppers, But "our" guy had quite an impressive variety of partners in his acting career. Since I love both of them, main stars, I was not fussy and just enjoy the ride. Sometimes I had to endure with much pain well crafted and highly recommended work. So that's the way it is for some of us. Our two heroes successfully take on the baddies and won, what more do you want! (oh sorry for the spoiler!) One guy suggested that you should not take it too seriously actually he used a double negative which would almost say the reverse. mind you I'm also pretty good at these things but I happened to notice it so wanted to share. You like Clint, you like Charlie...Go for it.

Samba (2014)
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La Samba Algeriene, 10 April 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not sure about the spoiler but just in case! Having a good friend in Australia who likes French and other nationalities movies, I the French guy was invited once more to see this one. Samba! I was not in a particularly good mood but this stopped quickly as the film started. I also immediately seem to recognise that guy, from "that" movie and I thank IMDb to remind me it was the Untouchables that gave me also much pleasure. (Count your blessings you up there who have a good memory and much knowledge about this industry, I go to see movie in the hope to get an interesting time!) I did get a good and interesting time despite some not so flattering comments here. The two main characters were a lot of fun and weren't alone in this area. I like the light dealing with important issues like illegal immigration but also feelings and love. Where I am, immigration is made a big issue, where paranoia is competing with reality, but also of course is used also as a political football. But as usual often one's perception depends on what side of the fence one lives. The film gives glimpses of this situation. I seems to have caught more comedy than reviews suggest and I'm not complaining! It takes all kind and all tastes, but perfect or not it worked for me, I'd be surprised if it wouldn't for you.

The Phantom is a super star!, 20 March 2015

Ha ha ha, I just read in one of the reviews about a "spoiler" warning! Don't fret, it is impossible to spoil this film/show, You just have to see it regardless of what you've heard. The bad memories of my trip from Sydney to Melbourne where we were ripped off to see this show after booking "A reserved" ticket and where I was half hidden behind a pillar up there in the pigeon's nest looking at the actors resembling ants on the stage...We've been told it would not come to Sydney, but it did although not in a proper theater... Then the movie came and my wife and I were blown away by its quality! We played it again and again and we shared it with close friends and relatives at any occasion. I'm a little sad to read some feel or think it was not very good but I'm glad it worked very well for us. Then comes March 2015, glancing through the TV prg I spot the 25th anniversary show at the Royal Albert Hall, we need to go out so I set the recorder on... OMG, yes we watch it a couple of day later and what a reward it is! We are fortunate to have a rather large screen with a sounds system that usually we don't use but for the occasion it was perfect! 2011, how did it escape us for four years? It is absolutely magic. And yes with a bonus a the end, this is not a spoiler this is a promise quite a few of these original people will appear at the end so enjoy it. I don't put all the fine details about it that many others have already included in their review and apart my comment regarding the 2004 movie, I do agree with all I have read before my entry.

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Paris already enough for me, 15 November 2014

I used to be a "Parisian" well really only by birth; but I carry a lot of love about France and Paris. I also have a lot of feelings for Maggy Smith that has been rather omnipresent recently in cinemas. As for Kevin kline I always kept a vivid and enjoyable memory from "A fish call wanda". So I was rather comfortable in giving a go to "My old Lady" although I did not particularly like the tittle. I was not disappointed even if I felt a little boredom in the first half. And if one likes film for entertainment, in my view these should entertain as it entertained me. I did not feel like analysing the whole work too much as this is not why I watch films. For me it's important to leave the cinema with a rewarding feeling, whether I find the film intelligent, funny, or well paced as long it brings me something I feel worthwhile I'm happy. So I got a free trip back to Paris, laughters, and also something to think about! Four of us on the occasion had a good time!

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When TV reality reaches the big screen!, 8 November 2014

When I saw "M Cottilard" I wanted to see the film anyway. So we did and as an x French man I did enjoy it and despite my hearing impairment could easily cruise with the French language without being riveted to the English caption as I usually do. Having said this there were a few things that bothered me in this story or rather the film. Quite a few of these "things" actually are echoed by other reviewers here. As we left the theatre my mate said to me "I'm sorry but I don't go to movies to be entertain with reality show". This was also one of the feelings I had during the screening. Then there was a lot of other things such as these "poor people" unable to give up x amount of euros but quite a few did not seem to be this hard up. During my work days I also been confronted with ethic debates where choices and priorities had to be exercised . This story is only another example of such common situation. One could argue about the "right" from the management to inflict such a choice to their workers. Ultimately right or wrong it's up to a management to decide how they can salvage, improve or maximise their business. I too deplore the use of well known personality to take such trivial roles as indeed it makes it less credible or rather less fitting. I also agree with those who felt characters weren't developed enough but I don't think I would have appreciated 5 days and 4 nights of the same! Interesting Our Sunday paper this morning has a full page on Marion Cottillard and her parcourt! As for reality TV I know many enjoy the format...So go for it.

Magnificent 7 (2005) (TV)
hell breaks loose, 30 September 2014

One click on my remote control to make my sand wish lunch at my breakfast bar more complete threw me on a middle of this social mayhem. I'm not too fond of anything way out, ugly or intolerable. When I look back at my days in the service of Mental Health, I did feel compassion but always with a dash of hope it was to repair, rather than maintain... So If you know the story of these "Magnificent Seven" (by the way, very hard to pull out for IMDb, as it is a TV play; and one will invariably get "The Magnificent Seven" Classic and its rerun! But it's there) And if you don't know, this is the portrayal of the true story of J Jackson mother of 3 normal girls and 4 boys affected in their on ways from symptoms that come under the umbrella of Autism. I missed the beginning and was about to miss the rest of it as well but the sandwich lasted long enough for the story to grab me despite my earlier comments and I enjoyed very much the rest of the story leaving all personal judgment aside...(yes if I'd be God, I think I'd done things differently) But the character of J Jackson shows that reality is as it is and one has the choice to make the best of it, and even enjoy its eventual deviation from the norms... Reading one of the reviews that appears to be from someone who was rather well versed with the real mother's persona. There was a lot of criticisms on how this TV work portrait the mother and other facets of this story. But for what I saw and no other knowledge and material to compare with I felt this dramatisation worked for me. My nursing days had their moments too, although remote from the jokes made about "asylums" they sometimes would surpass them. I did not realise that Helena Botham Carter was that actress and was surprised she was that young person I did admire very much in "room with a view" a long time ago, then was even more surprised reading a little more about her bio and filmography...What a pedigree and achievement!

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A trip in the past and History, 23 September 2014

During lunch I usually turn the TV on...And there was that beautiful story I decided to record it and watch it latter. I thought it was a movie and this got me to 12 midnight but abruptly stop with the credit? This is when I realised it was part of a TV series so search the net to find more about it. This episode unlike its TV programme was called "Crossing the River" and luckily the first one. Even more lucky I found the next episode was on the day after I made my search several days after the first screening! I know very little about India beside the film "Passage to India" but this grubbed me from the start, it started with my year of birth over 70 years ago India under British rules and about to worry of Japanese attack.... But the life of these days was so well represented and also the culture clash worsen by cross culture the is an Indian who has been "Britishised" and back in India has to deal with the conflict. These days I have much trouble to follow a story without subtitles and deplore greatly there weren't any. It's such a shame as many people of my age have hearing difficulty I'm surprise broadcaster can't see this as I would have thought such work is directed mainly to my age group. Just the same it's very enjoyable.

Noah (2014)
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The Most Boring Story Ever Told!, 29 March 2014

Out of ten...Minus 5! I guess I should have close my eyes a little more and pay attention to the music. But occasionally I did open my eyes and could see a slow motion action unfolding on the screen. I had to open my eyes a little more and focus... people with rock shape...was I really awake? then people who look like of them reminded me of Russel Crowe, it must have been a mistake! There was a few fights, even battles. oh I forgot there was also a barge, very large and more like a large raft, then it reminded me a little of Pitt St Sydney on a week day at noon with crazy traffic going to and fro. Then I had a sudden see "THE END" It took a little while longer to come but when it did it was a real relief.

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