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Another quiet day at work, another list...

To give it some order i've arranged it by subject matter. So;
1-5: Religion
6-10: Business
11-20: Music
21-25: Obsessives and eccentrics
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I realized that I hadn't made a list that brought together my two greatest loves; Film and Music. This is an effort to rectify that. The Movies and the Musicians featured are obviously a reflection of my own personal taste.
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Ok, so even though i've arranged this list by filmmaker, there are some noticeable exceptions to nearly all of their filmographies. This i because i've chosen to only feature the films that i personally like the best.
Soooo... it's not a comprehensive list but it covers a wide range of what i consider the best movies ever made.
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1-5: Art and artists
6-10: War
11-15: Crime
16-25: Music
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Maybe they weren't all released in 2013 but that's when i saw them.
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Everything i haven't seen yet and i'm waiting for an Australian release for...
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I'll be updating this over the next fortnight with brief reviews of each film i see.
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The most disturbing movies i know...
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Had more time on my hands at the video store so i put together 25 television shows i love. List is in no particular order...
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A sequel to my last list. A worthy one though, kinda like an empire strikes back or temple of doom...
Again, they're in no particular order.
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A way to kill time when there's no customers in the video store and share some of the movies that i love.
List is in no particular order...