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This List, now a year old and over 120,000 views later has inspired the creation of a website project. will catalog, discuss and critique movies based on their nerdiness. Read this list remembering that it is NOT a best of list, there are many movies listed here that are not among my favorites, but were suggested to me by other genuine nerds as movies they grew up loving. follow Nerd Movie (@NerdMovie1) for updates and join the conversation.
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Movies to watch for if you are a nerd. View this list in its entirety with commentary, and many other nerd reviews here
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So you wish you were A nerd huh? see for our top 50 nerd movies of all time. well there are hundreds of movies essential to the nerd's popular database, but in this list i will give only those considered to be the most important in the nerd lexicon. I have other lists, with hundreds of titles but this will have only the most essential viewing to join your new nerd brethren in a positively nerdy conversation! You will notice the marked absence of several sequels and spin-offs which frankly dont fit into the snobby tastes of the common nerd. Viva la nerdolution!