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Just saw my fav from 2013 so here's each one from 2003-2013
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Sooo I did my favorites of the years 2003-2013 let's see what I saw that I thought the worst of each year :o
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I my opinion. Actually as the list goes on by like number 34 it's either movies I haven't seen in a really long time or movies I just don't like, the very bottom 3 are movies I hate.
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I mean.... allll of them.
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my order.
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In spirit of Valentines Days coming up and a thought about how terrible Endless Love is going to be
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This list is only movies I've actually seen. Nicholas Sparks Movies Suck. And so Does Katherine Heigl.
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Not really good at explaining things: This has ONE from the first 25 films on my Best to Worst Disney Animated Films It's in order of the films. (lazy)
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excluding Pixar and Oogie Boogie (who is awesome)
This is based on their 1.looks 2.motives 3.songs (if any) 4. Internal struggle 5.How awesome they are.
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My opinion. Sorry, I love princesses, but I hated Brave.
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all of 'em...... ish...... okay too lazy just the top 30.
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in progress
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No Particular Order, just when I think of it I guess. Greatest films for costume design in my opinion
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If Christopher Nolan were to make more Batman films which will never happen.
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Besides Toy Story....
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I have a little bit of favorism towards Batman.... bare with me.
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Best movies taking place in High School or about High Schoolers
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Eh, why not.
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Be Nice. This is IF Henry Cavill and Christian Bale aren't involved.
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