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Dilemma, 7 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A hard one to see. There's a lot of subtle thing in this episode. A lot of emotions too. This episode and the last one are the most emotional episodes of the season for my part.

Yeah you will say that it's a typical werewolf story... A woman is a werewolf and a young man fall in love with her (where I see that again.. uh American werewolf in London maybe?) but... the comparison stop here.

It,s the first time in the show we see Sam fall for a woman, since his girlfriend in the first episode. And the heartbreaking thing it's she's a werewolf. They are hunters, and hunters kill monsters. Except it's not really easy when you love the one you have to kill.

It'll be easier if she were evil and loved to kill, but she didn't notice her condition and didn't believe the guys when they told her. After a while, she decided she didn't want to be a monster anymore... and ask Sam to kill her, to deliver her of her condition...

Tears ... even Dean have some tears in his eyes... but I don't think it's for the same reason than Sam. This one doesn't want to kill her and always hope for a cure and a lot of "if" after that...

Sam, in another episode, ask Dean to kill him if he become evil and hurt people and Dean don't want to... but Sam make him swear to do it if it happens again... and this time, the role is inverted. Where we see the dilemma in his face. Now he could understand the reason of Dean why he don't want to... but Sam, finally, do it and kill the woman he love. I think it's why Dean cry.. he saw the compassion in Sam and that he delivers the woman because he don't want her to be a slave of the beast in her... like Sam don't want to hurt the one he love if he become a monster...

A beautiful, but heartbreaking ending...

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Don't watch if you expect a documentary..., 3 November 2013

I'm not agree with others reviews of this episode. Yes there's a lot of wrong science reference, but it's a television show. It's for entertainment. If you want real science reference, watch a documentary... More than 90% of the viewers of the show don't see the difference in the pronunciation of Neanderthals or how they live... it's not national geographic... it's Bones. Stop to listen if you can't do the difference between a good fiction show and an educational program...

For the episode itself.. it's not the best, but it,s a good one. Too much of the old murder not enough of the fresh one... And no enough clue about who's the murderer... I think the writer could do 2 episodes with the 2 story lines.... like the one where they have to find how the man died in the tragedy of 11-09... they don'T add a second murder ...

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Great finale with a lot of tears, 28 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When George died, I think i cannot cry more for a finale, but i was wrong, this finale is more sad, more intense, more beautiful for a lot of reasons.

A lot of nameless death (nurses, security guards, interns we don't know) but a few was from some guys we know... Dr Reid and Dr Percy. The first one to die have a fast and brutal death... one bullet in the head after arguing with the shooter... the second death was long, but not lonely, 'cause Dr Bailey tried and tried to save him. She was helpless to do something, no O.R, elevators didn't function... then she gave up and put the head of Charles on her knees and hold his hand until he died... We never saw Bailey lose her temper like that and cried that lot... it was heartbreaking....

Then, a lot of nearly lethal injuries with Derek who's shot and Christina have to operate him alone with Jackson, no attending at hand... in the same time Meredith operate on Hunt after he got a bullet in his shoulder... she did it alone too with the help of April... Like Christina said: Now go.. I try to save your guy, try to save mine! Really great acting here from Sandra Oh.

Another nearly lethal injuries is Alex when he got shot after he discovered Reed. He crawl in the elevator and Lexie and Sloan found him and try to operate him. Hard to see the face of Sloan heard the woman he love say to Alex that she loves him and to don't die.... hard too to see Alex call for Izzie and Lexie answer him like she was Izzie...

And for the finale... the real Chief... Webber... become a real hero when he goes himself to the shooter even if he knows that the shooter ask for him... to put the last bullet in Webber's head... but with golden words, he put doubt in the head of the killer in giving him the choice between prison or an eternity with his dead wife... we only know the choice in the next season...

But great talents in the 2-episodes finales here...

Bravo to Sandra Oh, Chandra Wilson, James Picken Jr, Sarah Ramirez, Kevin McKidd and Michael O'Neill (the shooter) for their extraordinary performance!

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Mayhem, 23 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There's too much things in this episode, eventually you are dizzy, but it's worth it.

A patient die. Who's the fault? There's so many wounded patients of an incendiary in the ER that every doctors tries to do something to help. But a lot of distractions too cause the dead of a young mother.

All of them could be the one who cause the dead, but there's only one who's fired in the end.

Karev have a lot in his mind with the disappearance of Izzi, his head isn't in the ER, but he's not his acts who kill the woman.

Like Yang says in the end that everybody do mistakes, but it's just one second of inattention who kills the woman and it could be the fault of everyone, 'cause nobody tries to help each other.

Very different episode and really good. Like Derek says to the Chief, if Richard stops to just try to save a little money in fired a lot of good doctors and find a way that they could all works together and not against each other, maybe the woman could be save.

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Funny and light, 23 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's not the best episode, but it gives some break of tears and sadness. Yes O'Malley's still dead. Yes Izzi still have cancer. Yes there's a massive intern and residents who're fired. But there is a lot of light and funny moments.

Izzi with her weird wig. Cristina in the pediatric service with the hide-and-seek game and the little bear attached on her shirt. Lexi who falls in the blood The baseball game in the end.

Big negatives points

Richard Webber -- he's got on my nerves. I hope they replace him soon. Olivia is fired. I think she's one of the recurrent nurse we see on the show, then i don't understand why they fired her when she worked there for 7 years.

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Heartbroken episode, 22 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To see Bailey hold the young sick kid in a rocking chair instead of her daddy, 'cause he wants so bad to find a way to cure her that he don't see his little kid just want him to be there for her... is so hard to see. And we know how Bailey have a lot of difficulty to be around sick kid, 'cause she care too much, she bonds easily with young child...

It's also hard to see Izzi put jokes on everybody and claims she's good and don't feel sick about the chimio, but when nobody's around, she lets the pain show up... and Alex aren't there, playing the superior resident on George... too painful for him to let Izzi see his feeling about her sickness...

If you cry easily, take a lot of tissues with you when you will watch this one.

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WoW in multiple points!, 17 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode was awesome. It's strange that people don't rate it better, 'cause I just see good things in this one. I'm agree with all the decision who're taken. About Yang who give the solo surgery to Karev, who's deserve it a lot, 'cause it's true that of all the arguments the residents give her to do the surgery, he's the only one who talk about skills and how he will operate. I'm really impress about the way Alex grow up. He opens his heart for the first time, and I'm impress about Izzie who don't reject him even if she lives a two-side love story (really weird this thing with "ghost" Denny, but i think all this craziness is a tumor-talking, 'cause when someone have brain tumor, he could have hallucination and fake memories)

Good for Yang, she lose a surgery, but win a really great moment with Hunt and we see her opens her heart too. It's kind of wonderful the 2 heartless people of the show are the 2 only one who open up in the episode.

Good for Lexie too, about all the teaching stuff with Sloan (and all his strange morality for a change... but I found weird that he slept with his best friend's wife, but don't want to pervert the young half-sister of his best friend's lover... I think the worst part of all this adultery with Montgomery is that he barely lose his friend... good point for him)

And, my last point is about George, how he is the most observant character in the show... who see how strange's Izzie's behavior, when he sees her talk to herself and so on...

A really good one!

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Tiny break in a lot of shells..., 16 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's about time for Alex and Izzie!! They are like cat and mouse since the beginning, but now I think it's started for the good. Maybe it's when Izzie saw the real Alex, the broken Alex, with all the bad memories of his childhood, who had to be a grown-up before time, who thinks nobody care about him, it's there he can let her enter for real in his life. She don't stop pushing him in the guts with her "i care about you Alex" time after time after time than we can see a break in his shell. I think it's a great Izzie/Alex moment.

For the rest of the episode, there's some funny things, like when Callie ask Sloan to teach her how give pleasure to a woman and after go to practice it with Erica, it was a first aha

Weird reconciliation ever when Derek give a kidney in a jar to Meredith to forgive him about the way he takes all credits for the trial and says to her that she's a baby.

No good word for George this time. He mess up a lot with Lexie. No real moment for him in this episode.

And I really want to know more about the new doctor Owen... a man who turns the head of Yang... other than Burke... could be interesting to see how it evolves.

all about love..., 16 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This finale is a heartbreaking episodes. For multiple reasons. To begin with, Alex was never the caring man we see in this episode. We see him broken by the behavior of Rebecca, even when he learns that she's not pregnant of his baby, he still taking care of her. Feed her, wash her, comfort her. I don't think it's really love, i think he see that like an obligation, a home-duty about the fact she was his patient for a long time. He feels for her, but it's not real love. I think he loves when someone needs him, give him some importance he never have when he was younger with his drunken dad. I love to see him like that, like an human-being, without all this jerkiness and angry behavior.

Then, about the trial of Meredith and Derek. The two young teenagers who love each other so much that they want to make love one time in case they died and have Meredith/Derek lied to the girl's parents to give them that... it's really sweet.

And all the attention of each attending (except Derek) around the cement-boy is hard to see. Bailey is the most important there and we see she never quit to save his life, she's the best they could have for Chief and Richard quit. She never abandons.

The only thing not really interesting is all the story about Lexie/George of stealing resident's document in chief's office... It's not really relevant when all the episode is about saving life and what you could do for love...

Best finale in the 4th first seasons!

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This episode is a lot about fear..., 14 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There's a lot to say about this 2-parts episode. About the people and what we learn about them, about their fears. At this time of the show, we see a lot of time how George could be terrified by life, he don't know how manage his feelings, but we also see how kind he is. I think it's the most decent man in this show, he never knows how to talk to his friends, 'cause he always wants to pleased them, but when we look deeper, we see a man who have golden words. He's the best to appease patients or to calm their fears and in this 2-parts episode, he knows how to be the perfect man when he talks to Izzie about their non-perfect relationship.

Then Alex seems to never knows where he goes. It's like he drives with his eyes close all the time. Sometimes he's really sweet with his acts and his words, but a lot of times he break all this kindness with his asshole behavior. He wants Ava a lot, but he's afraid of his feelings about her. He's hiding behind his jerkiness like a little boy. I hope he'll be a grown-up soon.

We could see in the last part of the episode a tiny crack in Hahn's armor when she opens a door for friendship with Torres and Sloan. Same thing for Yang, one of the time she's kind and sweet with someone else other than Meredith and Burke. IT's a change, we see some human being behind her robot behavior.

Little sad about nurse Rose, she seems to be a really nice woman, but she's not for Shepard. It's only flirting, but he belongs to Meredith. And after the beautiful speech she says to him about the way she don't want him to date, 'cause she's afraid of all this feelings, 'cause she never have a lot of emotions around her in her life, it could open a lot of hope for him, 'cause he see she wants to put some efforts in their relationship, 'cause he deserves it.

Most perfect moments of the episode: Izzie and George open their heart about the way she never be a kick-ass like Hahn and Yang and we read between the lines that he don't want that, 'cause he love Izzie like she. A really sweet moment.

When Meredith tries to fix the heart of Ray in the ambulance and Hahn talks about the way Meredith could kill him with 6 different ways and Meredith tells her to "shut up" (I really hate Hahn, then yeah! for Grey!)

And also the character of Seth Green (Nick) is really nice.

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