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Lost Treasure, 19 May 2004

I fell upon this movie while searching for D'Onofrio's work. I quickly realized that this "little known" film is a gem of a movie. D'Onofrio, Ullman, Taylor and Malina all deliver a brilliant performance by making the characters alive and believable. It is the kind of move that draws you into their living room, making you part of the scene. You feel their joy and pain as the stories told.

It doesn't matter if your Greek, Jewish, Irish, or Italian, you begin to see your own families heritage and culture unfold. As a second generation Italian-American Catholic, it brought back a flood of memories of tradition, grandparents, family gatherings, superstition, and the struggle to assimilate in America.

Household Saints didn't get its share of publicity and the actors/actress didn't get the recognition they deserved for their brilliant performances.

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Can't wait for the sale of Law & Order: Criminal Intent II., 24 February 2004

Seldom do I get attached to TV series, but my personal interest in criminology got me started on watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I came upon the series in its second season and was hooked. I am fascinated with the "ripped from the headlines" plot and the unique way the stories unfold (i.e, the viewer knows something the detectives don't and vice versa). This coupled with the ending (always a surprise) leads one to demand more.

The main characters are talented actors and I enjoy watching them interact with each other, sort of . . . you may be smart, but I'm better looking. Alex is no side kick, she holds her own and can match wits with the best of them - including "right brain" Bobby. Whoever cast these two together deserves a "right brain" metal.