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Best Tim Allen movie ever!, 29 November 2004

Before actually seeing this movie, I was expecting the usual Tim Allen slapstick, "sit back and forget about all your troubles comedy," but I left the theater with much more than that. I think this is hands down the best Tim Allen movie ever, and certainly the best Christmas movie I've seen in the past few years. Not only was there comedy, there was several scenes that made the audience identify with that feeling of wanting to escape all the hassles of Christmas, and yet, in the end, embrace the fullness of Christmas and all the wonder it brings. I found the scene where Tim visits the neighbors and actually discovers what he already felt deep inside about Christmas to be true wonderfully inspiring and not coming across as fake the way many Christmas stories do. This is one movie I would recommend taking the entire family to see and I can't wait to go back with my kids to see it again, when we finally meet for the Holiday!

Best movie this year!, 29 July 2004

I generally try to see at least 1 movie every two weeks or so and The Notebook is BY FAR the BEST 1 this year! Not only are the characters believable but James Garner gave the best performance ever in the scene where Allie does not recognize him as her husband. The only thing I didn't like was the pace of the love story seemed a bit rushed at times,esp the scene where Allie goes back to see Noah and the dream house he built. Still, a fabulous movie that left everyone in the theatre in tears the day I saw it! I would see this movie a hundred times! Another scene I thought could have used more time for development was the one where Allie's Mom took her by the site where her former love worked and told her about her past relationship. It would have been nice to have seen Mom actually open up to those feelings more instead of tearfully brushing them aside. The ending was so touching with the scene in the Nursing Home and it caught me off guard a little, I was not expecting them to do that and it definitely captured the heart of the audience. At one point I thought it would be interesting to learn the response of others who are dealing with Alzheimer's or other memory loss disorders and see if they felt the movie approached the subject with authenticity.

Miracle (2004)
We still need to believe, 24 February 2004

This was a fantastic movie that depicted a time when most Americans felt surrounded by a certain "cloud of doom" ...which really is no different than today..which made me sad to realize there can be no such thing as a "dream team" now...the $$$$ signs have replaced those who played for the "love of the game" ...and very few young people today know what it is like to stretch yourself like those players did to win it all. It was nice to see a movie which made us believe we could have it all...despite enemy tactics..and YES those Olympics were much MORE than a game....they were the heart and soul of many Americans in many ways...a heart and soul raped and abused by the betrayal of Nixon and the Watergate many ways the hearts of those kids on that team revealed the heart of our Nation..this movie did a great job of showing us that.