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Most of these are placed here following the accepted genre conventions, with a few exceptions, like:

Despite being one of the classic Frankie/Annette Beach movies, "Beach Blanket Bingo" qualifies as a fantasy film by having a actual mermaid in it, portrayed by none other than Marta Kristen, perhaps more famous for her role in the classic "Lost in Space" TV series.

"Lisztomania" may be typical Ken Russell weirdness, but it's surreal fantasy-charged weirdness that puts it almost on par with "Rocky Horror," which well qualifies it for its place here.

And such like ...

Also listed here are films, documentary and otherwise, that are about fannish culture, like the two "Trekkies" films and "Train Man."
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All the feature-length films I've ever seen, including TV, cable and direct-to-video.

Unless otherwise noted, these are theatrical viewings during the original release.