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Top 10 films of 2013
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Top movies... a familiar title. But how useful these numerous lists are for ordinary but enthusiastic audiences? Always there are several movies in these lists,usually old movies that only a professional critic loves them. I try to make a useful list of my top movies for people like myself: people who love stories and mysteries behind movies but they don't care much about special film-making techniques. Enjoy!
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This is my best directors of all time. The list order is important for me. They are from different parts of the world from east Asia to America. Enjoy!
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There are several lists about best actors or actresses of all time and plenty of them pay much more attention to the Hollywood actors and actresses. This issue also exists about movies but I think in the past decade generally foreign language films (as Hollywood says!) were better with respect to American movies. In this list I consider this issue and try to collect the best actors and actresses of our time in my opinion. The list order is true.