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Well...the title says it all. No movies that I watched as an infant are included.
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In no particular order based on quality. Some of the films here may bridge into realistic fiction or fantasy, but they are ultimately all works of fiction. I am not including sequels in series that started before 1992 (i.e. the most recent Star Wars films). Lastly, this list is my opinion, and your opinion may be different from mine.
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Every movie lover has their own favorite films. Here are my 20 favorite movies, in order, as of July 18th, 2013.
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This list covers what are, in my personal opinion, the 14 highest quality films I have ever seen. They are all groundbreaking or eye-opening or both.
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This is a list of, in no particular order, 18 men and women who are far greater talents than the film industry seems to employ them as. Some may be front-line actors, but they are not commonly thought of as famous for their talent alone.
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This is a list of 75 films that I would recommend for viewing. A few of the movies may be too brutal or too tedious for some people, but anyone who is patient and thick-skinned with a sense of appreciation for obscure beauty, emotion, and abstract thought will be rewarded. With that in mind, these movies should be worth your time. Have Fun! (Not in any order based on preferance).
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