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This list will continue to be updated as I watch, re-watch, and find new movies to add. Slowly, I might start adding specifics to the movie description on why I enjoyed it so much in the medicated state. If you're anything like me, watching a movie sober vs. high are two completely different experiences. My mind races while sober, easily distracted and more susceptible to be withdrawn from the feel of the movie as a whole. Medical cannabis offers many benefits to the body, pain and mind as a whole, but for me, one of the unexpected outcomes of use has been the experience of watching movies. Having a very active mind let's you experience the movie in one way. The duration of the movie you're mind constantly racing throughout the movie of the excitement of the ride. This tends to me missing many of the subtle nuances a director has tried to achieve. When high, you have a different perception of the movie. Your mind slows, allowing you to fully absorb yourself into what your watching (well, it does for me at least). The acting, directing, music, imagery all meld together...allowing you to experience each thing, but seeing the big picture also. These movies and tv shows, ranging from all genres are experiences where I have very different experiences watching them sober vs. stoned. I hope you all enjoy these movies. Feel free to recommend any of your own favorites.