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Lie to Me (2009–2011)
I am so scared this show is going to get axed....
12 April 2009
This show is the best new show this year and the best new one I've seen in a long time.

Lie to Me offers cynical humour, delightfully rich sarcasm and an impossibly great lead character. Cal Lightman (Roth) is fantastic as a mysterious, sarcastic, and smart deception scientist. He can spot a lie by just watching, as well as provoke the truth through smart and sometimes strange techniques that will have you laughing and cheering. Some might say his character is similar to that of House, I wouldn't entirely disagree but there are way in which both are more entertaining than the other.

Just one episode will make you want to see more. Every episode drags you further into the storyline. And we are only JUST getting to know the real Cal Lightman. Of all the shows I have seen in the past that have been axed, I am deathly afraid that the lack of awareness of this shows greatness, may just be its downfall. So please, TRY one episode, this show doesn't deserve to die.
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Watchmen (2009)
If you weren't a fan of the graphic novel....
6 March 2009
You may not like the movie. I hadn't even heard of Watchmen until one Simpsons episode and even then wasn't sure what the big deal was when they were filming right outside my house. I went expecting loads of action, great story lines and just all around mouth dropping greatness. I was honestly sorely mistaken. I feel as though the previews took every good scene of the movie and the rest were just filler. There are some really good scenes that weren't from the trailer, particularly those of Rorschach but other parts just seemed so useless.

The action was great when it was there, and the graphics were amazing, but that seems like all it was. I felt they were trying to hard with the slow-motion shots and the dramatic effects. It was almost like they were using it solely because it was what made 300 so popular. But it was overdone, I believe. The acting I felt was great, but I could have done without the sex scenes (one in particular) It just felt silly to watch really. Maybe its more of a GN fan kind of thing, because some people really enjoyed it *rolls eyes* The soundtrack was interesting, it was appropriate when you stopped to think about it, but when you first heard each song it sort of made you pause and ask, "really?" Overall I suppose its a decent movie (though 3 hours may have been too long), but it wasn't worth getting home at 3:30 this morning.
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American Hate
4 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I am not American. But either I don't know good dancing when I see it, or these judges are idiots. Their scores are so pathetically overrated or underrated.

This is clearly a show where countries are afraid to rank other countries low. And for the good performances (the American duet) they are afraid to let their competition do better. The American duet was flawless and like nothing I have ever seen before and they got three 7's from Argentina, Australia and the South African judges. I couldn't disagree more.

This show is pathetic. If you must watch it, do so for the dancing because some of it is phenomenal, but for the most part the judges can't score worth sh*t.
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I don't understand how people enjoyed this?
16 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I absolutely adored the first Hellboy. It had great action, comedy and great graphics. Now it's true, everything we came to know and love from the first movie are in fact there; however, they are overdone to the point of exhaustion. This movie was a disgrace to the name of Hellboy. The comedy was overdone and hardly funny, the only good scene was when Hellboy and Abe were drunk and that was the only thing they didn't do as much with as they could have done. The villain looked great and had lots of great fighting moves, but he was weak. He was hardly bad at all. His makeup and skills were the only thing that posed any threat of a villain. While the relationship between Hellboy and Liz has grown, it does nothing but bore the viewer. It was as if everything was slow. The fights were prolonged unnecessarily.

The only reason this movie MAY be acceptable is because it seems to be setting up a Hellboy 3 where Hellboy becomes evil and turns on mankind. But even that wasn't shown as much as it should have been.

This movie was trying too hard to be like Pan's Labyrinth that the magical world was so far out there than what most people could imagine.

Seriously painful movie. And I usually like everything.
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Impressive since the book was kind of boring
11 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Don't get me wrong I love the series but the 5th book was almost a bore to read till the end. But it was because it's one of those filler books that does most of the explaining. The film though, wow. Amazing cinematography. Like from start to finish it was so beautiful to watch, even the simplest of scenes were shot brilliantly. Yes there are a few changes in the story but nothing that changes the effect. However, for those that read the book and cried at the end (knowing what I mean) you'll cry in this just as well. Radcliffe REALLY nailed the part in this one because this is THE book where Harry is more depressed than ever seen before. It was dark and eerie and he has never been so interesting to watch. His expressions and body language were perfect. I was very impressed with the movie and would definitely recommend it to anyone who may not even be a fan. The only criticism I have is that for some of the more important content of the book... well it wasn't as welll explained, for instance the prophecy was NOT well explained in the movie and in order to understand the story I thought that was kind of a let down. Great though!
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Transformers (2007)
Action was great but comedy was tacky at best...
4 July 2007
I went into this with really high expectations and for the most part I'm satisfied with my choice to go. However there were SOOOO many really needless tacky humor scenes. I mean yea we get it, there's a hot girl with a body and Shia wants to do her... but they spend a good 15 minutes in the movie emphasizing that. Or the scene when the robots are hiding out at Shia's house (not a spoiler it was in the previews) it was drawn out far too long. The action scenes on the other hand were very impressive, even the bits where humans were fighting the machines. (Though the machine on machine battles were freaking awesome)Casting was good in my opinion and the voices for the robots was good, specially Optimus Prime, it was a very 'demanding of presence' voice. Overall I would recommend this to all ages for a fun Friday night flick, the action is worth it.
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More Hollywood compared to the others but worth it!
28 June 2007
John Mclayne is back and there is more action than the previous three combined (at least in my opinion). Of course there is still the same mild humor from the first few but unlike the other three I think this one appeals to all ages, young and old. IT's a great Friday night flick with lots of violence and minimal swearing "yippie ki yay..." Bruce Willis is great as Mclayne and surprisingly Justin Long played a great part and Timothy Olyphant as the villain was perfect. The story is basically about a giant hack job "Fire Sale" ... I would try to explain it but I don't even understand it. Anyways. GO WATCH THIS! Its brilliant!
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Don't go in with high expectations
8 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The first Hostel was brilliant. It was eerie, gory and violent whereas this is boring, laughable and far from gory... simply tacky. The best part was when the guys dick got ripped out but otherwise they spend too much time trying to get you to sympathize with the characters. I'm pretty sure I was laughing more than holding my hands over my eyes. It's really not even worth 10.95 but if you MUST go, go with a really low expectation and you might think it was decent. I admit the concept was pretty kool. The bidding for victims was interesting I found but it just didn't play out that well. The scene where the guy is laughing at the girls reaction to the saw (bijou) and he ends up pulling the cord too far and it de-plugs and he looks surprised was kinda funny but otherwise any comedy was stupid. It's also pretty damn predictable... sorry folks, this is just a let down horror with weak nudity. Nothing special.
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I've seen better but I've also seen worse
7 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I went to the theatre on a bit of a spur of the moment deal and ... well funny story there were 5 people in my theatre but when the movie started they left (knocked up was playing next door and I think they mixed them up) so I ended up being the ONLY person in the theatre. Anyways, it was a decent vampire-esquire movie. I say "esque" because these vampires seemed to have no fangs and I'll be damned if a movie with Nick Lachey can really be considered a good "vampire" movie. There were some pop out and scare you scenes but it was a fairly predictable movie, though it was able to make it work. My favorite line from the movie, "how many people have you slept with?" "you mean since my condition?" "yea" "none... I was always told not to play with my food."

Sadly there wasn't a hell of a lot of gore though a fair bit of female nudity. Yes yes you get to see Lucy's breasts *waits for the ooo's to end* and at times it seemed that she had no clothing JUST to be naked. Overall though, not a bad movie for weekend or boring week-night. Though I might suggest waiting for rental because apparently my taste in movies is questionable.

Side note- manson without makeup is... different
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The Hitcher (2007)
Don't believe the hate
23 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I never saw the original Hitcher but that doesn't matter. This version is full of suspense and horror unlike any other movie I've seen. There was something about John Ryder (Bean) that made me both horrified and intrigued. For the whole movie you are stuck wondering why this man is killing anyone and everyone and even at the end you're still puzzled when it comes to his motives. This movie is about a young college couple (Bush and Knighton) who are on their way home for spring break and while driving down the highway at night in the pouring rain they nearly hit a man whose car is on the side of the road and seems to have broke down. After nearly hitting him Jim decides to see if he is alright but his girlfriend, Grace, refuses to stop for this stranger. After driving off they stop at the gas station only to find that this mysterious man has stopped there as well and feeling guilty about the incident, Jim decides to give him a ride. ... big mistake... Even if people hate the movie and complain about how unrealistic it is or how it's a dumb remake (load of bull) a lot of people said that the chase seen made up for it all, even though a short scene, it gets the adrenaline going.
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